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In recent years, language teaching, attaches importance to developing students' intelligence factors at the same time, pay attention to students of non-intellectual factors, mainly in the training to students interested in doing a little try. Paper from the interest in the role of interest in the lesson planning of teaching preliminary findings in order to start a discussion.

First, interest in teaching

Interest plays a major role in human learning and activities, it is to acquire knowledge, broaden their horizons, and to mobilize the power of thinking activities. Confucius once said: "Those who know, is not as good, good and those who not the music." Interest role in the teaching process should not be underestimated, it is the most realistic motivation, the most active ingredients. interest will enable students to pro-active, happy learning, thinking, therefore, many educators have fully affirmed interest in the teaching of materialism in Psychological Science tells us that if a person to concentrate on a thing or an idea that he was interested in everything associated with this kind of thing, or this idea, therefore, he would focus on all things.

Second, interest and lesson planning

Lesson planning is a complex and meticulous process of labor, good and bad lessons prepare a direct impact on students' interest in learning and teaching quality, a lively and successful lesson before class depends largely on whether are well prepared.

Ye Shengtao of the old educator said: "read some books, lesson preparation is necessary, but after reading it, but also how much your brain, to think, What are the main intention is to think about this text, your students to learn any difficulties, you should give guidance and inspiration in what areas, to enable them to consciously use their brains, which is the main project of teacher preparation. do these projects, the teachers really played a leading role. "preparing lessons should arouse students' interest in learning the first place, to do more than "look" and more "thinking".

See more: read the reference material is based on serious study materials, a large number of condescending to control the text. Teachers only have a bucket of water, can go to learn from the student required "a glass of water, only the" Expo combining and refining to make the class teaching simple terms, from which arouse students' interest in learning. teachers to teach up to the bottom of my heart, speak up and handy, the class will be lively, and avoid the stiff and dull endorsement phenomenon.

Think: is to analyze the problem. Backward and forward linkages such as textbooks, new courses in the old knowledge base about how to "bypass" and "bridge", and how to create conditions to pave the way behind the content, identification of priorities difficulties in finding solutions, to arouse students' interest in learning a lesson long before the teachers in classes taught, it has been planted a hint.

Third, interest and classroom teaching

Comprehensive art of language teaching is its extensive knowledge, all-inclusive, five thousand years of history, aspect, eight Miles geographic, language lessons can be touched upon, but learning is not to teachers without enthusiasm put into the minds of the students' knowledge from their own minds, but the exchange between teachers and students at all times during the soul.

To the vast world and unobstructed channel for the spiritual contact between teachers and students, in teaching, teachers have good emotional quality, should be a warm feeling, a sincere feeling, friendly attitude, so vivid language image of an attractive, allow students to infection by the situation unknowingly cultivate beauty, the rationale for inspiration. Share free paper download center

interest and Questioning

Our teachers want to own lessons enable students to feel, To do this, the question is an important factor. Then how to use questions to arouse students' interest?
First, questions must focus on the ingenious idea of ​​artistic text, aroused the curiosity of students, among them the strong desire for knowledge.

Second, the questions should inspire students has been found that the combination of thinking, so that they can experience the joy of new ideas and creativity. Such as Lu Xun's in << hometown >> conjunction of the three "hard", if the words do not pay attention. students are likely to put it as a synonym for letting go. But by asking questions, students contact context they understand their different: Runtu "hard" is "hard toil", "I" "hard" run around the working, someone else's "hard" is "deliberately rack their brains "questions to make students think and something to make them a taste of the study to explore the fun.

Third, questions should prompt students to use existing knowledge to analyze and solve problems, gain new knowledge and capacity.

2, interest, and electronic teaching

"A book of a piece of chalk, a blackboard and a mouth", the traditional handicraft style of teaching is still prevalent in the current language teaching, which is an important reason for the language subjects is relatively backward, low teaching efficiency of scientific research has been concluded that the knowledge gained from the speech signal to memory by 15 per cent, while the knowledge gained from the image signal to the memory percentile 25, if you use both the delivery of knowledge tools in order to receive the knowledge content of 65 per cent, to aid in teaching the use of slides, film, television, contribute to the heuristic, figurative teaching, to supplement the classroom teaching, but also to increase students' interest and motivate them to learn the enthusiasm significantly improve teaching effectiveness and teaching practice that should be appropriate to accelerate the rhythm of language teaching, as far as possible to enhance the effectiveness of the language proficiency training, it is necessary to tie in with certain modern teaching methods.

3, interests and language activities

Is of great benefit to teaching, learning interest, and appropriate to engage in new forms, content and lively activities such as stories, Mandarin contest, look up the game Shouchao Bao game, hard brush calligraphy competition, the establishment of speech group, book club , the critic group can receive good results. focus on two activities:
(1 teacher activities which students teach each other the activities under the guidance of teachers, students "coaching" is the highest level, can serve to inspire the confidence in learning for all students. The activities help students really understand the material conducive to the formation of the class solidarity of the collective spirit, and help students understand the purpose of the teaching of the language teacher, communicate with teachers and students to understand each other's channels.

(2 Keben Ju performances. Student films, television series, not rusty, but really the textbook as a material self, self-directed, and acted in self-assessment are to feel fresh, and therefore great interest in the students want the teacher front of their classmates "show off", displaying his talents to this activity, students deeply understand the contents of textbooks, exercise, verbal ability, to achieve a higher level of learning objectives. Share Free paper Download http :/ /

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