Design colors and color composition converged teaching and research

Design with color and color constitute the basis for the design of professional courses. Since both the content overlap between the two, but have different emphases,
And creative expression from images to color configuration of mutually reinforcing relationship. Two separate courses is concerned, it is inevitable that a sense of repetition and fragmentation. If in the teaching practice of the two courses together,
Both to avoid duplication, but also scientific and flexibly arrange the order of two courses, and interactions. After three years the author practice, constantly sum up, found that the full integration of the two teaching methods course advantages and efficiently to achieve the purpose of the design course requirements. This article presents two courses converged teaching, in order to further in-depth discussion, designed to deepen basic teaching.
Design colors and color composition relationship Currently has published 'Design Color' and 'color composition' textbooks and books up to hundred species, but mixed, good and bad. The real value of the materials and also more than 10 books. Because textbooks and books confusion, causing many students to the design color and its relationship with the color composition doubts obstacles.
Through literature research and teaching practice analysis and summary, the two overlap and both have different emphases. Of course content, said the basics of color design including color, color sketch, creative expression and form, color images in the design of professional applications, are all products of color design common law. Color composition is the law of color systems, complete, scientific, rational-depth study. From the formal point of view the job issue, in addition to color color sketch and design professionals in the design of the application, the form and color of creative expression is as shape and color complement each other and function, the two almost blend, screen forms basically the same.
In other words, color design courses in creative expression provides a series of creative, unique image, the color configuration, color composition to fully apply the relevant theory; while studying color color composition rules, in addition to the geometric abstract image outside, always use some creative colors to define the outline of the image. As a course designed for the color composition and color design professionals built a bridge between.
It is due to the design color and color constitute such mutually independent but intertwined relationships, therefore, these two programs are fused into a phase of teaching, according to the actual situation grasp the two courses interspersed link and sequence for the design students lay the foundation color.
Design colors and color composition converged teaching practice throughout the training course is always the theme of color and color composition design converged Teaching notable features. Is divided into three stages.
First stage: the basics of color and color sketches, including both theoretical and practical part. Major systematically expounded the theory about color color composition in the classification of elements, attributes, and other basic knowledge, it is also the basis of color sketch; practice is the theme of still life painting. Research and Training topics this group will run through painting, creativity and consistently applied throughout the course. Through in-depth research aims of practice, experience, understanding comes from life design. For color sketch, this will not repeat.
Second stage: the design color and color composition converged key aspects of teaching practice, both focus is difficult. In the teaching process is divided into creative expression and color images constitute two aspects of training.
First, the images creative expression. On the theme of the previous stage static
Matter, conducted by sketching images to design creative expression transformation training. Both a creative expression, it is necessary to fully mobilize the students' individual experiences feelings and mental performance, meanwhile, can not laissez-faire, so students to face new issues become confused and no where to start. At this time, teachers need to understand their role, standing between still life with students, teachers, is erecting a bridge thinking. We are mainly three ways to inspire, guide students from an objective-based sketch show images coming out of the habit of thinking, to feel with their own mental images, performance or design creative images.
1 variant of practical analytical form. First, by showing famous courseware good works, good works and our other institutions previous good works, together with the teachers in the 'Art comes from life.'
The design concept of the objective set forth, so that the performance of students from the objective to the process of creative expression have an emotional understanding. Then,
Face painting still lifes previous stage by the students according to their own intuition, self-selected figurative jar or apple for freedom,
Active portfolio, or apple in the jar and the relationship between form and space relationships can deepen find an entry point to begin seeing the whole picture adjustment and deconstruction analysis, the outline of objects bound to break reality, re-construct a new screen order ,
Completed form by the figurative images to creative forms of transformation, morphological transformation of the structure of the screen. [1] (Figure 1)
(2) visual pattern. By courseware 'Apple's revelation' shows Chinese and foreign artists works on Apple and visual expression method different artistic effects, such as: Lin, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Fernando Botero and so on. Make students open horizons, to change the traditional way of viewing, breaking habitual ways of thinking, trying to picture the many possibilities. Randomly placed on the table face a variety of jars or apple, changing viewpoint, perspective, re-watch, through figurative, abstract, image, distortion, exaggeration, Lenovo, anthropomorphic and other ways to find their own thoughts entrance, appreciate their inspiration for, to find their own unique and creative expression.
