On the tactical awareness of young football players training strategy

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[Abstract] into attacking football awareness of tactical awareness, defensive awareness and awareness of three types of attack and defense conversion, which is the sport of football players technical level of the main factors. Therefore, in the youth football training, we must attach great importance of Tactics Consciousness, a variety of ways and take various measures to enable them to develop and govern their actions could reasonably form a football tactical awareness.

A sense of the connotation of Football Tactics

Football tactical awareness (or the use of consciousness football) is football training or competition in the sense of initiative and creativity through to the perceived appropriate action to be taken with the reality and tactics, as well as the competition field, according to various complex dominant players made the situation of action reflects a thinking process (activities). It can spot football players under the circumstances, through the eyes, ears, body feelings, etc., using the brain to analyze and judge, and flexible to determine their own actions program. football dominates the tactical awareness of the use of the tactical play. players in the competition in the technology choices and actions taken, against the state in the capacity of technical adjustments and tactical action is dominated by the tactical awareness. If the athlete tactical awareness poor, it will inevitably lead to excessive spot analysis to determine the errors, which affect individual and team tactical effect of actions, affecting results of the competition.

2 Classification of tactical awareness Football

Football awareness of tactical awareness can be divided into offensive, defensive awareness and consciousness of attack and defense conversion of three.

Awareness is the offensive player in the brain on the basis of positive thinking, in order to more effectively close to the opponents and the choice of a sudden means the offensive capabilities, including biography, then, with, shooting, post moves (out of, collusion, pull, cut) so, consciousness is the defensive player to disrupt or prevent the opponent's attack, according to the opponent's offense features the ability to choose means of defense. include: stations, marking block, protection, attack and defense conversion into a sense of including both offensive and defensive both by the attack Zhuanwei defensive awareness, including awareness of offensive and defensive content of consciousness, therefore, should be distinguished from a single offensive awareness and defensive awareness.

3 Football Players tactical awareness

Consciousness is a long process of accumulation, must be continuous training, constant accumulation and competition, continued to experience and constant self-correction, through the accumulation of experience and a gradual understanding of football rules in order to gradually form and development. Therefore, in the youth football training, we must attach great importance to athletes tactical awareness, to make them master the various techniques and tactics in the form of the process, develop a reasonable sense of control over their course of action.

3.1 Quality of learning by strengthening cultural awareness training and improve tactical

Awareness is not isolated, awareness is affected by many factors. Players in the game determine the ability of field observation, analytical skills, ability to understand the intent of coaches tactics, tactical thinking and resourceful members of the intellectual and cultural levels are closely relationship. According to the data shows that a high level of football player, multi-cultural with a high quality. such as Brazil star Socrates, he is not only an excellent football player, or a professional medical doctor. There g Lu Yifu, Gary Lineker and others, where the world football they accomplished, and they have accepted a good cultural education. the other hand, the status of football in China, due to motor skills training and cultural quality education out of touch , causing a serious imbalance in the development of athletes, limiting the further improvement of football.
Athletes in improving the quality and intellectual level, but also instill a timely manner to members of the basic knowledge and basic theory of tactics, so that players not only know these, but also know why and let them clear tactical purpose, role, do know ourselves. should be widely used electronic teaching, watch the game repeatedly and technical information, and then be discussed and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages to improve tactical awareness.

3.2 through technical training and improve tactical awareness training

In Football Players of the technical training, the coach of the technical specifications and accuracy requirements are usually strict, but often the training of technical and tactical awareness tendency to separate, the first grasping technology, to practice tactics, and could easily lead to technology games out of touch with the tactical requirements, affecting the results of training. Therefore, in training, team members must be made clear training content, form, purpose and requirements, let them know that technology is the basis for tactical and tactical performance of the technology, technology for tactical services. training should be with a confrontational, take into account people's reactions and personal defensive actions impact on the overall tactics, to know that his every movement, every train should have a purpose, to be targeted to reduce blindness to improve technical and tactical purpose of action, predictability, hidden, meet the requirements of the game. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com
Beijing Sports University, Zhang Yanan, Ma snow fields in the "< Junior Male Soccer Player Makes development RESEARCH ">, by comparison to the 12 national soccer team of outstanding young professional athletes of junior football analysis, come to two conclusions: first, male youth soccer players of tactical awareness choice of level of development of thinking is not balanced, in a small area of the local tactical level of conscious thought is better than a wide range of choice within the choice of the overall level of tactical awareness of thinking. This should cause the majority of the full attention of coaches, training in the future Young athletes should be more focus on the overall level of tactical thinking training choice. Second, select the target points from the increase in the number of passes examine aspects of young athletes, "local" and "overall" choice of the level of tactical awareness of thinking in the choice of target should be necessary and sufficient quantity to be considered. That also gives us two conclusions training of young football players to provide a reference, is our tactical awareness training must be defined first.

3.3 against the practice through awareness training and improve tactical

China's traditional football training, the use of non-combat conditions, practice and transfer of technology connected with the other tactical exercises, resulting in a mismatch between training and competition. Skillful exercise routine that usually, one to the race, closing down a rival close , the technical and tactical play, there is no tricks. To this end, we must improve the players in the fight against the pass, cut, stop, radio and other technology and its ability to fight under the technical adjustments and adapting to the game should give priority to tactical awareness up. requires players to pay attention in practice the use of fake, multi-pass small disk, the changes look to make good use of the action change of pace, we should usually be applied to the training content to the game. To use more against the practice, full use of unit games and friendly competition, the ability to improve and adapt to competition athletes atmosphere. This is because the players on the squad expected the outcome of games and friendly matches are not very strong, ideological pressure is small, easy to overcome the tension level is conducive to technological warfare The active play and tactical thinking, the race will help train the mental capacity to adapt.

3.4 The video game by watching games and tactical training and raising awareness

Team practice through theoretical study and training to master the theoretical knowledge and tactics with some of the methods, on this basis, the trainer should organize more young athletes to watch video games and watch the game, especially a classic World Series battles. Games through observation and analysis The wars, the theory of teaching, and summed up the universal significance and regularity of the things that make the combat team from the screen to experience the true meaning of tactical awareness, and thus the development of appropriate technical characteristics of their tactical thinking. if we can our own the match video analysis, will be more conducive directly increase the tactical awareness of young athletes.

3.5 culture by encouraging players to improvise and improve tactical awareness

Elite soccer players generally have their own characteristics, which are in the game slowly through the accumulation of out of improvisation. This requires us to tactical training, athletes should be encouraged to play creatively, more analysis, determine, draw conclusions, looking for problems, ask questions, solve problems, make them develop a positive thinking, love mindless habits, learn to play with the mind. more to encourage players to improvise, develop their creativity, discover their own characteristics of each player. to encourage diligent brains do not stay in the rut and dare to boldly creative use of tactical activities, in accordance with the practical aspects of the game simple and effective method chosen. For seemingly violate the principles of team tactics, should not blind critics to grasp this opportunity to listen to the idea of team members to help them understanding of the principles of the right tactics, to appear in the game with wonderful stories, sure to prompt recognition, and team members in discussions and analysis, to understand the inner essence and contains tactical thinking. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http:/ / eng.hi138.com

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