How to Write Mathematics Homework Evaluation words

Duties include teachers in the teaching process is an essential part of, a good job correcting not only to develop students interest in learning, to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, developing students to think creatively, more importantly, the best evaluation of student learning outcomes way to learn a good opportunity for students, training teachers and students an important place for feelings. In the long-term teaching practice, I was correcting math homework, the formation of a set of their own practices.

First, the reform of the traditional marking symbols, mobilized the enthusiasm of students

Mathematics teacher correcting homework, in general, is not wrong to play "", is playing "", I think no matter what kind, will hurt some students self-esteem, and even some students of this symbol has been "numb" , that the red "" or "" is that students can never be revised, "wrong", the students face every day before the homework that was wrong, it will dampen the enthusiasm of the students.

I am wrong questions for students, more inspired oral sex tips or comments on "You're only one step away from the entirely correct," "You evasion it!" "45 people rowing, sitting 6 people per boat, if only 7 boats sat 42 people, and that the remaining 3 people how to do it? "students to think reviews will suddenly realize the content. This comment is not only to help students quickly understand the cause of the error, and find the right solution, and can thus stay the profound impression. fails to start again every day life, they are all new.

With the students make their own assessments, group peer assessment, class selection of the best "work", etc., to greatly stimulate students to write "as" warm, marking enthusiasm, from the perspective of our students look at their "work", do not have a world, they marking time meticulous, "excellence", "earnest" until satisfied, which in times to promote their homework seriously, everyone is willing to pay a proud "work."

Second, to encourage a given problem, students develop creative thinking

Each exercise has a mathematics thinking behind the question, some ingenuity of the students, like studying, the answer is not the only solution when they use a variety of problem-solving, they often only pay attention to the amount of solution at the expense of the solution Discrimination of comparison. Accordingly, the teacher will use reviews to induce them to think, judge. "solution in these, who is difficult? Who is easy? thinking what is the difference? What is the key problem-solving? want a good future, their talk "comments like this can not only make students clarify ideas, the development of discrimination, comparison of the thinking ability, and can induce them to devote themselves to the methods of mathematical knowledge in finishing up, and then to sub-systems, systematically, comprehensively grasp the purpose of mathematical knowledge .

Third, the exercise book to add a new forum - message board

Message board is the teacher-student exchange window. Message, is no longer just a teacher's comments, but the language of teacher-student interaction can be divided into the following categories:

1. FAQ type of message.

This message is love brains students or help students with learning difficulties, and to impart knowledge in the classroom closely linked, highly targeted. Particularly help students with learning difficulties, as indicated in End <<percentage. Score. Decimals intermetallic >> After this lesson, and I have never spoken one, especially the small bile students with learning difficulties in the operation of the case wrote, "Teacher, I do not know scores of decimals." poor students often need more than a message others more courage, perhaps now is the beginning of their progress. I tried to be resolved one by one. And for those filled with wisdom, challenging teachers to give full attention to the problem. where the carrying students to explore the spirit of innovation and quality such as "What is pi come from? how to measure the cone's high ... ..." and so on. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

2. self-assessment type a message.

Students in the completion of a practice, often operating on their own evaluation of a certain self-estimation. "Finally today the successful completion of the operation, and should not be wrong!" "My word how to write?" ... ... This kinds of message often means self-appreciation. it is an excellent opportunity to develop students self-confidence. teachers and must not answer that too "mad" and hit the students, sarcasm, should be lenient, the students have failed intensive care.

3. Encouraging message.

Some students work new ideas, methods, unique, simple and feasible, I can write comments like: "Hua attempt by dozens of law only to find you on the first try, you're great!"; When I found a student writing a very serious problem-solving are unique, I would have time to use the language of encouraging positive student learning outcomes, which will help improve student learning enthusiasm and initiative, resulting in powerful learning power. I often use "as long as you have a positive mind, success belongs to you!", "When you go all out, the difficulty to turn tail and fled," "You are the best, believe in yourself! "; when students work in innovation, the daring operation, with a practice attempt to verify the innovative thinking, and achieved gratifying results, then I will not hesitate to note on:" When I see you flashing spark of innovation I saw the bright future of your glory! ", to see such a full evaluation of language to encourage children will reply to me full of joy," Thank you! "" I will be cheering! "... ... When students quick thinking, doing title Step concise, just bad writing, I will write on this comment: "Your problem-solving ideas clear, concise, learning potential and good, if pretty good character to see you hand, it was more exciting." This language successfully protected the child's self-esteem, which praised the advantages of the child, but also urged him to correct deficiencies as soon as possible, would not kill two birds with it?

4. "Whispering" style message.

Many of the problems teachers face to face with students and do not want to mention, as a "teacher, you have a good time is not called me in class." "Teacher, I have been very serious homework, why do not excellent" and so on. To the attentive students batch job on a "power to be rid of, but must make persistent efforts to ah!" message to students that teachers must experience the joy of success, interest in learning naturally increased.

Now class, the number of students more individualized really really hard. By the students of the message, classroom teaching can be extended to the extra-curricular, for students with different learning practical, to provide excellent makeup, a solid foundation for learning Students can further enhance the requirements of being behind on the learning of students to help them build self-confidence, to encourage such students bravely ahead.

Operation of the message function, and promote the exchange of teachers and students feeling that the teacher evaluation of student work is more humane, but also opened the door for the mathematics teachers and students to communicate "window."
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