Analysis of the junior high school students learning English Left Behind issues

First-year junior high school students new to English, out of curiosity and interest in this subject, I am willing to learn this subject.
Since a number of specific learning difficulties encountered by not promptly resolved, thus leaving the problems piled up, Humpty constant, daily, then it would like to fear to disgust and finally to abandon the subjects of study.

1, left behind Reasons

Psychological disorder is an important reason for falling behind.
This causes students to drop out the reasons can be summarized as the following aspects:

First-year secondary school students in their mother tongue language, grammar, vocabulary quite familiar with. When they contact a very different way of expression with the new native language, because the three elements falls far short of the two languages, while accepting the purpose of language education, psychological obstacles. This psychological disorder is first manifested in the language not suited to the conversion process: as the characters in Chinese, English alphabetic writing; has four tones of Chinese characters, English, every word has stress, and there Lian Du, loss of blasting, consonant assimilation, etc. problem; Chinese basically is a two-syllable words, while the English syllable of each word varies. Beginners do not have the target language of these characteristics, some students are often used to study Chinese law to guide their own learning English, and thus not suited to the psychological. Therefore, the process of learning a foreign language for beginners is that they continue to overcome the perception that the old habits, create a new cognitive habits, to overcome the interference of the mother tongue, and constantly wipe the process of psychological barriers. This process is the faster the transition, foreign language learning, the better; difficult to overcome, then left behind.

Teachers on how to overcome the psychological barriers to learning research is not enough guidance to keep up.

As teachers do not have students with psychological problems, single from the technical (knowledge and skills) to guide, not in the vector, and did not receive the desired results. Methods ineffective, so that they could have won over the "allies" and did not win over. Left behind the growing ranks of health so that left behind have also been born in the psychological "comfort." They feel that since there are so many people do not learn English, why would I manage to go with, I might as well use this time to math, language, the use of these subjects also have some effect, use of English is a waste of time. Such sentiments are spread in the class, then even more out of control, and even affect the part of the "unsteady" middle student.

The existing secondary school English textbooks for each class the weight of heavy,? Right heard that the higher skill requirements. The cultivation of listening and speaking ability, and reading and writing abilities are the same can not rely on listening and speaking ability to the training of these two can make the students, but also other aspects of knowledge and ability can be trained Sasuke. Teachers in the classroom not only to talk, but also guide the students to practice, but also to consider how to overcome their psychological barriers and other issues. As the teaching contents, the tight schedule, many schools and even able to fulfill the class teaching programs. In order to solve this problem, some schools are adopting approaches hours, and some ways to keep things moving along. Canadian class heavy burden on students to emulate the progress of students caused by indigestion. Coupled with the age of students is small, self-control is weak, fun, do not use their brains look at their own learning methods, learning difficulties is not tackled immediately, it will slide down. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

The original teaching of teachers and teaching methods to make out a team of students is more suited.

Some students already out of the team, which has shows the original teaching of teachers and teaching methods are no longer this part of the students, their knowledge and skills and keep up with teams pulled up large portion of students than to let it some students to catch up, not only to them "to eat the same big pot", to give them "special treatment", they need individual help.

Therefore, in order to help these students have to give them special care, using special methods, including methods, including the elimination of psychological barriers.

Some students have already embark on the venture did not continue their studies after graduating from junior high intention,? They feel that learning English is not worth to spend so much time and effort. This part of the students are not very good fight. But some students, after all, are a minority, their influence is not in the students. After-school English teacher in the class teacher to do this together students and their parents have to work more to drop out of Health say there are a number of side examples of lofty aspiration of students come to talk to them. Some drop out of Health is to be simply driven by the ages and the English "goodbye" to. For such students, teachers should do the individual work to enable them to return to the ranks to learn English.

Second, comprehensively and accurately implement the Outline

To overcome the psychological barrier of the students targeted therapy is to prevent large-scale left behind important measures: a comprehensive and accurate implementation of curriculum, to prevent large-scale left behind significant.

Outline the purpose of the nine-year compulsory education, the teaching of English as a "lay a solid initial base blocks.
The teaching of English in secondary school as a preparatory phase to achieve true communication, rather than requiring the immediate learning of English in English to carry out real communication.

Middle School English teaching has its own laws and characteristics, which is heard at a preliminary stage to attach importance to training in advanced stage should pay attention to reading training. In the primary stage have heard if you do not grasp the training, deaf-mute students to English studies in English, in the latter two phases can not go on learning. Hear the initial stage of great importance to the training does not mean giving up reading and writing training. Some students at the primary stage is often practiced nothing more than taking, but when school is not income of the brain and heart Hou, a write, the "crumble", which lag behind.

English language teaching in secondary schools is a lot of forced and academic pressures, not by the outline of the requirements of teaching, but rather follow the entrance examination of the baton to prepare a curriculum, that is what is what to teach test, temporary not test items (such as voice, conversation, etc.) by the less than due attention. Outline in spite of the examination should include two parts, written and oral examinations, but some technical aspects of the problem is not resolved, in some schools, oral English exam has not yet incorporated into the track, thus making these schools in teaching and heard on the training emphasis on the surface In fact, due to inadequate attention measures are not sufficiently effective; coupled with large secondary school classes, students, teachers according to Gubuguolai, resulting in the current quality of English teaching is not high, the students left behind a large area. Of course, there are some schools is the high quality of teachers is not an important reason. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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