Explore the art of three-dimensional digital effects Meticulous

In recent years, with the computer to enter the field of animation, animation art has been rapid development. Artists can conduct virtual space in computer animation, computer hardware and software technology for the development and performance of the animation provides a whole new arena. Newly developed software that can simulate more and more traditional means of artistic expression, and paintings and ink animation Meticulous effect has been able to provide a virtual computer on the stage to be realized. [1] animation industry is also actively exploring creation has its own style of the film, and the emergence of some promising phenomenon. 2009 hit animated film 'Three Kingdoms' (Figure 1) on the road to explore with Chinese style cartoon made a useful attempt to rave reviews during playback. It is worth mentioning: the use of a new film production three-dimensional digital art to express Chinese traditional figure painting painting style, this is a new exploration; One is the three-dimensional virtual reproduction of computer technology, while the other one is the traditional two-dimensional hand-painted performance, new technology allows two completely different style of expression become possible combination, it subverts the traditional 2D hand-drawn animation of expression, but also for computer digital art and traditional 2D animation performance opens up new horizons, thereby greatly reducing the animation labor intensity, improve production efficiency and quality animation. Direct absorption of the film character modeling style hand-painted brushwork figure, no obvious traces of three-dimensional computer technology, people line performance is deliberately into Chinese Painting line thickness, shades and other rich flavor changes. Color plane processing also absorbed Meticulous Ping Tu blooming of expression, while incorporating traditional cartoon color shading surface treatment technique of expression, so that not only has the traditional charm and endowed with modern flavor.
Of course, in exploring a traditional Chinese painting style cartoons on the road, 'Three Kingdoms' is not the pioneer of Chinese painting style to explore. Chinese animation has been brilliant in the 1960s and 1970s, many successful animated film are rooted in traditional Chinese painting style of expression, but also the unprecedented success of such films is one of the main. Then the cartoon is not only high quality and colorful performance practices, both Meticulous performance style videos, such as the famous 'Conquers', 'Monkey King', etc.; also ink expressive style of the film, such as 'snipe quarrel, '' Little Tadpole Looking for Mom 'and so on.
People today in retrospect when these classic movies with a kind of reverence to taste their affection for the people of that era animation impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication. Indeed, at the time of the planned economy in the background, one can regardless of the cost, excluding the time, only for an ideal and work hard, a one and completely drawn by hand, if calculated according to 12 frames per second, then a roughly 80 minute animated film is how the workload for people today is simply daunting.
However, when in the 1990s the United States, Japan, South Korea animations have use of new technologies to improve the yield and quality of the animation, the Chinese traditional hand-drawn animation is still basking in the mode of production, its decline is inevitable.
'When the ink with the times,' there would be no development without innovation. In today's information age, how in the fierce market competition in the survival and development of animation industry must face the problem, quality and efficiency are placed in an important position. Effective use of new technologies for each sector development provides a new opportunity for the use of new technologies, new ways to enhance the animation is a new direction of development of today's animation. We can not go back to that 'pure art' performance animation era; Today, many successful cartoons are commercial and art.
In this regard cartoon 'Three Kingdoms' made useful explorations, this 52-episode animated series up with a new three-dimensional digital art to express the traditional two-dimensional animation, which lasted four years, finally completed, on-chip up to 1144 minutes [2 ], the film style of artistic expression not only adhere to their own unique Chinese elements while absorbing new animated performance of methods. 'Three Kingdoms' is among the few to explore the use of digital media technology pioneer in the performance of Chinese painting style, it is this digital art in China as well as traditional animation modern heritage and innovation,
Perhaps we would be able to see the dawn of Chinese animation again brilliant.
The use of three-dimensional digital art performance in large two-dimensional animation can save costs and improve efficiency, but to demonstrate the vivid Chinese Painting style is not easy, although not as voluminous as two-dimensional hand-drawn animation production, but in the shapes, lines,
Color, animation, and other aspects of shaping still need many complex settings and a lot of time making.
