On the junior high school physics teaching how to implement innovative teaching

With the development of information technology, information is increasingly becoming the most active and decisive factors in all areas of society, people's basic ability to learn is actually reflected in the access to information resources, processing, handling, and mastery of information tools and use on the development of education reform, to our teachers a new and higher requirements, in order to adapt to the needs of the times, we teachers should be innovative education. To develop students' ability to innovate, mainly from the following to start.

First, to stimulate student interest, emphasis on classroom import

In physics teaching, teachers should make use of the resources of good textbooks, seize opportunities, innovative teaching art, culture strengthen students 'interest in physics, calling the students' learning driving force in reality education, teachers and students should work together to explore, teachers should continue to give students the space of thinking and motivation, always located the suspect, shock suspected in teaching a lesson "to explore the characteristics of the plane mirror image", for example, was originally completely open, independent inquiry that create situations by the students to observe , discussion, conjecture plane mirror imaging characteristics, and then design their own programs, group experiments, test the conjecture is established, eventually come to the imaging characteristics. guide students' curiosity and thinking, stimulate their thinking motivation.

Second, cleverly located the suspect, cultivate students' innovative thinking ability

Located the suspect is to mobilize students to the main, the key to play the theme of modern pedagogy that: any teaching content can be presented with a problem originated in situations change occurs stimulate learning, so teachers should be teaching the creation of problem situations, the planning of these problems in a variety of forms, made to students suspected promote students of doubt, questioning, students have a strong interest in learning. example: when you talked about the moving image was to enable students to complete such a subject: a person from point A along a straight uniform way, stop and rest to point B, and later along the same route to return to the land of a uniform Draw the the people s_t time image, some students to draw the image, the teacher asked him to draw to the blackboard by he states the reasons for such a painting, please discuss some students agreed, some students think that is wrong, the students freely express their views, the original teacher - the students listen to a single transmission of information, became the teachers and students between life and life between the vertical and horizontal cross a number of information exchange, received inspiration from each other, complementary research study, the inspiration for the collective share, the contingent problems for all to learn from. said the avoidance of doubt the teaching activities through this, can develop students to explore interest in science and creative thinking.

Physics teaching should develop students' ability to innovate

Social progress, technological development, talent competition, these are the new century teaching a higher demand, creativity in our students the spirit of innovation is placed in a prominent and important position in teaching students the creation capacity is also a new era demands on teachers.

Develop students 'ability to innovate, we must first cultivate the students' ability to think independently, secondary school students are beginning to have the ability to think independently, which requires teachers in teaching must be timely guide, inspire good questioning method can be very good stimulate students 'thinking skills in the classroom teaching, good questioning techniques to guide students' thinking there is a strong role for example in a class taught << light reflection >> ask students why we can see the lamp? students Answer: Because the lamp is a light source, which emits light, so we can see the reflection of the problem, so as to stimulate the interest of the students 'desire to learn and explore. then there is to take advantage of students' curiosity, strong curiosity of secondary school students to seize the psychological characteristics of students, can inspire students to students' interests.

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Fourth, the transformation of the role of teachers, behavior, active learning development

Past the basic education curriculum, teachers rely on textbooks and reference books, more lost their independence and creativity not only affects the development of teachers teaching standards, but also to cover up the different professional standards for teachers teaching to teach to the last of our teachers the level and the level of our students is not very different teachers to the new curriculum, to truly experience the charm of the new curriculum, the need to strengthen the theory of learning, to promote their own roles, behavioral changes. teachers from the past as only teach freed the core role, no longer impart knowledge as its fundamental mission and purpose, to focus on the check students' knowledge levels, but should become a student excitation, counselor, capacity and positive personal character, the teaching focus on how to encourage students to learn, and thus truly teach is not to teach.

Fifth, to establish a good relationship between teachers and students

Teachers in the classroom teaching feelings to be sincere, teach state amiable; student learning and life after-school care, respect and trust of students and equal treatment of every student, caring for the poor students so that the students will be the teacher when for close friends, they will tell the truth, the real teaching teacher. Ohm's law, for example:
1, the creation of scenarios, ask questions, scientific guess. Lamp dimmer cut, Q: lamp dimmer is adjust the circuit of what physical quantities dark changing the bright lights of? Then through demonstration experiments observe the current of change with the light bright dark changes in the relationship, and asked: current changes and what factors? encourage students to boldly conjecture, current and resistance, voltage relationship, this study is to determine the direction.

2, to guide the discussion, the design inspire and guide students to design research solutions to the problem, the first application of the control variable method design the overall program: control constant resistance, research current and voltage relationship; control voltage is constant, the relationship between current resistance how to study? local design: student panel discussion, circuit design, allow students to share their design, and evaluate the design of others, discussed the role and selection of equipment.

Students operation, the implementation of the program. The students relatively independent experimental operation, data collection and operational skills of teachers to students, the use of instruments provide help.

4, analysis and discussion, concluded that two sets of data obtained from the experiments to guide students with computing and image analysis of the relationship between current and voltage, current and resistance, and then integrated to obtain a conclusion.

5, reflection application migration. Ohm's law with a simple set of exercises to consolidate the process of inquiry; reinforce the use of the meter, the basic skills of the circuit connection; summary to reflect on the process of inquiry, clear thinking leads.

By examples, exercises the creation of problem situations, and deepen the theme

Example Teaching students according to their own understanding of the specific physical processes, physical problems, make full use of existing knowledge and experience, combined with the knowledge, law, independent creative analysis, judgment, thinking and explore problem-solving approach then under the guidance of teachers by analyzing the discussion and summary of the physical ideas in physics problem, physical methods to refine, sublimation, learning, and learn from the example of the spirit of the physical, it can maximize the exercise of their sense of innovation and ability to innovate.

Seven enrich the extra-curricular activities to the students to the joy of success

Extra-curricular science and technology activities to enrich students' spiritual life, expanding horizons, strive to motivate innovative and effective positions for the formation of creative thinking ability, good intellectual nutrition and good mood and environment In this activity, students can is not textbook scope and tendency of teachers bound, independent, self-development, extracurricular activities you want to pay attention to the content rich, innovative, and diverse forms of flexibility of the method, such as organizing egg touch the earth "game, in what way eggs dropped from the sixth floor is not broken, to mobilize the students gizmos, small production, small creations can also be appropriately furnished, extra-curricular small experiment, allow students to brain, hands, to think, to do more, be motivated, inspired from the association, inspiration, so that students can not take in the intellectual, scientific, and interesting activities observed curricular and teaching never seen the truth, to comprehend the mystery of curricular and teaching too late to deep penetration to touch curricular teaching something small production and experimental physics practical activities, to provide students with a more hands-on, brains and self-development opportunities, students can fully exploit the potential of innovative literacy, and continuously improve the students 'ability to apply knowledge, but also to develop students' personality, expertise and innovation skills.

In short, physical education is not only to impart knowledge and, more importantly, to guide students to think, and to enlighten the students 'creative thinking, develop students' creative thinking ability in teaching practice, as long as our efforts to explore, bold innovation, learning and creativity, to imitate and innovation, rationality and fantasy organically combined, will be able to effectively develop the creative potential of students, develop students' creative thinking ability. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http://eng.hi138.com

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