On the task-based teaching high school English in Oxford application

[Abstract] >> << With the new English curriculum standards of the promulgation of "independent learning English learning goals set also came into being as the center" and how to reform the traditional classroom structure, so that teachers and students roles change, Classroom Teaching is more relaxed and happy, and ultimately enable students to easily master reading skills? "task-based" teaching approach is clear that the new standard for students the ability to use language of this article from design principles and tasks discussion of task-based teaching the Oxford teaching high school English in the analysis, and other baking.

[Keywords] Oxford High School English task design

One of the goals of the new curriculum standards for high school English is to develop students' self-learning ability and comprehensive language proficiency. Allow students under the guidance of a teacher through experience, participation, practice, discussion, cooperation and achieve learning objectives stipulated requirements for how to be able to inspire students' passion for learning, develop students' ability to think, to improve students' use of language skills, this is the "task-based teaching the new curriculum ideas, became the core of the teachers in the classroom teaching design.

The meaning and purpose of a task-based teaching

<< >> English New Curriculum in proposed senior high school English courses the ultimate goal is to develop students' ability to use language. Task-based teaching is to put forward a task, allow the students to perform in this process, students in an active learning state always in the process of completion of tasks at the same time to master the learning content of high school age students are in adolescence, they all have their own unique perspectives and views things around. they do not meet with textbook knowledge, but around all aspects of information are more sensitive for English learning, they more want to learn both more informative and interesting content, rather than rote rote this approach to learning English, they want to gain more knowledge and ability in the learning of the English language courses. task-based teaching is emphasized individualized stimulate the students' self-learning ability, They really grasp the lesson to be harvested.

Second, the characteristics of the task-based teaching

2.1 The purpose

In the classroom teaching, it is necessary to use the task-based language teaching mode, allowing students to personally experience the progressive realization of the goal, so you can train students actively learning attitude to improve the students' language proficiency.

2.2 interactivity

Classroom learning tasks should be the main line, the students as the main emphasis on the discussion of the students' practice experience. Teachers in the classroom, mainly from the "designers, to promote the role of the coordinator. Language teaching real and tasks, so that students English to complete the application in a real-life situation.

2.3 collaborative

Teaching between teachers and students want to cooperate with each other between the same group to focus on the emotional and strategy adjustment process, students are encouraged to say more, want more, more discussion, the process and the results of both the way to motivate students to progress Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

Third, the implementation of the task-based classroom teaching teaching high school English in Oxford Edition

This article, The Olympic Games Reading to Oxford High School English textbooks for teaching case analysis.

3.1 clear teaching goals:

1 through task-based teaching students to understand the reading difficulty guide students to adjust their mentality to concentrate to read the details, to infer the article profound meaning. Discuss the history of the development of the Olympic movement to improve students' English proficiency.

Article for "higher, faster, stronger" spirit of Olympic Games. Thinking Olympic champion able to establish what kind of example, let students from Olympic champion who can learn valuable quality.

3.2 Task-based classroom teaching steps

1 expected to preview: students apply the knowledge independently preview the part of self-inquiry.
2 Interpretation of teaching objectives: first thinking by the students themselves teaching objectives of this lesson extends, and then find the students read aloud This course is out on the screen display.

3 group discussion: students and four groups, they understand the relevant knowledge of the Olympic movement, according to the answer for each group to encourage reading through the article summarized.

4 questioned Resolution: each group to send a representative to the class to summarize the information summarized in this group, and then questioned by other groups usually supplemented debate. Dispute over students understand difficult issues, appropriate prompt teachers , coaching, to enable students to Overcoming Difficulties thoroughly master key part to improve the students' ability.

5 practice drills: teachers around the unit topics, training students on the speech genre articles to understand and use to guide the students about speech text that you want to master the focus and difficult students summarized the article the expression of deep significance, teachers summarize. Allow students to consolidate classroom knowledge in this lesson.

Fourth, the reflection of the task-based teaching

1 Teachers should proceed from the perspective of students design operability classroom task activities.
2 use of multi-media teaching, production of fine courseware for students to showcase rich classroom content related pictures and video, and fully mobilize the students' classroom participation in enthusiasm, students and more to see, more than say, think, and at the same time to create a good the English communicative environment.

V. Conclusion
Task-based teaching is not only to promote the improvement of the language skills of the students, and also promote the mutual penetration of English disciplines. Task-based teaching in the classroom, the students' subjective initiative into full play the students actively involved in various types of teaching activities, not only culture they observed, thinking, memory, and the ability to innovate, but also to promote the students to cooperate with each other, to understand the importance of teamwork. comprehensive language students can improve the quality of the English classroom becomes more vivid, fun.

[1] Zhao Cai Xin. Task-based curriculum and instruction task learning [J]. Shanghai Teaching and Research, 2001 (10.

[2] the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. English curriculum standards (experimental version E Beijing Normal University Press, 2001. Posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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