How to write school reflection

Teaching Reflection with plain words, think about that after to teach, to write after, think carefully about gain and loss, think about the teaching objectives are reached, whether the harmony of teaching situations, students are actively mobilize, the teaching process is optimized, teaching method is flexible, it reflects the advantages of teaching methods, teaching strategies are appropriate, teaching is good. Think, the move to write, to write in school, learning in thinking, can not be written as essays or record, often looking through, can be considered more a teacher can not speak, but also the teaching of problems or confusion about the use of transfer time to discuss that teaching and research in, find a solution, combined with their own teaching practice, reflect, if written, then sending it out, or as a topic for further research, if we have not met the teacher's guidance, would not Yoshiya, want much more, write more, it is priceless, you can enjoy the fun.

Confucius said: 'Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is Yi.' The phrase in our teaching also has a profound reference. Suhomlinski also have a large proposal: to write every teacher education journal, write essays and recording of these records is to think and create source, is priceless, is that you do research and teach the rich materials and practical foundation. more teaching reflection cell, the more the wisdom of teaching and scientific research, often reflect on teaching, do good things, fun!
1 remember a successful move, the teaching process to achieve the purpose of pre-designed, the resonance effect caused by the practice of teaching, classroom teaching appropriate temporary contingency measure, the level of clear, coherent writing on the blackboard, the penetration of certain teaching methods and application ideas process, education, psychology and the use of some basic principles of feelings, teaching methods of reform and innovation, etc., was the local detailed record for future reference when teaching, and on this basis, continue to improve and perfect , get rid of.

2 in mind, 'failure' of the Department, even if successful classroom teaching also inevitably omissions glitches, review them, combing, and subjected to a profound reflection, inquiry and analysis, making it should be taught later lessons learned 3. remember teaching wit, classroom teaching, with the start of teaching content, teachers and students exchange ideas and emotional development of harmonious, often because of some accidental events arising from the moment of inspiration, these 'sparks of wisdom' often is involuntary, abrupt, if not timely use of after-school to capture the reflection will disappear due to the passage of time and, unfortunately endless. 4 record student views in the classroom teaching process, students learn the subject, they always have 'the spark of innovation' in the flashing, the teacher should be fully affirmed the students in the classroom to some of the insights, so that students not only a good way to promote good ideas, but also an appreciation for them and inspire the same time, these valuable insights also complement the classroom teaching and improvement ideas teachers can broaden and improve the teaching level, so their record can be used as teaching materials after the rich nutrients.

5 note and then teach the design, a class down, meditation meditation, and explore what teaching law, teaching methods in which innovation, knowledge discovery point of what, what new tactics to organize teaching; solving the many errors are No breakthrough; inspiration is appropriate, training is in place, etc. in a timely manner to write down the pros and cons, and make the necessary classification and choice, consider this part should be re-taught what to do, write, 'then teach design', which can do exceed, excellence, his own teaching to a new level and a high degree of short, written reflection after school, in your time, perseverance, your dedication to the pursuit has received a timely note, there is it is long, no words are short, to promote the thinking mind, to think and promote education, long-term accumulation, there must be 'representative, gathered together,' the harvest. Links to free download

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