On the emotional language presenters Wan Feng ZHONG Xiao-language features

Abstracts from the TV movie has not fully enjoyed by the public's, the emotional type of language programs on radio waves transmitted with the radio before to each audience anxiously waiting ears. Music, communication, letters from readers, and so part of the audience to relish. With the social development and progress, emotional language class program also adopted different forms to show to everyone, almost every local stations have opened this type of program, the mass media in the form of change requests and create a lot of new emotional language class programs and has a strong personality characteristics of the host, which Wan Feng, ZHONG Xiao is one of the best. This paper tries to progress through social development and ideological point of view of Wan Feng, ZHONG Xiao auspices of language analysis, through the auspices of the two examples to explore the characteristics of their language

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An emotional language class program of development and characteristics

The so-called emotional language class program, are defined by their social life involves feelings of love, affection and other topics for the content, communicate with language as a way to encourage, guide and even criticized as a means of interactive radio programs. For example Jilin Radio 'dawn sound long talk,' Zhejiang Radio 'Garden of Eden', Heilongjiang Radio 'Night smell something to say,' the Qinghai Radio 'Mondsee' and so on. In addition to innovative content and methods other than people really remember these programs are mainly presenters bring the style and form of the program, bringing the program's vitality and character. Moderator of the combination of personality and style of the program is to produce results show the direct cause, but its more deep-seated reason behind it is to bring people to social life itself a disease, confusion and worry, if you put aside the role of the media sources alone in the 'other' to find the cause can only be poles apart only. This is what this paper to explore the characteristics of the host language theory origin lies.

With the deepening of China's social transformation, our society has entered an unprecedented differentiation, adjustment, combined period of restructuring benefits and values ​​of diverse forms so that people's ideas change dramatically. People began to accept the diversity of life, coupled with accelerated socio-demographic flows, people in the expanding circle of communication, freedom of choice opportunities also increased. In addition, globalization, the Western way of life and values ​​are also on our traditional marriage and family values ​​produce a shock. 'Modern Family, people on the one hand to maintain the traditional concept of marriage and family, on the other hand, since the lack of social structure and cultural value of traditional strong support for the body, but also lead to human behavior disorder and moral decline, so that the original weakening of social norms And most people are in a modern frequent exchanges but extremely lonely state, reducing the true sense of interpersonal communication, people are eager to have a new form of communication to satisfy the desire to talk for an emotional catharsis. broadcast Hotline This talk show is targeted at diverse multicultural structure and values ​​of people with a common platform for emotional communication and aspirations, has a strong practical relevance. '
This article would explore the characteristics of the two host language, is based on the development of the entire public space and the social impact of multicultural growth and highlighted the new language style. Although known as 'Radio Angry Men,' said Wan Feng, and the 'Prince of patience,' said Chung Hil in the language style of the opposite, but their style is consistent with the source, radio and cultural phenomenon that we call 'fit language culture ', is the need for creating social formation characteristics of these languages. ZHONG Xiao Wan Feng and culture as a new radio station representatives, to understand their language characteristics of the radio host as well as TV host has a very important reference.

Second, the radio host language features Wanfeng

Wan Feng, Zhejiang People's Broadcasting Station literary Taiwan 'Eden mailbox' radio show host, and Shanghai, 'accompanied by the Dawn' show host. He presided over sex education programs and special style chair deeply loved the people. Shanghai Oriental TV 'Humor Assembly' program invited judges. Wan Feng of Zhejiang Radio station oldest literary moderator. Some people call him 'Radio Angry Men.' Wanfeng their own language style had commented: 'What is style? Was a little worse, a little crazy, Wan Feng said. 'In people's traditional understanding, the host first is gentle and elegant, tepid, and is omniscient, if the host is asked to live, it is no face thing I subvert the host's orthodox image of the live show I openly admit my ignorance, I was asked a number of medical professionals, I told him: Wan Feng is not a doctor, do not look for me to see a doctor, go to the hospital to find a doctor, ''Wan Feng for their evaluation can be said that very place, the so-called' crazy little ',' a little worse 'We can take a look on the Internet Wan Feng quotations. As we move from what intense, stimulating, refreshing dialogue laugh, we will suddenly feel that way and Foong Foong language intriguing. Dialogue seems to feel very well meet Wanfeng image patterns of these dialogues should belong to this kind of emotional language class program. For example: 'Wan teacher, I am a little urinary tract infections, masturbation once, to alleviate the symptoms, is not masturbation can solve this problem?' 'Masturbation what's the use? Sick to see a doctor ah!.' On the surface, these languages ​​really are 'crazy little', 'a little worse', but we carefully analyze where there is a great connotation, Wan Feng, based on this we will look at the language features are summarized as three aspects:
1. 'Sloppily.' Wan Feng linguistic features is not hypocritical soul. The face of common sense and lack of common-sense ideas, Wan Feng never roundabout. Wan Feng language features clearly demonstrated here. I just want to tell you stupid, ignorant to tell you, tell you what is right and what is wrong. Because the language of this society way too roundabout. 'Multi-source dissemination of information resulting from competitive pressures in the media, Wan Feng,' Do not blindly follow the trend, not others, and to maintain their professional conduct and personal style, hard-edged, outspoken, is the wisdom of individuals, it is a rational media responsibility reflected.