(Figure 2)
3 the use of computer graphics software. Taken by the students themselves in life still life pictures or pictures taken for the material, the use of PS or mapping software according to their own understanding and needs trimming and deconstruction screen, and then put a good picture and then cut the principles of formal beauty refactor The new picture of abstract meaning, feeling from the concrete to the abstract process and the sense of form and color composition as the next training graphic elements. [2] (Figure 3)
In the figurative jar or Apple's stacked between, we saw students from confused and to gradually clear the changes, passing out thinking, selection, analysis, trade-offs, reconstruction information.
Our experience from the student's screen to get rid of real images are relaxed after bondage; experience is the intersection of the line of nodes in flickering precious 'mental image', which has been permeated with full personal feelings. This conscious exploration of the unknown realm of imagination and creativity will be accompanied by their future design of the road.
Second, the color composition. Color images and images extracted summary
Creative fusion, training on integrity, systems, rational grasp of color rules. Color color design for the product rule and to lay the basis for creativity.
Previous training of the images in three ways creative expression,
Just finished a graphic creativity, color design is not yet complete training, then arrange the training of color composition can be described as the most appropriate time. Students for their creative graphical configuration ideal color, both as a desire, has become a necessity, initiative and enthusiasm evident. This part of the course requires students to analyze and summarize the previous phase of creative expression, and choose the one with the most satisfactory completion of graphic color composition courses on the color category, visual perception of color, the color contrast and harmony,
Hue and color scheme of the law, and all other training. When the complete system color composition end of the training, the students but also for his creative graphics configuration in accordance with the law of reason and the color desired color. So far this fusion style teaching has interlocking, mutually reinforcing and color graphics, teaching effect rendered in students a creative web design color works. (Figure 4-7)
Phase III: Design Color in Design Applications Confucius said: 'learn with it, not a pleasure.' Apply their knowledge is always learning principle. In the last hours to arrange a limited curriculum design colors in the design professional applications, both on the front of the mastery of knowledge and ability of the test, but also a basic course with specialized courses closely. This stage team approach to use more training. Both brainstorming meet the design requirements of the task, and the team with the ability to exercise. It should be noted that, like graphic design, environmental design, industrial design,
Costume design and other professionals, students do not learn the knowledge and skills of the case, can provide black and white artwork, design students to focus on the relationship of colors; Or create a topic decorative colors,
Such as decorative paintings, masks and so on. Through practical exercises to stimulate the students' use of the design elements of color imagination and creativity. (Figure 8)
Course training process, open teaching evaluation is equally important. Each training session is concluded, have adopted the participating teachers teaching. Students on their own thought processes, painting experience, skill experience to explain, then peer evaluation,
Flexible, sometimes into the discussion between teachers and classmates, teachers finally summarize recommendations. There is no standard answer to this discussion, we can develop students' critical thinking skills and create awareness. Students in the readme, comments and discussion process, instrumentation deportment, thinking skills, summarizing skills, language skills and so on to get exercise at the same time promote the knowledge, ability,
Quality of coordinated development.
In short, the design constitutes a fusion of color and color teaching,
Both to avoid duplication between programs and between each other in shape and color, and improve teaching efficiency. In the teaching process, so that student-centered, focusing on developing students' analytical, understanding, and create mind thinking; put theoretical knowledge and creativity combine to strengthen practice teaching; effectively train students to correct color observation method to master the basic color shape and composition rules;
Cultivate the spirit of truth-seeking, innovation and aesthetic sense, paving the way for future good basis for design professionals.

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