How to write text to guide students

Abstract: To get students to write essays, language teachers should take the initiative to organize the students to practice life, as rich writing material for students to experience life, experience life and express life, to interest students of writing and improve writing level.

Keywords: abundant living practice to cultivate an interest

Talking about writing, the students are "mere mention of writing about" how to develop students interest in writing? I believe that the following aspects:

First, students interested in language learning

How to cultivate their interest in language learning? First, students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In the text teaching, good at seizing key chapters to explain with real life, so that students are not writers think of writing a patent, enable students to understand: "Oh, the original composition that simple, nothing more than his own see, hear and think of the right to express it." and then encourage students to use their own perspective around the world, and found their own things, and then write their own fascinating seen, heard, think, think, this is the true composition, because the facts of life contains any meaning it.

Second, the organizational activities, rich writing material

Nothing to say, nothing to write, is one of the reasons students writing difficult. Experience tells us that life is a source of writing. Guide the students writing, start from the contents, first to solve the problem of what to write. Language teachers to abandon those organizations Students engage in activities will delay the study, one-sided understanding of test scores. not a rich life experience, how about you all day in class writing, students still nothing to write; to write, but also fabrications, the lack of realism. Therefore, language teachers not only to organize students to participate actively in a variety of ideological and political activities in schools, sports activities, social activities, interest group activities, but also willing to spend some time teaching language lessons, carefully organize some activities in close contact with the composition. life rich colorful, writing to write something, there is more to say, there would be a place to pick up the pen to start the felt.

Third, the music in the school, the training forms an interesting

Learning activities of students still pay attention to interesting things on their own interest to like to do, and actively do it. Although the essay to write more and more practice, but the teachers always proposition, the students, so that the students will feel tired of boring. Teachers according to the characteristics of the students to design a variety of enjoyable and lively, new and interesting forms of training, students are writing is not just a job, or a fun activity. the activities together with the organic composition. For example: the class Students describe the portrait, character description, and then quiz prizes. who wrote the characters to be quickly and accurately guess people will come to the award. Another example: a tape-recorded sounds of the pre-release to the students listen to students to distinguish what is sound, with the words depict and to imagine inferred cleverly combined into a complete story, written in an article.

Fourth, encourage innovation, allow imitation

Zuowen Can you imitate? I think we can. Of course, we have to encourage students to write an essay to be innovative and unique, but also allows proper imitation of someone else's composition. Writing, drawing and have the Pro software, and copy this stage, writing there will be a first stage of imitation. Teachers can choose a representative article or Imitative guide student work. This can reduce the difficulty of writing, the first "help" and then "release", and will not start generating composition psychological difficulties.

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five, the person teaching, guidance

"Ten fingers is not generally homogeneous." Uneven level of students writing is a normal phenomenon. "One size fits all" teaching approach, so good enough to eat, the poor could eat, but also make students lose interest, have a negative psychological and negative behavior. teachers who want to teach because, according to different levels of students writing a composition made of different purposes, writing requirements, writing tasks, the classification guidance. on writing a good student, may be appropriate to enhance the requirements of hobby, from the composition of skills , art, on request, to guide, organize them to participate in extra-curricular writing team, participate in various writing contests, a positive contributor to various newspapers and community to meet their need for self-improvement self-realization. And do the students face to face with the marking of assignments, to understand the motivation of the students writing, writing objective, timely guidance. on the level of poor students in writing, to reduce the requirements, design slope, reducing the difficulty of writing step by step to achieve the purpose, so that they can through their own efforts, writing to each a small target, with little progress, in order to cultivate interest in writing, and gradually increase the level of writing.

VI, return to life's "meaning world"

How can we guide the students to return to a world of meaning in life to help the students to open the book of life, from his own life and find meaning, to discover and express all the good life in fact?
First, we must guide students to understand and experience their lives meaningful and valuable event, and gradually form a "meaningful life for me" attitude towards life. Students are only starting from life, choose the content they are familiar with, writing only when there say.

Secondly, but also guide students to discover their own value and meaning in life, so that they come to realize: "I am life is meaningful and valuable." For students, life is colorful, life same pavilion. The reason why some people feel the value of life, because he did not ȥ; reason why some people feel the meaning of life, because he did not open their hearts to accept the life. Capture life exciting and interesting scenarios, to be able to form of the languages of the tension of life and the meaning of life.

Again, the expansion of student life space. As a language arts, writing is the writer expressed an understanding of life, an aesthetic experience. Guide the students about campus life at the same time, teachers should encourage students to leave the campus to the community to go into society, to nature to go. With the expansion of the scope of life, a variety of social practical activities, students from body to soul, from the emotional to the rational resolution of contact, will continue to experience experience the richness of life, so that they do not have many of the original meaning of the phenomenon of life to enter their world of meaning. In this way, students will be able to have specific content can be written, there is real to say, a sincere love can express.

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