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[Abstract] teaching argumentative writing is the focus of high school by teaching and argumentative argumentative writing training to high school students abstract thinking ability, training students to develop independent thinking, question the habits of inquiry, and enhance the rigor of thinking, deep and critical, which is the Ministry of Education recently issued <<Language Curriculum>> one of the basic idea.

[Keywords:] the breadth and depth of thinking; logical thinking; demonstrate awareness

First, focus on training students to think in depth and breadth of

To guide high school students on nature, society, life has a more profound thinking and understanding, to gradually form their own thoughts. To teach students to use scientific methods of thinking identify problems, analyze issues and solve problems, to encourage students to dare to put forward their views , willing to exchange ideas with others, improve thinking acumen.

1. Such as on "Life and Death" this topic.

(1) from the value of life is limited and unlimited in this respect to reflect on how to utilize the limited life to "old age is coming" when, and will not have too many regrets and regrets it? It would have to when the value without the old time, strenuously ahead, and into the personal life into the cause of human progress, so that the continuation of personal life get in the collective immortality.

(2) to evaluate the way of life and death on the various points of value judgments, such as analysis of its value, significance and evaluation criteria are reasonable, it should be positive or negative.

(3) from the causal point of view to think: why the issue of life and death is the most important issue? Correct understanding of the problems of life and death, how will the result of life? If you do not have a correct view of life and death , what is the result of life?
(4) the object from different aspects to think about, but also explore the idea of the road. Different levels and in different identities, due to the different realms of life and death have different understanding of nature, such as people who enjoy the pursuit of material bound to have " carpe diem, "the life and death, and who value the spiritual life is bound to cherish life time, to create value as the essence of life.

2. Such as "gain and loss."

(1) from the unity of opposites in dialectical thinking, gain and loss are interrelated with, and in access among contains some kind of loss, the loss also contains some of the gain.

(2) described the relationship between topic of conversion, gain and loss will be moving in the opposite direction of its own transformation. Lost their patience and tenacity as long as they could on the other hand has been recovered; won if not good at moderation, do not think progress, it is possible to re-lost.

(3) learn to give up from the perspective of the topic. A person can not have it can get, in one respect has been, is based on the other hand, the cost of the loss, to have been, we must first have lost. If To do something, we must first do certain things.

These topics require the use of dialectical analysis to explain his own understanding, from a philosophical point of view, things are divided into two, multifaceted development and change, while being in contact with each other. Therefore, for this strong sense of the relationship between class-based speculative topics, from the dialectical analysis of a variety of perspectives, seek answers, to correct a clear subject.

Second, to strengthen training in logical thinking

Structured so that students learn to express their point of view rigorously, from the internal logic of language flow start, and then extended to the segment, to the level, to the point, effect point and the internal logic to determine the internal logic of the article ideas, overcome the incoherent, rambling, erratic wandering, confusion and other illnesses loose hierarchy. This is the article on the subject, is the analysis of the problem. There are three common structure:
1. Parallel structures. Ideas in the argument, in order to facilitate the exposition, the article's central argument will be broken down into several sub-parallel parallel argument, or the arguments side by side, the argument on several levels or the relationship between paragraphs are parallel, which is parallel. in the argumentative essay, the general idea of when students are not good at several aspects of parallel from the sense to consider the outline, write a few words to a few, often say disarray, much less thorough, profound . There are students always like to answer questions of strangers, as in the first paragraph on the use of "because" "so" the sentence is completed sentence reasoning, a conclusion.

2. Progressive structure. Ideas in the argument, the Deep layers of depth, step forward, this is the progressive structure. Argumentative about the thousands of words, it is often presented in the order of discussion is: is the What - Why; good - why good - how can we do; not - why not - how to avoid and so on. drill down the various parts, like a chain, linked together any less part of the bulk not a "chain."
3. Positive and negative contrast type structure. The idea of the argument, the two things (or opinions) to be compared, or in another thing (or views) to heighten a particular thing (or opinions), which is the control type . The key is to use both positive and negative must be vested in the concept or the same on the other; two parts are also suitable from many aspects of local contrast. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Third, we should strengthen the argument Training

Students learn to use and reliable material support point of view, we must learn to proof that the reason that deep penetration, is persuasive. This involves two aspects: selection and verification methods. Such as the 2003 college entrance essay, from the "Tomoko suspect neighborhood" Fable , leads to "feelings of closeness and understanding of things," the topic. choice of materials: Zhuge Liang brothers in daily life due to the wrong horse with the loss of Jie Ting Su, arbiter ruthless severing of the eternal stories, Mao Zedong sent to children moving on the Korean battlefield move. There are some texts from a secondary language materials, such as Zou Ji was not because of his wives were blinded preference for flattery, grandson of the crafty and fawning around to listen to Qu Yuan and other personal attendants and distant exile.

Rich accumulation of extensive reading is important, but the material of the reserves in order to a "transparent". "Transparent" implies three aspects: their human being to be well known, can skillfully man and his deeds seamless collusion with the topic can choose topics that best demonstrate the essence of personnel material.

Middle School, the students have a certain knowledge base, the teacher will choose some of the material printed to the students, the reason why many students can not write a thorough argumentative reasoning, because they can not appropriate or the integrated use of argumentation common Some demonstration methods. I mainly talk about law and cited example of law.

1. Examples demonstrate, is a typical example of a convincing argument to prove the correct way. It is the Argumentative Writing of the most common method of argument. "Stronger than the eloquent fact," a typical case in front of self-evident truth.

Use a good example of law, must pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) case to be typical, solid and influential.
(2) examples of the narrative should be concise, avoid procrastination, too detailed.
(3) case should not have a single and narrow, to be rich in a vast, to the entire areas, ancient and modern Brilliance. Similar examples can be considered for a long time to master sentence alignment list.

(4) after the cases cited to be a brief analysis of the case law can not organize into a case, there are cases of undocumented bogey.
2. Cited law also cried theory permits, through a quotation, famous ancient poetry, reflecting the scientific laws of the proverb proverbs aphorisms such as the right to prove their point of view of a credible argument method.

How to use a good quote the law?

(1) the specific reference to the famous aphorism other stronger. Each sentence quotes are from a certain background, are applied to the specific communicative purpose, even if about the same issue, there are many quotes available for selection. To carefully analyze each unique logic function argument, it would be the most appropriate language reference to the environment.

(2) to simple, not too much. Argument is in his own opinion rather than introducing others to view. Reference to others, then purpose is to give readers more convinced of their own words, his words should be a discussion of the subject, should be the full-text The most striking part. too many citations, it is easy to drown their own analysis.

(3) pay attention to direct and indirect reference to the difference between references. Direct reference to the view text, or even the punctuation are accurate; indirect reference only reference to the effect, but the person should pay attention to the conversion.

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