How to write a college entrance examination in English Composition

Written expression in English that English composition, is an output process of language learning, based on the language of the input process based on a direct reflection of the level of students learning English. High school <<English Curriculum>> states that the "special focus on improving students English ability of thinking and expression ", stressed the importance of English writing. English Composition is the overall quality of students learning English expression, but also for the many students who will attend the college entrance examination, a task headache. It requires students solid basic language skills such as grammar and vocabulary, with a certain degree of moderation ability, imagination, expression, evaluation capacity and layout capabilities of calligraphy. In teaching, teachers develop these skills to penetrate into every one of student work to go . only ordinary rigorous training to the fierce competition in entrance written quickly and accurately complete the task. training for candidates usually present in the writing of some frequently asked questions, I will talk about the future of English teaching how to guide students in the English expression Some high scores on the strategy.

First, be sufficient for the accumulation of writing and do daily training

First of all, to strengthen vocabulary, grammar, sentence teaching and practice. To lay the basis of language ability, writing vocabulary is one of the basic building materials. Handy to words and sentences, for the expression of the ideological content and style of the article features an important role in . mastery of vocabulary insufficient or bad, will bring difficulties to the writing. Thus, during the vocabulary teaching, teachers not only teach enough vocabulary, but also make it clear meaning of each word using each of the conditions, usage and with the relationship, the typical synonyms, synonyms comparison, points out the word-building and so on. In that same time through listen, so that students imitate sentences, so that students truly master the characteristics of its usage and semantics. students a better grasp of only a sufficient basis for vocabulary , the writing can be arbitrarily chosen for the subject and the style of the article the word, the exact meaning of the word, clear and vivid expression of the word, the image of a specific word, and meet the English usage of the word, in order to achieve a better effect of expression . In addition, grammar rules and patterns, is necessary for English writing another important building material. students in middle and high schools have learned basic grammar and sentence patterns, the lack of practice, and not well mastered. Therefore, In teaching practice, it is also necessary to strengthen the training of basic grammar and sentence patterns, while focusing on Chinese to English and sentence exercises. sentence is the basic unit of composition, a sentence express a complete thought. successful writing is clear, grammatical Rules of the sentences. Therefore, to enhance teaching, focus on grammar and sentence drills, lay the basis for a sentence, is an important part of improving writing skills.

Second, efforts to create a language environment inside and outside class, the students of the language skills are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Teachers in the classroom teaching process organization is the process of communication with students. Teachers in teaching practice, students should be center, as much as possible to provide students with opportunities and scenarios. to imitate them, answer, repeat, etc., in order to promote the formation of their writing skills. organize extra-curricular activity groups, is to make up for lack of curricular time effective way to practice, activities, may Contact your real life, describing their thoughts and experience after learning of text and so on. heard that capacity, is bound to promote the improvement of writing skills. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

II seriously challenging exams, mainly in the following areas:

1, writing clean and tidy. Although written in the beginning of a book is not the key to write well in English, but it is the evaluation of the important factors in English composition. Preconceived understanding of the law from the point of view, English composition to the first impression of the evaluators of course very important. Few reviewers would hate to write beautiful, clean and English composition. The evaluators are written like a beautiful composition, the first impression scores will be relatively high, for it has been assessor certainly not a disadvantage. Therefore, students must be clear, even if usually do not attach importance to write, exams to write an English composition, should attach great importance to noodles and clean. In order to achieve the desired state, the best practice usually written on the attention. Let some of the students every day copy in English, the end of evaluation, a careful copy of student achievement than the average ratio of student achievement is not copied from above the 2 to 3 minutes. the importance of clear writing.

2, a careful analysis of write points. <<New Curriculum>> Writing Assessment proposed reference standard, the first is "content elements", the finest writing in English, "wrote the content required elements." How can we do? moderation are the first step. Now students in all English composition exam, mostly to the material, that material is given the content of the expression of key points need to not complicate the issue, writing with questions related things. by examining the topic, get a clear article theme, set out the gist of the article, the best one can short list of English, and then began to organize language material. In order to ensure full points, the best hand in questions after the first time the essay topic by heart, other topics in response to the idea of free time to writing, even in answer other questions can be found at the same time writing some of the valuable "material" too!
3, the flexible use of a variety of sentence. English writing, very sensitive to simple repetition of sentence patterns. Some people say that English is the "ten of the syllogism," not unreasonable. But, good composition to include ten high-quality sentence. good quality is reflected in the wording of the sentence structure, context, continuity and so on. best embodies the strength of the students is the typical English sentence control, as a qualified high school students should have acquired a considerable number of grammar structures and sentence patterns, at least more than ten. Next, we will see in writing how a proper application of this knowledge.

4, try not to make mistakes. In writing, it is best to correct application of more advanced vocabulary, but rather choose to remember "low" is not wrong in the "advanced" vocabulary. Finished writing, we need to repeatedly check leak replacement. First, check spelling, letter case is wrong, and punctuation, especially the head and tail section, end to end sentences; Secondly, look at the sentence tense, voice for errors, singular and plural nouns, articles, pronouns correct use of the grid, etc.; there are the same verb, is called the Combination; addition, if practical writing, pay attention to the format requirements.

Finally, the examination should have good psychological quality. This is the first write well in English conditions. If the student has not Write it, there is such a state of mind: "English writing so hard ah, how to write it?" Or " so difficult to write, I am sure to write well, handle it lightly, "then he / she must write a bad article. So to be tolerant about the students, calm down, believe in yourself no matter what subject matter will make every effort to write composition, so as to lay a good essay written entire psychological basis.

In short, the English writing short time, demanding, high-quality essay writing, not in a day, usually requires the learner to observe carefully, imitation, practice, writing can be obtained after the finish of a "relief" in feeling. Links to free paper download

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