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Abstract: A complete teaching process should include pre-class preparation and design, classroom teaching and after-school summary of reflection and exchange of three main components. Peacetime, the vast majority of teachers attach great importance to pre-class preparation and design, and classroom knowledge transfer, but often overlooked after school review and summary. This paper briefly describes the writing "teaching postscript" the significance of this important teaching and on how to write "Teaching Postscript" of some views.

After teaching a class teacher, the teaching process on their original design and implementation review, review and reflect on experiences and lessons learned will be recorded as a complete lesson plans, improve teaching, based on lessons learned and scientific research is very necessary. is to write of "teaching postscript" Points.

1 Why should we remember teaching postscript

Usually, the vast majority of teachers attach great importance to pre-class preparation and design, and knowledge of classroom teaching, be able to do before class, well thought, designed to hold class logistics curtain, in full flight, but often neglect reflection and after school summary. especially we Vocational school teachers, many teachers and even students in a class after the sullen air, no after-school summary of thoughts in mind. In fact, after the end of a lesson, the teacher calmly from the other aspects of teaching and learning to look at their original the process of teaching design and implementation, reflection and evaluation of teaching effectiveness, there must be a new understanding and experience, will the record, to better prepare for the next teaching conditions, it is very necessary. even, and students were dispute, it should reflect a similar situation next Crackdown, how to deal with, is there a better way to deal with, write it down, but also an asset. For high school students, classroom contingencies many, if teachers only blindly set in accordance with the teaching lesson plans teaching order, you can not deal with the situation of teaching on-site accidents. Therefore, especially for young teachers, by teaching postscript note, as envisaged in the original out of touch with the practical aspects of teaching, as well as specific teaching the unexpected happens and record the lesson planning and teaching in the future will be targeted in, and can enhance the effect of classroom teaching.

What teaching postscript note 2

2.1 Classroom teaching in mind

On teaching situation. Teachers in teaching practice, there must be a successful experience, but also failures. These lessons will improve the teaching level of teachers in the future a valuable asset, should focus on record.

Held a record of success. Each class there are always successes, such as the interesting conversation, the typical case, realistic presentation, asked the question whether clever and humorous explanations, vivid body, wonderful way, useful insights, and the wonderful piece of instructional design and delivery, and so on. teaching, the flash phenomenon has almost every class, as long as we look to hard to find. long-term accumulation of teaching experience will naturally be more abundant.

Second, failures in mind. Even the most successful teaching process, inevitably there are omissions errors, such as in the expression of ambiguity, dealing with less when, methods obsolete, demo failure, inadequate guidance, knowledge of the errors, and out of touch with the actual lesson plans, and students and even violent conflict and the treatment and so on, these "big mistake" record, reflect upon and carefully look for root causes and seek measures to avoid repetition, teaching is necessarily better.
Note the performance of students in the classroom situation.
First, the students record the transfer of knowledge to accept the situation. Including the acceptance of knowledge granted, whether the key and difficult to grasp and understand, learning difficulties and widespread problem, the completion of exercises and operations, etc. . For example, a particular operation in a multiple-choice questions found in the job title change the error rate as high as 70%, even though some students choose the right guess. through analysis and research, make note on: error rate, because, recommendations. to provide material for the next lesson preparation. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download
second is a typical case in mind, incidents. in their daily teaching, inevitably beyond the special Crackdown Some examples of materials will be recorded in these examples, and demonstrate their research with colleagues, especially new teachers, teachers should be more advice to the old, in the continuing exploration and research, the accumulation of experience. For example: I hear of a school toilet, telephone bell, the tone seats due to storm, strange sounds issuing school, and asked the teacher girlfriend and so on. processing time may be too tight class, recorded, slowly after study to explore the summary analysis for the next stride .

2.2 Summary of mind after-school self-

Teachers to complete a lesson, it should be the medium of their time teaching in an objective evaluation and analysis. The main contents include: 1, material handling is appropriate; 2, is clearly appropriate for teaching purposes, the focus is prominent, difficult whether the breakthrough; 3, depth and quantity of teaching content is appropriate;; 4, teaching methods, teaching methods are applicable; 5, the operating arrangement is reasonable; 6, teaching effectiveness, find the reasons for success or failure and so on.

3 postscript note should pay attention to the problems of teaching

Do not write into a running account of teaching postscript. Teaching is a postscript after postscript, not the work diary. Teachers do not own the whole process of teaching all down one by one, only with complete lesson plans, content related to improving teaching can be recorded.

Record is timely. Teachers should end in the classroom, with a few minutes, will need to record the contents of the time record. Especially the idea of just horizon some ideas, some fleeting spark of inspiration, must be promptly noted and left After deep research, so that it without regret.

Postscript should be noted that in mind clear and concise teaching. Remember teaching postscript primarily for teachers improve their teaching after the accumulation of material and for teaching and research to provide first-hand information, just use concise language to the record are thinking. In addition, teachers are often teaching postscript after school with a very short time, the language must be clear, concise, and sometimes even a word, a sign will be able to describe the problem.

In short, the teaching postscript for improving the teaching quality of teachers teaching the business level and the whole has very important significance. Postscript good teaching in mind, can make the teaching of teachers in the future, more handy, ease and quick to mature and successful. Let us record Under the essence of hard work. to form and accumulate valuable wealth of teaching it! Links

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