How to write a good physical education lesson plans

Abstract: In physical education lesson plans that work in the lesson plan is a concrete manifestation of lesson planning, it reflects the teaching of teachers in the overall design and ideas for teachers based on teaching activities, it is related to a specific class arrangements and the quality of teaching. particularly since the implementation of curriculum, physical education lesson plan appeared in a variety of formats, many physical education teachers in the preparation of physical education lesson plans produced a confused, do not know what lesson plans are consistent with teaching needs. I am for this situation, the preparation of physical education to have a superficial understanding of lesson plans, for reference.

Keywords: How to: write, lesson plans

Physical education lesson plans, there are two, one is theory class lesson plans, lesson plans the other is the practical lesson. Although their format is different, but the basic methods, procedures, requirements are the same. PE lesson plans in the preparation of physical education teachers to be fully understood before teaching objectives, action essentials, focus on key exercise induced, assisted practice, teaching organizations, teaching steps and teaching requirements.

First, the preparation of sports theory class lesson plans

(A) to determine teaching goals. Theory of the general objectives of the teaching objectives, including knowledge, skills and objectives of both ideological and moral education. Clear goals should be based on the teaching of course content and materials characteristics, and the actual level of the students to consider and meet the comprehensive, clear, specific and practical requirements.

(B) the important and difficult to grasp the teaching. Theory teaching materials around a general learning, the focus of lessons and materials so the focus is the same. Teaching is the key to highlight and emphasize teaching where teaching goal is to achieve key point. general teaching knowledge and ability to determine target training the teaching of this lesson is the key point. students fail to understand and appreciate the content of teaching is difficult. For the important and difficult content, teacher preparation should be detailed as much as possible about thoroughly.

(C) the design process and selection of teaching methods of teaching. Teaching process is a process, must be carefully designed. A class talk about anything and say anything, how about, how to ask questions, how to allocate time and so on, should be considered in advance. Teaching Methods should be determined according to the teaching objectives, materials characteristics and level of students to choose for.

(D) writing on the blackboard design. Blackboard is a highly condensed summary of classroom teaching, but also reflects the intention of teaching, careful consideration must be repeated scrutiny, careful design, the design should be well organized, embracing strong language refined, focused, and vice Blackboard rational layout, so that the effect of writing on the blackboard to play to strengthen teaching and deepen student's image, enhance student learning.

(E) After summary. Some called "after-school reflection." Every time after the end of a class, teachers often find some flaw in the experience, after-school teachers must be reflective. It is a good growing experience of teachers and improve business level.

Second, sports practice, the preparation of lesson plans Lesson

(A) of the study curriculum standards, teaching materials teaching objectives identified

Curriculum standards in the study, teaching materials, based on the concept of control or principles textbooks in the depth, breadth requirements, to grasp the basic idea of teaching materials. To determine the goal of teaching this lesson.

(B) clear the content of the class status in the textbooks to determine the focus of teaching difficult

In the study, based on the materials, clear the contents of the class status in the textbooks and the important and difficult. The so-called focus, is critical knowledge, students understand it, other problems can be solved. The so-called difficulty is relative is that students are often misunderstood and not easy to understand easy part. different students have different levels of difficulty.

(C) organizing materials, select the teaching

Characteristics according to the teaching principles and materials, combined with the specific circumstances of the students and the school grounds, facilities and equipment to consider the conditions to organize teaching materials, the initial idea of the whole teaching process. Teaching is a diverse organization, the same material can have a different organizational structure. But no matter what kind of structure must center around the content, according to the internal relations through the key materials to determine the level and explain the steps.

(D) the design process and timing of teaching

Preparation of lesson plans before the given due consideration: how to review old knowledge to introduce new topics, new teaching content to start, emphasizing what key, how to explain the difficulty, in practice how to solve, the final consolidation of how they should be, the part of the time spent and so on.

