How to write a personal essay to guide students

Language learning skills, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, any one aspect can be neglected. However, the teaching of writing has always been regarded as difficult to overcome teacher-student "fortress." Arrangement composition when the subject teacher, the classroom is often sighing sound one. This is how the matter? writing so painful? in this painful state, the students write are often empty, rambling and making a fuss, or others, and thousands of people side of the "non-personal essay", very few there are personalized masterpiece. And a few years ago the introduction of the <<Language Curriculum>> clearly pointed out: "Writing to feelings of sincere, and strive to express their natural, social, feelings and real life experience of the unique seek creative ... ... expression. "visible, the core requirements for writing new curriculum is to ask students to write" personal essay. "
What is a personal essay? In my opinion, it has two significant features: the real innovation. This is the basic connotation of personal writing.

First, the real. Truth is the most basic features of personal writing. The so-called real, that is the truth, do not tell lies, to express the truth, without affectation. Writing that man, the so-called "Style is the Man" is the truth. Students should be photo Writing for the things people are really good, true story to write, easy to express the true experience. Therefore, as students in grades 7-9 to write the first true story of the essay should be promoted. written true story, the expression of real experience, they will not There thousands of side, uniform composition strange phenomena.

Once marking period, I found a student to write his own father "fell from the mountain, broke a leg," the story. Was surprised: We Wujiang region is not the mountain, the students in the end is it? How not spoken of in the office listening to the teacher about this? Could it be the students transferred to other provinces and cities? With doubts, papers opened, I jotted down the names of the students. after school one asked, turned out to fictitious students is to create a "tragic" scene, winning high marks. I can not help but surprise, this is not to take their parents life on the line? This is our Thanksgiving education results?
Students have the free, causing those of us who are innocent children of the said false, fake it? Recently wrote that the student was lying in the network is the first composition from the beginning of primary school. So too harsh though some, However, language teachers have to cause us to think deeply. We should ask ourselves: from primary to secondary school language teachers we are always stressed that "Words are the voice," "My Hand My Heart"? layout essay question, we have some students may be taken into account not familiar with this subject matter, or no personal experience, the last being "forced" was making up lies? To this end, we need to shout: writing to true. write the reality of the story, the real feelings, real feelings, real emotions ... ... We believe that the more content the more true personality is revealed. Therefore, individual student writing should be vigorously promoted the first realistic, what pictures to tell the truth, the only way we can write very well about the implementation of new curriculum requirements: "Writing ... ... and strive to express the sincere feelings of nature, society, life is truly unique feel and experience."
Of course, the promotion of true writing fiction writing is not to exclude. Fiction writing is not a false writing, it can express real feelings, fiction writing is a higher level of pictorial composition.

For example, see the Chang'e II launch, could not suppress his excitement, his fiction a few years later the scene of a trip to the moon, which then why not? As to express feelings or from the heart, is true.

Second, innovation. Well-known writer, said Liang Heng covered writing good articles, one to the United States, second to the new. Good article is to achieve a new conception, new materials, new language, like people did not want to, employing the not available, people are not writing to write. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download
1, the new conception. purposive topic is established, we should abandon those hollow slogan-style theme, and describe for real life experience and sense of cover, that should give a new feeling, new inspiration, or a profound education, using innovative vision, innovative thinking to examine, consider, reflect the new life, to keep pace with the times study new problems and reflect the new life, new ideas, and describe a new experience, should be the theme of openness. such as writing, <<with your peers>>, the general students to write their loved ones, teachers, classmates, neighbors, etc., but there are a few students to "be strong" "integrity" and other quality of life on the road as a good partner. Again, write <<2008 that a snow>>, and some wrote Snow, snow and some writing, some write to global climate change Some write news reports of traffic jams, but there are also relatively new conception of students, writing blindly rely on land transport southern region of the disadvantages of proposed dredging of waterways, special circumstances, the recommendations of the emergency start shipping from the perspective of environmental protection and transportation put forward his unique perspective.

2, the new material. Personality composition of materials to be typical, representative, can show personalities, revealing the essence of things. To write the little-known material, that is new, fresh material. Is best to write the contents of someone else not written or unknown territory for most readers or unknown circumstances, others do not and some fresh material. in particular, to write new things, writing new discoveries in life. For example, write 61 anniversary of the establishment of the motherland essay, how to reflect the great motherland in the earth-shaking change? have students write changes from three generations from the bag to Seeing, new materials and eye-catching.

3, new language. Language is the language of new fresh and natural, vivid and full of personality. If in peacetime, the article repeated scrutiny, modify, and gradually improve their language ability to innovate, to a certain unique style will make their own language. For example: a students to write <"What I Home>> when start to write from the natural:" The sky is the home of the cloud, the sea is the home of the water, the forest is the tree house. wind flows around, it is also home to find their own . "the use of parallelism, metaphor, personification approach writing from nature, the beginning is good and more attractive.

Of course, we can not be creative and innovative. Those who show a pile of new network camel words and sentences of the so-called creative writing, it is difficult to express the depth of students in the abundance of emotion and vivid and true to life experience, like a famous scholar Yu in "The Second Global Chinese Youth Essay Contest" to give an excellent essay written comments as: "There are clever, but do not feel the temperature."
Promote personal essay writing is not only a <<Language Curriculum>> requirements, it is the call of times. Language teachers from the care of life, growth of life, starting a high degree of publicity of life, abandoned personal gain, changes in teaching philosophy, research student writing mentality, to guide and help students "to write informal knowledge, experience and imagination", "value the individual's unique experience," "strive for creative expression."
Guide the students to write personal essays, not overnight thing. Teachers must first exam-oriented education to break the shackles of personality to do a language teacher, have a personalized training talents, creative talents of the forward-looking philosophy.

Personality composition, so that the language classroom more exciting! Personal essay, students more vivid emotional world! Links to free paper download

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