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In recent years, the topic of writing has become the main trend in the test composition, how to train students to comfortably sit and write superior for language teachers is a big difficult. This essay in my daily training and carry out the following guidance.

First, read the topic

Topic of writing clearly defined scope, written must be associated with bonding is to say, the students were writing the cars must be hanging in the topic of "related content" on the engine, otherwise you can not stand to. Topic has triggered students writing a pretext, to be in the article title, conception, selection, style and expression, etc. to give you a free choice, free play, free ride space.

1. Careful examination of the "tips" to grasp the intent of the proposition and essay content.

Such as the 2005 essay suggesting, "often encountered, see, hear", suggesting that selection of the range, "touched the hearts of some things needed to make a choice", suggesting that the content of writing, the mind and choice are indispensable, "we is how to choose it? "prompt to write specific practices," and how to choose? "prompt to write selection criteria.

2. Scrutiny "Note", to further clarify the composition and conditions of freedom.

"Note" (or "request" for writing such as writing on the scope, point of view, style, words, titles or restrictions on expression, etc., it is an important part of the essay questions, must not be taken lightly. "Attention" tend to have four : (1 conception custom (2 style choice (3 titles from the proposed (4 less than 700 words. The first three provide a free space, clear of the trial in order to fully demonstrate the personality, the latter is limited conditions, the trial in order to clear the not enough words to avoid loss of points.

Second, the fixed center

Centering is the establishment of the article topic. Qing Wang Fu-chih said: "Italy is also still handsome, no commander of the soldiers, that the black together." Commander of the army is no rabble, no article on the subject without a soul, no life. Topic of writing usually require candidates to "self-conception be. "conception is correct composition is directly related to the success of conception is novel, lofty, profound essay grade is a key pull Therefore, the topic essay's purpose should never be ignored. Conception can be considered from the perspective of the following:

1. From the imaginary from the real conception and conception.

Some things are concrete, some abstract thing is worth there are many objects that we treasure, from the "real" conception, such as the treasure of nature, treasure the environment and cherish the land; precious water resources, food treasure, rare animals , rare birds; treasure plants, cherish friends ... ... is also available from the "virtual" conception, such as: cherish honor, cherish happiness, cherish moved, inspired treasure, cherish honesty, cherish the spirit of innovation and cherish good feelings, cherish the pure friendship and cherish the opportunity to exercise and cherish their individuality, value their own ideas, treasure time and cherish today, cherish, cherish every day ... ...

Many topics are either from the real conception, but also from the false conception, such as: <<Road>> - the foot of the road, the growth process, <<window>> - house windows, external opening, <<Bridge> > - mountain bridge, emotional communication, <<step>> - on the ground footprints, footprints of life, <<Spring>> - no cold wind blowing side, whispered teachings ... ...

2. Positive and negative conception of conception.

So-called positive conception, that is, from the praise, praise people, events, scenery, objects of truth, goodness and beauty of conception point of view, from the recognition in favor of some kind of thoughts, ideas, behavior, the trend of the correctness, justice, positive conception of the angle . treasure to be cherished, it should certainly, such as: cherish life, cherish the young, cherish the happiness you have, and cherish friendship, treasured green ... ...

The so-called negative conception, that is focused from the discounted and castigate people, events, scenery, objects false, ugly, evil angle of conception, from the negative, some critical thoughts, ideas, behavior, the error of atmosphere, passive, reactionary nature of the point of conception, such as: do not always lose the only treasure, do not deceived by the cult, cherish their precious lives ... ...

Conception, when selected, considering the following factors: to reflect the materials, the topic of the nature of meaning, new, lofty, profound, they have to say.

Third, the proposed topic

As the saying goes "a good half of the title text", the title of the article as if the eyes, it can discern the soul of the article. New and unique topics, can be fascinating, thought-provoking, so rich in content, unconventional, and thus play a finishing touch. How fast draw up a fresh novel topic? might try to do the following aspects.

1. Determine the style, and avoid weaknesses.

Closely linked to the topic, to mobilize the accumulation, use their own "good style" writing is intended to question the basic premise of fast, because the article is there any genre, do not speak style, want to write, will write loosely, are not permissive, neither fish nor fowl "grotesque" article. Moreover, the topic is only required writing style limited to not speak style.

Such as: the "dream" as the topic, <<This is a beauty, a dream>> should be written in lyrical prose; <<thought of the summer>> should be written in narrative, <<talk about text in the "dream">> instructions should be written in the text, "the dream of Chinese football>> should be written argumentation.

