On the situational context of the revelation of the teaching of English professional writing

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Abstracts English writing as a comprehensive use of the practical activities of the knowledge of the English language, is the weakest link in the English Teaching English writing ability has become a core of English teaching emphasizes skills in the context of globalization, this paper Halliday the situational context theory discourse, Tenor, mode of discourse three variables, from a stylistic, lexical, syntactic Professional eight writing Zhenti of 2012 as an example to explore the inspiration for the teaching of English professional writing.

1 situational context

Context, ie, speech environment is one of the important concepts in linguistics British anthropologist, one of the founders of the functional school Malinowski (Marin Northrop proposed based on the 1923 concept of context (context, he believes, " discourse and the environment closely together language environment for understanding language is essential. "He also based on the actual situation in the verbal communication" situational context "(context of situation the concept in his opinion situational context of discourse to produce immediately before and after the actual events, and that the significance of any discourse can not be divorced from their respective situational context. the the contemporary famous linguist NAKHalliday (Halliday development Malinowski on situational context description, he thinks there will be any situational context three variables (variables affect the use of the language. these three variables discourse range (field of discourse, Tenor (Show details for terminal terminal Show details for terminate terminate of discourse and discourse mode (mode of discourse. pointed out that the organization and expression of the situational context textual language has a direct impact on this paper three variables using the situational context Halliday theory, style, vocabulary, and syntax to the the 2012 professional eight writing Zhenti as an example to explore Teaching of English professional writing.

The two words the range helps stylistic selected writing around the center expand

Discourse range that language field refers to speech activity occurs in the environment, including the topic, the speaker. Language field is used to reveal the significance of our experiences and views on the world to express. Discourse Context elements, human activities must be in certain language within the Professional eight-Writing part to .2012 in the Context of American linguistics professor Naomi Baron made the investigation report, talking about college students on the topic of phone calls and SMS. topic testers the topic of each candidate are familiar phone. candidates purpose of writing is to persuade readers to agree with yourself about phone calls and SMS's point of view. Discourse range point of view, this article should be around Baron Professor of investigation, by analysis of college students on After the phone calls and SMS candidates attitude and come to your own point of view (ie Subject: endorse or oppose the view of Baron Professor of phone calls and mobile phone text messages, and eventually made their views. visible, the candidate selected by the language field stylistic quickly find the entry point, the expression meet writing requirements. language field plays a guiding role in the development of writing, influence the selection and use of vocabulary and syntactic structure as a teacher in the teaching of writing process should be carefully designed close to the student life situations, consciously mobilize students' cultural, social background knowledge. addition, teachers should require students within the range of specific words field around a specific center commenced the writing services topics, focus on writing content mining and expression.

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3 Tenor help vocabulary Select language decent accurate

The Tenor that the tenor, it embodies the role relationships between communicators, embodies the social role of the participants and the role played in the conversation. Tenor as one of the three variables of the situational context in the research context, on the relationship between the semantic and form plays a very important role. tenor is related to the write object reflects the author how to explain to the reader what he saw. Tenor at the word level, the choice of lexical form be reflected in, such as the call descriptors choice, modal words, direct quotations, euphemisms, slang use .2012 eight years of professional Writing about college students on the topic of phone calls and SMS, the candidate's task is to exhort and readers agree point of view in the process of writing, the candidates should, on the one hand, concerned about the relationship between the discourse participants, the relationship between candidates and readers, this relationship directly showed each other called the Select .2012 professional eight Writing candidates to express their views about the phone calls and SMS stand firm and make more use of the first person I and We on the other hand, in the process of writing, candidates should be concerned about the choice of the form of language, such as modal and Naturalization once the selection statement, the imperative, the doubt and sentence selection, as well as the form of dialogue as monologue, dialogue choice .2012 eight Writing professional typical argumentative, Tenor voice and tone, full articles should be using the active voice, in a formal statement tone desiring readers agree with their point of view, candidates should use some common words in the vocabulary use, less use big words or abstract vocabulary. argumentation as in the sentence length problems, sentence length combined, more than using long sentences. writing teaching process, teachers should Tenor teach students to pay attention to the word's literal meaning at the same time, should pay attention to the word decent resistance, that by using language whether it is suitable in the use of occasions language expression accurately decent.

4 words contribute to the transmission of information, comfortable natural language

Mode of discourse that language style is the the Pragmatic body or channels, the organization and functions of the language in the scenario. Tautology basic concept is .2012 year difference between spoken and written English professional eight Writing is to test students in English writing to comment on the topic of phone calls and SMS., language also wrote that the chosen language .2012 English professional eight Writing this topic focus on the candidates' phone usage objective comments. therefore with emotional colors should be used sparingly in the use of vocabulary words, using vocabulary is often a common vocabulary. sentence structure and more active voice, as well as shorter, simpler sentences, but the meaning of the expression should be accurate, therefore, in the writing process of teaching, teachers should be based on the mode of discourse, on the one hand, to enable students to spend more written exercises, avoid using colloquial vocabulary the other hand, during the practice of written expression, should be based on the mode of discourse , use a variety of vocabulary to avoid vocabulary with a single example in the 2012 English professional eight Writing expression can be used when the word "phone" cell phone, mobile phone, replace handset.But. should make the language with accuracy vocabulary accurate, avoid language generalization.

5 Summary

English writing is listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation of one of the five basic English skills, is an important symbol to measure English proficiency. Usual teaching, teachers, according to the situational context Halliday theory discourse range, Tenor, three variables of the mode of discourse, from a stylistic, lexical, syntactic, integrated cultivation of students' writing skills.


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