Affect the the English the classroom efficiency of the factors and reform measures

[Abstract] junior high school is a critical period of the modern discipline of education, high school students at this stage learning relationship with the future development of the knowledge and cultural knowledge of English is one of the main subjects of the secondary education, with the New Curriculum school English teaching new instructions, teachers should actively change the lack of traditional teaching programs, and to develop a more scientific diverse teaching strategies. This paper analyzes the impact of the the English the classroom efficiency of the relevant factors, the proposed improvement measures as a guide to New Curriculum for students to create a superior learning environment.

[Keywords] junior high school English classroom efficiency factor measures

Junior high school student learning and cultural knowledge "golden era", and do a good job in academic subjects at the junior secondary education is the key requirements of the education department. Faced with the shortcomings of the traditional English classroom teaching, the new curriculum proposed: "Let the students become the main body of the classroom, to create more style classroom learning environment, integrated to improve the level of high school students in English. "In response to this request, teachers to systematically analyze the factors affecting the efficiency of the English classroom, curriculum requirements, continue to improve the existing English classroom teaching mode.

First, factors affect the efficiency of the English classroom

English is a foreign language subjects, mainly students master the language ability of other countries, to enable students to experience the fun of the foreign language knowledge. Constrained by national language logical thinking, the ability to control the secondary school students on the knowledge of English is weak, the lack of subjective conditions constraints enhance the efficiency of classroom teaching progress. understanding of the English curriculum materials for teachers not thorough preparation of classroom teaching program does not consider the actual situation of the students, and ultimately hinder the teaching activities in an orderly manner. Currently, the factors affect the efficiency of junior high school English classroom:

1.1 students

Students classroom teaching the subject, only if the students understand the knowledge of English in order to really complete the classroom activities. Junior high school English teaching activities, the enthusiasm of the students involved in the knowledge-based learning is suppressed, impede orderly classroom teaching [1 students there: First, interest, most of the students' knowledge of English is relatively unknown, can not be integrated into the classroom teaching situation, books and teaching materials to master is not comprehensive and reduce the efficiency of learning, and the second is understanding, knowledge and understanding of the new English not deep, can not start, the face of new words, new sentences difficult to understand the real meaning of the English vocabulary.

1.2 teachers

Teachers as a leader of the English classroom, should play its role in guiding auxiliary student learning, traditional education thinking is still bound implementation of the reform of English teaching junior high the internal school teachers construction imperfections. [Thesis net]

1.3 School

School curriculum education lack the necessary management measures will affect the normal order of teaching English, is not conducive to the overall conduct of the work of classroom teaching. Affect the performance efficiency of the school for English class: First, facilities, due to the limited funding of education, the school does not with dedicated English teaching facilities in a timely manner, information technology teaching platform based on multimedia technology has not yet been established, the second is the management, the English curriculum education and management and lax, relaxed English classroom teaching quality assessment, and has reduced the enthusiasm of the teachers optimize classroom, these will affect to enhance the efficiency of classroom teaching. reposted in the free papers Download Center

two English teaching reform measures

Schools are educational institutions, cultural knowledge teaching sites convenient for teachers and students to participate in the teaching of English knowledge. Stage of secondary school students in the day-to-day learning English, the school management should be prepared to comprehensive regulation requiring teachers to strictly in accordance with the new curriculum requirements teaching work to improve the efficiency of the English classroom, develop a variety of teaching and I believe that, to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching of English, should pay attention to the cultivation of students' interest, flexible application of various teaching programs, and guide students in-depth understanding of sexual The knowledge content specific methods are as follows:

2.1 encourage teaching

Give students encouragement, has an important role to stimulate their learning interest. Teachers should give students more encouragement and praise, not only with the harsh and cold in their possession when they have a little progress, if highly commended to them, such as "Good job," Well done, "Very good", "You are clever," Wonderful ", or to their enthusiastic applause. [2] In this way, students will get a sense of achievement and do greater efforts, but also to cultivate the students' interest in learning English.

2.2 Guided Teaching

The interest is driven by the fundamental driving force students to participate in the knowledge of English learning, adhere to the "Guided Teaching fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the students. Example, in class, before class songs to import topics to stimulate students' interest in learning and independent study group, cooperation explore, exchange extends all the way, you can make the students from life experience, positive statements, the courage to present, so that students learn simple, happy to enable students to become masters of the classroom, the classroom to the students, allowing them to actively participate in active learning [3] In this way, mobilize their enthusiasm, and lay the foundation for the next step to learn English.

2.3 interactive teaching

In order to maintain the coordination of classroom teaching, teachers and students should establish a good working relationship, This requires the help of interactive teaching between teachers and students together to complete the task of teaching content design straightforward, lively and interesting, the students will be happy accept only real interest if the content is designed boring, esoteric, students will naturally lose interest. teachers have to spend a lot of effort in the design of teaching content, in order to adapt and meet the demands of the students to improve their interest in learning.

III Conclusion

In short, English is the key disciplines of the junior high school education, to learn the knowledge of English students' cultural quality culture has a positive effect. Combine to affect the the English the classroom efficiency of the relevant factors, teachers should constantly adjust the teaching program, and to provide a superior learning environment for students.

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