2. Make good title to Seeing.

In the broad topic of the front or the back to make appropriate additions to limit the scope of the writing, make into small topics, from virtual becomes real, the abstract becomes concrete, is the most common problems technique to be rapid, such as: "Integrity >> for the topic of writing, can be the title of <<integrity, and his bottom line >>,<< >>,<< we need honesty with integrity on the road >>,<< integrity, return it >>,<< Credibility is the gold >>,<< integrity can not throw>> This is easy to grasp the students a way to be problems, but also the topic of the Dahua small, to avoid the \ \ \ 'write a thousand words, stray Miles \ \ \ 'phenomenon, which will help students grasp the focus of the article.

Fourth, given the structure

Essay exam, both thesis writing, or topic of writing, content quality is very important, certainly the first one, which is no doubt, but the structure of the article is also very important novel. As a good product, although quality, but also need to have a good package, can lead to customer desires to purchase. a quality of the exam content writing, if we adopt the form of new structures to express, then arouse the interest of the teacher scoring, teacher scoring win goodwill, to obtain good results. now cite a few examples are as follows: Links to free download

1. Subtitle structure method.

Subtitle structure method is to use a number of typical around the center, to show the author's unique perspective and conception of the material, respectively, under the command of several sub-headings, then there is a chapter of the structure of the unit method.

Such as: "water" as the topic of writing. There is a candidate intended to question the "Water Festival>> quite creative with Mu quatrains <<Qingming>> The four poems in the subtitle, the first paragraph of the" Ching Ming Festival rain have "for the subtitle, the writing and all the joy, anger, joys and sorrows spring, the second paragraph with "pedestrians Deep Sorrow" as the subtitle, showing the ravages of famine drought glass of water to sell $ 1000 auction scene, the third paragraph to "by asking where there are restaurants," as the subtitle, further rendering water tragedy, the fourth paragraph to "cowboy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen," as the subtitle, describing the ancient style to keep the beautiful views of Heng Fa Chuen. cause people value and the transformation of water deep thinking.

2. Diary-style.

Diary is very familiar with the majority of middle school students as a writing genre. Diary writing may be either a single diary can also be formed by the Ikunori diary to express a theme more flexible structure, between each diary does not require strict logical convergence, is also relatively free expression, narrative, descriptive, argumentative interludes are free, easy to express emotion or a description of the author's argument for their own, so regardless of writing skills to compete with, almost every student can use the diary to write essay topics .

3. Scattered point.

Point is scattered around a center, from several points on divergent thinking, layout. "Scatter" type most prominent advantage is the language beautiful, strong emotions, such as a <<I like ... ...>> assignments: I like in the mist-shrouded morning, to see the horizon of a red sun rising, I like people in the noon heat Sunburn, listening to the cicadas woods one after another, I like ... ... Full selection of many good things as a lyrical object, expressing love for life and the pursuit of beauty.

Fifth, refining language

Curriculum standards in language expression and exchange of such students are asked: "can mobilize their own language, the accumulation of scrutiny, temper the language to express accurate, clear, and lively."
For the purposes of writing the examination room, in order to win high marks, it must be a unique personalized language Compose a true feeling for the carrier 1. Using anthropomorphic, of boring for lively.

Analogy method is a rather new idea of ​​writing. Writing some text in question, in order to express needs, you can choose to use anthropomorphic or quasi-physical form in order to make the article more living and lively in the following example:
I was an unknown seed, my mother put me into the air the moment, it is doomed my life difficult.
The last time I looked back on the floor of her mother, she just gently shook his dark green of the right arm, said: "My child, a strong point, to find their own happiness!" With the wind sister, and I toward the strange remote fly.

This article clever use of anthropomorphic approach, describing a seed to find a happy story to write their own perception of life and experience the text in the "seed" is actually the author's own incarnation, this anthropomorphic approach to avoid the use of the article the reasoning of the boring, become vivid image.

2. Asked the question whether continuous structure parallelism.

This approach combines the set Q, parallelism two kinds of rhetoric, asked the question by the formation of a continuous structure of parallelism, in a time of questions and answers, layers of depth, to strengthen the context in the following example:
Life depression? No, we have the passion, we will laugh. What is depression?
Life is like a play? No, we live in day by day with their January month, year after year to fill gaps in years, life is not a drama, we can not be the game of life.

Life is a dream? No, it is not fantasy, but real existence. Through our struggle and the pursuit of our dream for a while to achieve!
Asked the question three, three powerful answer, elaborated from different levels of life characteristics, parallelism of the model so that the article also has a formal beauty.

In summary, treat the topic of writing should be to overcome the fear of hardship, attention every step of the writing process, see more diligent practice, the level of writing can be improved a lot. Links to free download http://www.hi138 . com

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