How to write the reviews of the student's conduct

The conduct reviews of the students have a vital role for students, parents, conduct reviews, how to write the students' Every good teacher should be the responsibilities and obligations, while some of the class teacher did not really realize the importance of student conduct reviews also play an invaluable role conduct reviews for this phenomenon, some work experience for a small sum, hoping to play a valuable role.

1, the importance

Conduct reviews both the generality of evaluation in the comprehensive assessment of students, but also a good means to promote student progress. Conduct reviews first is addressed to the students I see. Good reviews to help stimulate the enthusiasm of the students up to help improve students 'self-evaluation will help to protect the students' self-esteem, help students to self-improvement. Conduct reviews is to see parents. Conduct reviews to help parents understand the situation of students, parents and schools to close contact with co-education students.

Second written

Constitutes conduct reviews of the content constitutes a general consists of three parts: advantages, disadvantages, expectations advantage is generally the main part of the often mentioned first on the advantages fully affirmed, according to the state of mind, course, style to write the performance of activities inside and outside volunteer labor and other collective activities, both to be written to summarize, and can not be empty, should be combined with specific examples. disadvantage is generally minor, but they can not conceal it clear that should also be sense of proportion attention to the wording sentences. too far, then do not write, to stimulate the sarcastic words do not use, to avoid disappointment, poor, stupid, bad, "and other sensitive words, in short, out of sincere concern for students and care. expect the requirements of both teachers to students, and students in future efforts in the direction, can not not write. it is for students to make a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of teachers on students' strengths and weaknesses of, should not have thousands of people a words have specific content. expectations indirectly, a requirement can encourage and motivate wording based. example, reviews of sports activists could write: "Your movement field robust posture, fighting spirit, The fighting spirit to win, infection with the class each student, labor busy, focused look, full of vigor, driving every one of the classes students can be a real man is not only to have a robust physique, but also There should be a wealth of knowledge, if you can invest more effort into learning, listen carefully, study hard, you will usher in this arena of cultural studies, victory. "
Secondly, the evaluation form. Conduct reviews in the form can be divided into direct and indirect. Direct type, namely, direct general statement of the advantages and disadvantages of students and teachers' expectations. This is a traditional formulation, which uses evaluation methods to judge tone straightforward, simple and neat. Direct commonly used third-person tone of statements, it is more objective, such as "ideological and moral, greater respect for and love children, good grades ...." indirect, of the shortcomings of students often implied or incentives to inspire more to take care of the student's mental capacity, efforts to evaluate students with a positive vision, from the front to guide students to primary and secondary school students of today's information age, growth in the intensive care of the parents, and never experienced the storm there is a high amount of exchange of information, reviews the form of indirect style more appropriate.

Third, reviews requirements. First of all, to a dialectical analysis and comprehensive evaluation of students.

Dialectical analysis of the reviews objective and impartial, can not totally negate, but also can not generalize. Secondly, we must seize the characteristics, write a personalized only to grasp the characteristics of students in the reviews really write his or her personality, in order to realize the targeted Again, more from the positive guidance to encourage the main. Student, world outlook and daily habits of the people in the establishment of the formation period of positive guidance is often able to muster the confidence and courage to refuse the evil of the students from good. Share Free paper Download Center
First, find the exact object. Reviews the main face of the parents, rather than for students ignored the significance of the education of students. Traditional reviews the writing mode of reference to the student ... ", the experts believe that this is a typical parent reviews, the purpose is to let the parents understand their child's performance at school, in order and head teachers with better educate their children.

Students here, as a "third party" between schools and parents really student-oriented reviews, regardless of tone or wording should make students aware that reviews are the teacher of their own reviews, is reviews written. I write reviews are the second person, and a conversational tone to write, I give the students a high academic reviews is written like this: "You are the teacher's are excellent small assistant, is also chief of the academic superstars, most honor in the class number you get ...... but please remember, life-long learning, and constantly challenge yourself to continue to progress. "The students looked at reviews in the learning process prudent, and successfully admitted to the ideal school.

Second, find the exact words. Reviews generalized poor terminology, stereotypes, often do not meet the students' practical enough to impress the student of the famous philosopher Hegel was graduated from the Theological Seminary, his teacher wrote him one review: "Hegel, poor health status, of medium build, poor speech, quiet, high-talent, sound judgment, strong memory and fluent text, style and honest, and sometimes not very hard, theological achievements, although attempts to preaching, not without passion, but it seems not a good preacher, language knowledge, philosophy worked very hard. "teacher in a calm tone, true and objectively depicts Hegel this man, his personality, ability to orientation as well as weaknesses and shortcomings.

Third, find the exact opportunities to focus only on past evaluations of students, especially the naughty students, although some shortcomings, can not find what are the advantages for teachers in general reviews are directly pointed out the disadvantage of requiring its next semester repented ". To deal with such students to write reviews should be "encouraged" to become reviews tone, the vision of development through the encouragement and student exchanges, agreed on the development of students and the achievements of students to form healthy self-awareness, a better grasp of their future development. such as an "underworld" students of my class to write reviews: "You can tell the class the most naughty, naughty boy, but you respect the teacher, unite students labor of love and care about the collective, so we are like you, but the mention of your learning, we will shake from the head, you look around lectures, homework when you forgetful. In fact, you are very smart, if you can learn take full advantage of your smart, your results will be the improvement of course, in order to improve performance, also need to have a strong determination and fighting spirit. you often say grow up to become a socially useful? it start now, study hard and persevering, I fill you with confidence in the victory. "The students see that deeply moved. Share Free paper Download Center

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