Analysis of the effectiveness of the vocational school physics classroom teaching strategies

Effectiveness of classroom teaching is to ensure that the premise and foundation to improve student learning efficiency, but also practice the fundamental objectives of education, in the context of quality education, teachers, teaching ideas and teaching philosophy. Tremendous changes, a series of new teaching methods such as cooperative learning, inquiry-based learning and so has been widely used in the classrooms, improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching, teachers, student learning conditions and student learning characteristics in a planned, purposeful unfolded, the only way to realize the effectiveness of classroom teaching.

A serious lesson planning, well-designed classroom

A lot of teachers think that preparation is the study and preparation of the knowledge to be taught, but then how to effectively organize classroom activities do not have a clear plan and prepare, resulting in the classroom teaching level is not clear, for classroom teaching can not be positive guidance and control, an unruly state, unable to consciously focus, the efficiency of classroom teaching out of the question. improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching the teachers to prepare lessons, good classroom teaching plans and arrangements.

Teachers to prepare a lesson most fundamental is to achieve mastery of materials must have a clear focus and difficulty of each chapter; students to fully understand, clearly different levels of students' personality and characteristics, so that each level students can learn they should learn the knowledge necessary to prepare the teaching methods to the study of law also thought the state of mind of the student services to do the work of teaching.

Science lesson planning can be divided into the following steps: a chapter is divided into several large pieces of knowledge, every piece of knowledge is divided into a few small knowledge, knowledge is the focus of the examination, the main focus will be how to students to highlight, where is the difficulty of teaching how to make the students to overcome these difficulties, not important knowledge easier to what should be a choice of how to balance the task of teaching in the limited time should be taken in what ways can cause students interest in learning how to make students focus should be how to expand cooperation and exchanges and dialogue with students, in which the link should be to ask questions, ask what kind of questions makes more sense - do a good preparatory work to ensure that manage the classroom to achieve the active participation of students.

Second, situational import, to stimulate interest

Interest is to learn a subject. Physics is a seemingly abstract but in essence and life are closely related to the natural sciences, the students failed to understand the fun of this subject before, teachers should find ways to inspire students' interest. Situational import The method not only able to focus students' attention, but also aroused the curiosity of students, student curiosity, a desire to explore, so as to ensure effective classroom teaching to be pursued.

Teachers each about a new knowledge, the best classroom import method is to create situations for students, so that students follow the teacher's ideas seriously explore scenarios driven by, for example, this chapter >> << law of inertia Teachers can allow students to observe common in several life experiments, such as a gyro on the lecture, turned by hand, when the handle is released when the gyro is still in the rotation, take the bus, the emergency brake body tilted forward a variety of common phenomena, but you know why this is? which hides how scientific truth? want to know let us learn today's knowledge ......

In this context, the students will generate curiosity, followed by the idea of ​​teachers learning continues, not only conducive to concentrate, but also interested in establishing a starting point. Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download

three , cooperative learning and common progress

Physical one with exploring the nature of natural science, usually by doing experiments, observe the course of the experiment, summed up the corresponding natural scientific laws, a summary of the law is the outcome of the discussion with each other after people, according to human understanding of the natural world general rule, teachers for students to create scenarios for discussion, the students are divided into groups, so that students complete discussion within the group to mobilize their mutual collaboration and explore.

For example, in the basic knowledge of electricity, the basic knowledge of the circuit in series and parallel, teachers to students stratified into groups, and then assign each group the task of doing experiments to make their own connected with a wire circuit, the students in the circuit connection in-depth to distinguish between the characteristics of the parallel circuit by observing the change of the light bulb light off, the students will realize that the difference between the parallel circuit and a series circuit. teachers do not simply Conclusion-knowledge directly tell students, but to discussion within the group, students by observing the experiment, summed up the nature of the circuit, current, and finally, the teacher asks each group summarize their own inquiry concluded, and then analyzed and compared to these conclusions, published accurate results, so students will be actively engaged in the learning within the group to assist each other, and establish cooperation and communication awareness of the students, the classroom teaching very impressive, to ensure that the focus of the students, to improve students' classroom learning efficiency, and intuitive way students do experiments see the experimental phenomena occur behind knowledge and understanding of great help.

Fourth, targeted questions, develop students' thinking

In order to improve the attention of students in the classroom, teachers should be well-designed classroom questioning not only the problem itself should be targeted, the problem but also a knowledge that can arouse students' thinking and exploration, teachers should pay attention to the opportunity to ask questions.

For example, when a student does not concentrate, teachers can question, and requires students to answer, so as to give students a wake-up call, so that students in the limited teaching time, focus.

Make full use of classroom teaching is to ensure that the premise to improve learning efficiency, teachers should pay attention to a positive review of teaching methods in constant exploration summary of teaching experience, thereby improving the efficiency of classroom teaching. Posted in Free Research Papers Download http://www.


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