How to write a good essay

Entrance in the language, in order to achieve high scores, written essay is the key, but the writing is not a high score an easy task, nor is it easy, it requires a wide range of skills Participating:

First: To be good at accumulating

'Reading break rolls, getting a God,' 'make bricks without straw,' the ancients the summary from the accumulation of both positive and negative shows the importance of writing.

To enhance the accumulation of material. The article material is flesh and blood. Many students do not pay attention because usually the accumulation of material, each to go to bruising when writing, or making things or plagiarism. To solve this problem is the accumulation of material, which requires students to increase reading in the usual amount, regardless of reading material or extra curricular reading materials must be in the same time the accumulation of material, such as philosophical stories, famous celebrities, celebrity history of struggle, and social hot spot, especially related to people, objects, things. Of course, you can accumulate some of the material of interest, such as some students like sports, and can accumulate a number of sports-related material, the only way in writing with substance.

To enhance the accumulation of language Language is the article of cells. Beautiful language coloring for the article. To write a good language should be read. Usually read books, newspapers, when writing in appreciation of good reading to do notes, some beautiful words, sentences, excerpts in the accumulation of this discourse, but also can make reading the card in the early stages of training can also be written according to the language of discourse and beautiful people make parodies, so over time, their representative , will be able to speak Chukouchengzhang essay will be wonderful flower pen.

To strengthen the ideological aspects of the accumulation. View is the soul of the article The article centers is not clear, or conception is not profound, often with thoughts and superficial, therefore, it is necessary to establish a 'think tank.' Which requires students to be good at thinking in peacetime. ' more of a thinking, more of a harvest. 'usual to think deeply, failing to ask many' why ',' what ',' how. 'This can be through the nature of the phenomena. but also at any time to thinking Sparks, thinking of the conclusion recorded.

Second: to establish a good context

Conception is the establishment of the center of the article and intentions. Then the article should pay attention to what the conception of the problem? To the correct conception. The right of first conception is the essence of the article. Conception is to ask the right composition to adhere to the correct outlook on life, world view, a correct learning and attitudes, higher conception can also strokes deep into the community spirit of the times, coincident with the era of the beat, that is, writing to have positive thoughts. This is the entrance to a judge in the essay guidelines.

To specific conception. 'Composition of matter, your in the single-minded, specifically the Health and clever, stupid people are loose.' No matter how complicated things, the subject can not spread. If only to illustrate an article in this issue, want to explain that point of view, rambling, conception is not necessarily clear. In fact, to do everything to meet face certainly is not in place, Moreover, an article can have only one center, with its 'biting off more than can chew,' as a central focus on the performance of ink, even performance by a few things to center, language center must be tight post, goal remains the same, dwell on the material and the central point of integration, the strength of the material implication all directed at center.

New conception to the article very sensitive with people, the others, and novel point of view is writing the core of innovation. New requirements out of the old conception of the frame, not by the forward thinking, habits of thought or mind-set style to the original conception of the idea, but in a unique perspective to examine the subject implied in the alternative content, to avoid others often write, write others are not writing, even writing the same object, always cut from many angles, as long as we set to break the thinking type, height of the times, to avoid 'vulgar' seeking 'different', multi-angle, multi-lateral thinking, or association, or extension, or analog, or reverse, the previously unknown human hair, you can build in the colorful sky belongs to you the most beautiful rainbow.

To profound conception. Conception of the profound theme is not well known established superficial truth, instead of through the phenomena of nature, dig out the deeper meaning.

Conception to be clever in the limited text, the more profound ideas to the performance, you can only see the world in a grain of sand, evident from the life of a little, a picture of a leaf to the reproduction of life, from a point, a fragment, a moment, to start a phenomenon of society, to describe and reflect on life, that conception to the big and small at the put pen to paper, the angle is small, but it small in the large, flat in see odd.

Third: have a rigorous essay structure

The contents of the article structure is a combination of the article structure, is thinking outside of the article is the article's content should be expressed through the organization, the subject of the article should be highlighted through the structure. Throughout the college entrance examination, good essay structure are the following:
1 out of style: the article level is always between that relationship and Takahashi. This relationship, there are three basic forms: (1 min before the General Logistics Department, the article proposed to be the beginning of the summary description of the event's overall appearance, the basic characteristics or central point, the following examples were cited in several ways, to be specific and detailed description or from a different the angle of the sub-arguments to explain the specific (2 minutes after the first total; (3 first always said, after Takahashi, and then always say. Links to free download

Regardless of what form, should note that sub-total must be close between the intrinsic link, as described above in part to the center around the overall total are described above should be part of a master or a natural conclusion.

2 Parallel: from certain aspects into the pen, misplaced priorities, side by side parallel to the account of the incident, explain things, or to demonstrate the level of several parallel central argument of the structure means its features is an event, or topic is divided into a few things aspects to Narrations, description and discussion, each part is independent and complete part of the other part is tied in parallel relationship.

3 minutes set out the type arguments: sub-arguments are set out argumentative structure is a common structural model of the article is often central argument put forward at the beginning, then the argument in the form of points from different angles to demonstrate the central argument. This Structure, clarity, looks clear.

4-beam: structural form is a positive and negative, yin and yang, a real one is true, the content is true and false, good and bad, beauty and ugliness, good and evil, or with two other opposition parties for comparison to talk, express feelings, remember the person narrative structure.

5 asked the question type: front part of the chapter questions and answers between the relationship of its advantages is asked the question at the beginning, the introduction of attention, and articles around the issues, clear, distinct context.

Acquire the above three points, write a good essay is no longer a problem. Links to free download

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