Talk about high school physics teaching innovation ability

Education is duty-bound to take on the important task of cultivating innovative spirit and ability, physics class shoulder the mission to develop innovative spirit and ability talent, now talk about superficial understanding of junior high school physics teaching the cultivation of students' innovative ability from the following aspects and I hope to train new talent with the ability to innovate through junior high school physical education for the community.

First, build a harmonious, democratic atmosphere in the classroom is to develop students' creative ability main channel

Classroom teaching, teachers should pay attention to building a harmonious, democratic classroom teaching atmosphere, the mental state to achieve the best level of teacher-student interaction, in order to ensure that the students feel comfortable, quick thinking, a variety of intellectual and non-intellectual innovation factors in most Jia active, thereby enhancing the efficiency of classroom teaching in the classroom teaching, teachers are the organizers and participants of the teaching and learning activities, always in the position of the center of the teaching and learning activities, teachers of language to the students full of hope, encourage and charisma, students to buy from you, the teachers should be observed at any time to grasp the ability to accept students and reactions for students to solve problems met If students encounter problems, teachers should be patience, help them problem, get through, so that students have something dare say, suspect I dare to be equality before the truth when thinking activities of students, teachers and conclusions beyond the design and the desired track, teachers should not be forced to students' thinking into their own mode of thinking, or materials Conclusion bound students 'creative thinking, but can not use crude way to interrupt the process of students' thinking. teachers should be good to encourage students to boldly questioned students are welcome challenge, to give students the opportunity to comment, so that students gradually innovative consciousness as high school students in the classroom teaching process entirely different views about teachers, teachers should not be given a simple negation of students, and should guide students to examine their views in class or after class, and draw the right conclusions. Doing to protect the students' enthusiasm for learning, self-confidence and establish independent learning and innovation, and its innovative thinking in the active state, in order to stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation. encourage students and teachers to discuss issues, and strive to classroom teaching democratic and harmonious atmosphere, full of fun. only democracy, equality, new and harmonious relationship between teachers and students, in order to achieve spiritual communication between the two sides, in order to enhance students' learning initiative and creativity play only establish full equality between teachers and students in teaching, lively classroom atmosphere students dare to boldly questioned, only willing to discuss with the teachers will dare to explore in order to truly cultivate students' innovative spirit and ability.

Second, the physical experimental inquiry is an effective way to foster innovation

Physics is a discipline based on experiments, most of the physical concepts and laws is summed up on an experimental basis. Experimental teaching is a very important part of physics teaching, but also develop an effective way of innovation capability. Experimental teaching can enhance intuitive resistance, develop students' experimental skills, Creative Thinking Teaching teachers to help students to master as much as possible to create the conditions on the basis of the experimental principle, to provide students with more exploratory experiments and to encourage its bold innovation and imagination, full brains, tongue, hands-on to activate the students' positive thinking to the creative potential as experiment with voltmeter and ammeter measuring resistance, the group of students who completed voltammetry measurements then intended to induce them to creative thinking, they again discussed, analyzed and considered the new method, and design experiments circuit, experimental equipment, preferably experimental procedure, experimental conclusions. then coaching their programs in a timely manner, so that the proportion of students in exploring the process of operation, design a sensing resistor volts Executed "and" Ann "a new program, but also to experience the joy of success, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm they create, so that students feel experimental course is both a harvest is a pleasure. , the teacher can put some students to experiment and demonstration experiment design for exploratory experiments, activate students' ability to innovate. Experiment Teaching and broader than classroom teaching space and the space of thinking, can inspire and meet the students at different levels to explore with desire for innovation students "explore" the laws of physics experiment in hand, move and move, exercise and develop their ability to innovate in teaching teachers should be well-designed teaching content and design a series of targeted, inspiring the question as bedding, design issues should be fully penetrate the innovation ability, on the basis of students' prior knowledge, to guide students in the experimental exploration process "innovation", experience and innovation in a relatively independent experimental activities hardships and pleasure order to make long-term innovation ability of teachers to organize students to carry out a series of exploratory experiments, and experiments and real-life problems, the innovation ability and physical knowledge learning closely integrated . Reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download

Third, attention should be paid to students good study habits, develop students' ability to innovate

Traditional education so that most of the students to develop a "re-rote understanding of light", "knowledge, light ability" and "heavy fraction, light effect study habits teachers to get rid of the confusion of traditional education, get rid of the" traditional education " many points of view, training students to be good to ask questions, good at thinking, the courage to explore, to be creative with modern educational theory study habits in physics teaching all students through the efforts of their own can do, should allow students to innovate, do it yourself; writing, arithmetic, and other activities should be so see all students through the efforts will be able to come to the conclusion should be the students themselves to seek, to find; in learning activities, teachers give students the necessary inspiration, induction, coaching, course of time students good study habits will form the innovation capacity will be developed.

To inspire a sense of success and self-evaluation awareness, foster innovation.
Secondary school students, mental capacity than the weak, slightly setback to, they lack self-confidence in independent learning, should be timely to inspire a sense of success, to enhance students 'self-confidence, develop students' ability to innovate in the experimental teaching in finished basic principles, methods, I always induced, find new ways to inspire students and student self-evaluation after the determination of the density of the solid and liquid balance and graduated cylinder a content intentional question: "wax block is not submerged in the water, balance and graduated cylinder can also be used to measure the density of wax block? Think about what should I do?" I organized the students to discuss, most of the students are with the balance to measure the quality of, and then, using the "netsuke method" graduated cylinder measure volume, we can calculate the density. then asked the students there is no other solution, students' thinking immediately mobilized when the good students can put forward their own programs: the wax block quality available balance measurement, measured wax block volume, you can use your finger or pencil to remove the wax block pressure into the water. most of the students have launched a discussion that his method is feasible, but some students in recognition of his program, and suggestions for improvement, measured wax block volume, the volume change caused by a finger or pencil, paraffin blocks available pin pressed into the volume of water measured, we can agree so stimulate the students a sense of success and self- evaluation of consciousness, laid the foundation for the cultivation of students' innovative ability.

In short, in the junior high school physics teaching process, develop students 'ability to innovate is a step-by-step process. Physics teachers should strive to expand students' learning space, the use of advanced teaching methods to keep the vast world of innovative education and foster the enthusiasm of students to learn research development of the personality and provides students with the soil, so that students in the ability to innovate, to take the initiative to explore, develop and experience the culture cultivate creative talents suitable for the requirements of modern education. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download

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