First, the shape of the design features
Cartoon 'Three Kingdoms' figures with a strong Chinese figure painting style (Figure 2), but this effect appears to have a strong hand-drawn style of painting is not made by the hand-drawn, but the use of three-dimensional digital art demonstrated Chinese Painting effect, which means that this styling is not 'painted'
Out, but 'do' out; Therefore, in the drawing figures or scenes modeling aspects and traditional painting is not a concept, traditional painting is painted on paper in the plane, and the number of three-dimensional shape is modeled as a virtual model, and then processed through the computer simulation technology into the plane of the hand-drawn effect. To simulate a realistic hand modeling results need to make two steps: three-dimensional modeling and action settings, these need to complete computer hardware and software technology, computer hardware requires a higher configuration to high efficiency of doing the hard work, the software aspects, 'M aya is an excellent professional animation software, you can quickly create complex organic character, and can quickly put it into animation rendering, which incorporates many interface is not only very deep and very powerful features, provides a fast rendering program, 3D character animation makes it easier. ' [3] three-dimensional modeling, including characters and scenes design, 3D animation software in the computer generated three-dimensional grid-like frame structure, and then attach the color or texture maps to generate a complete modeling results, changes in the shape of various body posture by regulating the internal binding good bone to complete the action setting: With the changes in the action produces many rich gestures and facial expressions, and record each frame motion conditions, the final will be recorded under various postures generate many images unfolded. This two-dimensional animation performance opposite way: Two-dimensional animation is a multi-frame gesture by drawing a picture of the continuity and expressions generate action, and three-dimensional animation through motion of three-dimensional model to generate multiple images recorded at time efficiency and easy to modify aspects of the advantages of three-dimensional animation is very clear, due to the early action has been generated, the final output simply converted into two-dimensional three-dimensional picture of the sequence of frames.
Second, the performance of digital lines Painting
The use of performance-dimensional three-dimensional digital technology is the key to Chinese Painting final output settings. The use of three-dimensional digital technology of traditional Chinese figure painting reproduction painting style, it's not a computer 'painting' out, but through computer rendering out a variety of settings (Figure 3), is the use of technical means of traditional Chinese Painting 'Analog.' Characteristics of Chinese painting lines with thickness, shades, the actual situation and other rich variation; while the performance of three-dimensional computer animation and traditional hand methods of expression is completely different: the role of three-dimensional computer animation is three-dimensional, two-dimensional planar Chinese Painting The; but to skilfully converted into three-dimensional shape of two-dimensional effect that rendered output: namely, computer models based on role modeling or scene shape characteristics of automatic processing to generate an edge contour lines and the internal structure of lines, line thickness changes generated through virtual camera control depth of field, close-ups of fine lines thick lines long shots, but this performance will produce stereotyped conceptualization of how to better deal with this problem? Then adding the appropriate line noise technology can produce irregular random effect, and then add the blur effect treatment, on a random basis of the line thickness of a natural, light and shade,
Disembodied rich line results. Although computer technology can not fully realize the effect of traditional Chinese Painting painted,
However, with the continuous development of computer technology, I believe that in the near future this method will be more mature performance.
Third, the digital color performance
For the two-dimensional animation to show each frame hand-painted cartoon lines and colors of the natural transition is a difficult and voluminous work, and with respect to the three-dimensional animation is just a variety of actions to set the adjustment is completed, to show a sense of Chinese painting and drawing lines like color effects just render output settings problem, which is three-dimensional animation software technology advantage, as long as the various technical parameters are set correctly, the computer will help us to quickly and efficiently accomplish the desired effect, and these work even through multiple network computer work automatically in the background. Cartoon 'Three Kingdoms' color performance (Figure 4) absorbed the Chinese Painting painted monochrome flat performance techniques, combined with the popular cartoon shading techniques, specific uses multicolor cartoon material, this material will be as Mobile virtual light shade location will follow its synchronous changes, resulting in a very good visual effect. Thus, three-dimensional animation and essential difference between two-dimensional animation: three-dimensional animation is 'doing' out, two-dimensional animation is a 'draw' out.
Fourth, the integration of technology and art
Technology and the Arts who is more important? The debate about it has never stopped. New technological revolution to all walks of life have a huge impact, especially the invention of computer technology innovation to provide a broad space for development, but also for the development of computer technology for the development of animation art unlimited imagination, or even directly impact on traditional two-dimensional animation art. Today, whether in movie special effects, 3D animation and even traditional 2D animation extensive use of computer technology, computer technology, although performance in the animation is not perfect, but it gives us a new stage show, the voice of reason that only technology on the more higher and higher. In fact, the technology is not an end but a means of expression, animators need technical but not overly obsessed with technology. Technology and art are inseparable, both indispensable, too obsessed with technology will lead to pale meaning of work, ignoring the technology will affect the use of vivid works of art on its own is the 'art' and 'art' combination, ie 'technical', 'art'
Both, closely linked. How to effectively use new technology to better service for our art, cartoon 'Three Kingdoms' in the use of three-dimensional digital art expressions Chinese Painting style has done a good attempt.
Conclusion The use of new computer technology three-dimensional digital reproduction Chinese Traditional Painting painting style, at first glance thought it was a means of using technology of traditional Chinese Painting 'analog' In actual fact, it inadvertently created a new form of artistic expression and a new category of art and its application to the animation movie. Indeed,
Mainly in order to imitate the original intention, that try to use new technology to simulate hand-painted artistic effect, which reminds us of the Renaissance, in fact, every age must have its own unique look, it is very difficult to replicate, as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: people can not step into the same river. The law of development of art, too, it is neither possible nor necessary to recopy the same kind of art form

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