On the junior and senior high English bridging the fast adaptation of middle school students

[Abstract] original English scores good junior high school students enter high school, for various reasons, the results appear substantial decline, or even lost interest in learning English, which caused a great deal of obstacles to their high school three years of study. Among these reasons, suited to the high school English learning is more critical. quickly adapt to the high school English learning, to develop good study habits will allow them to pick up the confidence to pique their interest in English, for the entire high school English learning is a good beginning.

[Keywords] to adapt to the the learning habits ability interest

Due to the differences in knowledge, the amount of knowledge and learning methods of the junior high school English and high school English, many good grades of the students at high school, academic performance is not good, even drastic decline, and that the English language learning lost interest, lost confidence in learning as soon as possible to allow them to adapt to a high school English learning has become a very critical issue facing every foreign language teachers as a teacher, should be hard work to do this, this article talk about some superficial view of the author.

First, by the communication do know this Zhibi to

Communication, teachers can understand students the basic knowledge to master the way of student achievement, understanding their previous learning methods as well as their expectations of high school knowledge and understanding. Addition, teachers can also know that students learning English in the level of development, for example, some junior high school do not attach importance to develop students' listening and speaking ability, students enter high school, appeared to understand English class, and also keep up with the teacher lectures speed phenomenon. problems targeted analysis and reflection, a timely and effective manner to solve.

Second, good study habits necessary to adapt to the high school English learning

Senior secondary English knowledge is very wide, very large amount of knowledge, the kinds of questions vary compared to junior high school, some high school freshmen think high school English learning to deal with the rote learning methods used in junior high school, and has appeared to be inadequate , just a lot of basic knowledge (vocabulary and phrases difficult to cope with, not to mention the overwhelming practice so then the teacher to guide students to develop scientific methods of learning to help students develop good study habits, becomes a student passive and clumsy to learn to become proactively a dexterous school, while reasonable time, to improve the efficiency of learning.

To develop good English study habits, it is necessary to do the full preview of the lesson, because a good beginning is half the success, so students lectures efficiency will improve, the difficulty will be solved by some students to enhance learning confidence in addition to good classroom for 45 minutes, carefully work out the notes, the saying goes, "a good memory as bad written" seize the classroom will seize focus. [thesis net]

Third, pay close attention to the basics, to fully develop the students' comprehensive ability to use English

To pay close attention to the basics of the students to fully develop students' listening, speaking, reading and writing a variety of skills and lay a good foundation for later learning English.

English learning the basics of basic skills demanding, so to strengthen the memorizing and use of the students on the basis of knowledge. Want to equip students with various forms word, phrase, sentence, knowledge, and grammar. Strengthen students' word dictation by dictation word contest, student peer review a variety of ways to check students master word and told the students that are going to transform part of speech the word form, word-building, to explain to the students to help them memorize words. Sentence Conversion, fill in the word fill in the blank, translation is appropriate to exercise the students familiar with various kinds of questions, in order to increase the basis of students listening, reading and writing ability to use English. posted in the free papers Download Center http :/ / eng.hi138.com classroom forms, to stimulate students' interest in learning English
Classroom teaching is the key, do a good job the classroom will seize key blindly rely teachers there with preaching, take a piece of chalk, a mouth form of teaching, students prone fatigued, then serious student will Burnout psychological, not only will not allow students interested in English learning, the effect of the classroom will also low. to So rich classroom teaching mode should be used.

In addition, teachers can use games, performances, and competitions organized in the form of classroom instruction, not only to stimulate student interest, can also enhance the participation of students, to enable students to become masters of the classroom to stimulate students' potential to the greatest extent in the classroom some form is also available on the teaching to develop students' creative thinking ability. example: learning the "Home alone", allows students to use painting sketched out the scene depicted in the drama, and then introduced English both play their innovative thoughts, and to increase their interest in learning.

Good teacher-student relationship is a high school freshman to be able to adapt quickly to protect the

Many a high school freshman in junior high school are the best in the class, so their new high school teachers have high expectations, hoping to get the teacher's attention and recognition as a teacher must be concerned about the stringent requirements of students while love the students, and they establish a harmonious relationship, and allow students to realize that everything you do is good for them, so that students will support the teacher if they would like teachers teach discipline Aiwujiwu.

VI Conclusion

In short, to get good performance of the students in the high school English learning, the teacher wants to know more about the students, and to establish a good relationship between teachers and students, guiding them to form a good way to learn and to develop good study habits, consolidate their basic knowledge, improve their English proficiency, and to stimulate their interest in learning, to enable them to adapt to the high school stage of learning English, their high school learning more exciting.

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