2. 'Quitting.' Wan Feng linguistic features are not contrived nature. Something that matters, all right, do not fuss. Face complex social phenomenon of a growing number of hair and emotional problems, Wan Feng has always been straight from the heart, never show off language, is not shy about the problem. Wan Feng to the unique personality style for all people feel sad and angry questions outspoken, he believes in, and efforts to practice 'good advice inverse words,' 'strict Is Love' and other such traditional motto.

Three. 'Sharply.' Without hypocrisy. Wan Feng never hypocritical to say truth, questions from the audience of young father's identity is based on education, peer problems with respect to the identity of a friend, older people, younger people on the way to convince. Language spicy powerful nail on the head.

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Third, the radio host ZHONG Xiao-language features

ZHONG Xiao as a cross-professional radio host, 'the dawn sound long talk' program and get the community's attention. ZHONG Xiao-style brief summary can be called 'a deep local characteristics of sharp communication.' He's smart, calm and quick response, both in the program gives the left a deep impression, has a strong affinity and attraction. On the whole, 'Xiao sound long talk' program is to provide for public participation in space and by private groups composed of widespread public exchanges, 'inspire a different angle of thinking, different level of thinking, different ways of thinking , different standards and different values ​​of communication and collision. ' ZHONG Xiao-language features can be roughly from the following dialogue reflected 'ZHONG Xiao teacher, is it I? I want to talk about me and my mother working relationships between things ah ...... how can I not always mind King? ',' Hello, this is what ah, should I say, ah, you are asked for it, workers do not either complain either not, or do not dry, dry, do not blame ...... you say is not this thing (Northeast flavor is very strong) ';' ZHONG Xiao teacher, my brother is not married now, my mom told my brother on the bar, a contradiction deeper ...... my brother has not come home ...... '' You old lady screwed enough, ah, the children are so big, and let people decide for themselves chanting, is the heart too ah ..... 'and so on. Every successful presenters and accredited hosting style is worth it to learn and analysis, either because of personality, some because of wit, either because the environment and so on. ZHONG Xiao emotional language features also has its unique source, and this source and Wan Feng is the opposite, and direct from Wan Feng, warning, irritability and other communication, and it is precisely in indirect Chung Hil, hints, see the effect in bright . We will ZHONG Xiao language characteristics are summarized in three points:
1. 'Wind sneaked into the night.' Wit sex. ZHONG Xiao's most important feature is the differential complicated 'case' in unraveling the parents in the short to solve problems highlighted in the annoying chatters in truth. A brief evaluation of users is perhaps the most pertinent, 'whispered brother's hosting style is that discourse is not long, the short position.' ZHONG Xiao is not in the program step by step with the audience on the exchange, Chung Hil on the clues to find the problem, insert the time and discourse unobtrusive feel like two people in Laoke look. The existence of those who did not seem to talk to, people after knowing smile, and suddenly.

2. 'Moisten things silently.' Indigenous. 'Xiao sound long talk' program is one of Jilin TV's flagship program, so it is itself a regional emotional language, when the audience directly from the local, the problem will be with local characteristics. Based on the above reasons, very standard Mandarin as a radio host, but very character of the use of indigenous languages ​​communicate with the audience, not only to make people feel warm, and let the power of language more persuasive.

Three. 'Flowers and the world.' Revelatory. Have to admit, 'the listener's ears are sensitive.' Any external environment caused by the concept of language is not easy to form. Popular speaking, ZHONG Xiao-language audience convinced, whether in the way or on the content, language Chung Hil conquered with his listener's ears, which comes directly from its apocalyptic language features. Right, the audience was recognized. This is the basis of success ZHONG Xiao, ZHONG Xiao-apocalyptic language as Foji general, people ponder, let sentiment.

IV Conclusion

'Media is an extension of man.' This is Michael's Understanding Media fundamental starting point, he is also beyond all theorists unique. In Maxwell's thinking vision, not a cold externalized media presence, the medium is the human body, the spirit of the extension. Media changed the way of human existence, the reconstruction of the way people feel and attitude towards the world. Emotional language class program development and characteristics of the host language and hosting style fit. It is as 'an extension of man' was forged the significance of language class program, first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy. If Wan Feng, ZHONG Xiao-language teacher characteristics have been widely-accepted and understood, but these are still a model of the formation of language teachers in front, we should see is that this language has the features behind social and human spirit, a harmonious blend of the spirit. This is what this paper is to demonstrate and explore the real problem lies precisely in this article is to show features of the language behind the social significance.

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