How to write the teaching of young teachers to reflect

Our forefathers said, 'I on the three provinces'. As a young political teachers must adhere to writing instruction in the work reflection, gain valuable experiences, lessons learned, and to discover and solve new problems arising in the teaching and promote their own rapid growth. I have 10 years of teaching practice and constantly sum up experience and lessons learned, through the writing of teaching reflection, and constantly improve their teaching standards and teaching achievements.
First, young political teachers can reflect on the following three aspects
1. Reflect on successes. Young teachers to complete an after-school, they should immediately recall the teaching process, the process of teaching experience in their teaching and student learning success, from which have been inspired to sum up the successful experiences and teaching experiences in the record books now make a record on the accumulation of up teaching for future reference, persist in doing this quickly to help young teachers to pursue continuous improvement of teaching methods and teaching methods, improving classroom teaching master level and ability.
2. Reflect deficiencies. As the young teacher had just embarked on a political platform, not a rich teaching experience, classroom teaching, there will also be loss of income. The ideological and political course constantly updated content, students different characters and uneven level of knowledge and understanding of teachers teaching design and the actual teaching process, there will always be incompatible with the places, such as the use of Shariah, knowledge of explanation, heavy and difficult to grasp, and Example of the selection, writing on the blackboard design, student reactions and the use of language of instruction, emergency handling, etc., after-school will always feel that there is not satisfactory. For the lack of teaching, we should think again, carefully try to figure out, to study measures to take measures to promptly remedy, in order to facilitate the future raise the level of classroom teaching
3. Reflective teaching effectiveness. Student learning results, teachers are the most effective learning is a political issue of concern to conduct after-school reflection to do 'when the Church think of efficiency'. That is attracted by the teaching of this lesson after going to the right to make a self-evaluation results, such as analysis of what the students a good grasp of what some students have difficulty to master, and which students to learn and succeed, how much students need methods to guide and so on, through the operation marking, student handouts, looking for students to discover the form of discussion questions.
2, written reflection on teaching is not difficult to do as long as persistent, they will be able to written. Young teachers can be written to consider the following four areas reflection of teaching:
1. Successful approaches or ideas. Classroom teaching, young teachers often because of some sporadic incidents arising from instant inspiration, these 'sparks of wisdom' is often involuntary, abrupt, if not in time to capture the reflection on the use of after-school, they will disappear been overtaken by events, so that I am sorry endless. If there is the climax of classroom teaching and learning, it is best to detailed records of student learning activities, students exciting questions and answers, as a first-hand material, conduct in-depth study and discussion. Teaching Reflection should focus on the success of their lessons in this section, for example, the teaching process to achieve the purpose of pre-designed, causing resonance effects of teaching practices; classroom teaching appropriate interim contingency measures; level of clear and coherent writing on the blackboard; the penetration of some of the teaching of thinking and application process; education, psychology, some of the basic principles of using thoughts and feelings; teaching methods of reform and innovation and so on, teachers should be immediately recorded for future reflection and try to figure out.
2. Teaching deficiencies. 'There is always a sparse 100 Mi'. Even a successful classroom teaching is difficult to avoid errors of omission Department, reviewed them, combing, and subjected to a deep reflection, inquiry and analysis, is conducive to the rapid advancement of young teachers in teaching. If the problem is the creation of a scenario does not give room for students to think? Learning activities of the organization is conducive to student self-learning? Group self-learning have become a mere formality? To discuss whether cooperation has played an effect? Care about the students feelings, attitudes, values development? Whether the strong interest in student learning? Student learning is good? Whether the hot issues in current affairs contacted? And so on.
3. The students insights. In the ideological and political teaching process, because the political class with the times, some of the content changes rapidly, the current affairs of the strong features, combined with the main body of the contemporary high school students are learning, their active thinking, unique insights, wonderful questions and answers, and innovative thinking, etc., are all derived from the text the students a unique understanding of the spiritual world from the unique experience of students is a tremendous wealth of curriculum resources. These valuable insights is the ideological and political complement classroom teaching and improvement of the teaching of young teachers can broaden the idea to improve the teaching level. Therefore, its record can be used as a valuable teaching materials, a rich future.
4. The creative use of materials. Under the concept of the new curriculum, textbooks, the primary function as a tool for teaching and learning, it is no longer teaching and learning activities to complete a programmatic authority of the text. Therefore, teachers are not only users of teaching materials, but also the builders of teaching materials and improve those, which is for the ideological and political teaching materials is particularly important. Therefore, teachers in a creative use of materials at the same time, you can 'after-school reflection' as a thematic content to be recorded, for the content of textbooks can be adjusted appropriately to enrich, or even improved, to meet the student's cognitive patterns and cognitive characteristics, for the use of materials provide constructive input, so that teachers, textbooks and students to become a harmonious unity of the curriculum for the benefit of future teaching work. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

In short, through the perseverance of the written Notes from the teaching reflection and teaching can be for young teachers in the growth of political plug to take off as soon as possible freedom of flying in broad education and teaching this piece of heaven and earth, for education to contribute their youth and strength. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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