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three lesson plans and requirements of the general content

(A) the content of lesson plans

Eclectic form of lesson plans, content of detail is not one, experienced teachers can write simple case, the new teachers to write details of the case. In general, the lesson plans include the following:
1, the course topic.
2, the teaching objectives. The so-called teachers teaching the subject is to be achieved in the teaching of the final results. Teaching objectives in the teaching plan must be clear, specific and concise. The general objectives to include the knowledge, skills, goals, emotional goals three aspects.

3, time allocation

4, medium type.
5, the teaching content.
Teaching content is the core of classroom teaching, lesson planning and other areas because its services are. Written lesson plans when teaching content must be clearly written step by step hierarchical manner, if necessary, should also specify the contents of each part of the time. In this way, the content can be taught to make the projected time of steady progress, and will not appear before the former loose or tight after the tight situation after the loose.

6, teaching emphasis and difficulty. Teaching emphasis and difficulty is the core of the teaching is the key to complete the task of teaching. Focused, clear and difficult, will help students grasp the general idea of teaching to facilitate students to collaborate with teachers to complete the task of teaching.

7, the teaching content of the import. Teaching content into the classroom is the Lead. Class Lead is an art, it is the teaching and learning of the bond is to allow students into the teaching materials, teaching master bridge. Therefore, teachers should be based on identified teaching objectives content for children's psychological well-designed classroom introductions, cleverly into new courses, in order to stimulate student interest, students can dedicate themselves to classroom learning.

8, the teaching process. The teaching process, also known as teaching steps or processes, that is used to guide and standardize the steps of classroom activities. Only arrangements for the teaching process, teachers in the classroom in an orderly manner to the successful completion of each teaching.

9, the main method of teaching. Although a variety of teaching methods, but each class must be based on teaching methods and course content to determine the acceptability of students. How art teachers, it is important to see whether the clever use of teaching methods properly.

10, the teaching methods. To better achieve This course, which teaching methods should be used when the default good lesson preparation, including classroom exercises, classroom practice is the sports knowledge into cognitive structure, the structure of the bond, the students will The theoretical knowledge and practice a way of timely feedback is a good way of teaching effectiveness, so regardless of what content is taught in the nature of knowledge should be reflected in classroom exercises. At the same time also good design of audio-visual means.

11, teaching aids. In this lesson teaching aids which are required to be reflected in the lesson plans, including the teachers and students owned
12, Summary and operations. A good lesson plan should be beginnings and ends. Summary only classroom conclusion, the focus is essential to strengthen the means of teaching. Good summary can play a finishing touch. To learn the contents of the next class lay a solid foundation.

13, teaching reflection. Teaching Reflection is an integral part of the lesson plan, complete a course in the future, to fill in the implementation of teaching programs, effectiveness, what lessons learned, for what reason, how to improve and so on. In order to keep accumulation and summary of teaching experience, and improve the teaching level.

(B) the general requirements for lesson plans

Preparation of lesson plans from the teaching objectives in mind, the characteristics of subjects from sports

1, based on curriculum standards, so that targeted, requiring appropriate. In organizing materials, the choice of teaching methods, design of teaching programs, students from the reality, step by step, to improve the teaching requirement is not arbitrary, excessive pursuit of technology to avoid the strict affect the basic content of the students completed the formation of teaching difficult. write lesson plans when teaching requirements must be done properly. new teachers in particular should pay attention to the depth and breadth of the problem.

2, handle the teaching and learning relationship. Teaching process is under the guidance of teachers, students will have learned the content into their own cognitive structure of the process. Good Teaching and Learning Methods designed to deal with the relationship between good teaching and learning. Teachers should to create a good teaching situation, so that exposure to situations among students and teachers, from exploration to ask questions, summed up the law, to solve the problem.

3, requires the combination of teaching and educating. Lesson plans to teach the course requirements can not only attach importance to the basic knowledge and skills, skill, intelligence for the development of students, training students to flexibly apply the knowledge to solve practical problems and inadequate attention to ideological education. In the lesson plans preparation process, a planned lodging emotional education, ability, knowledge and skills taught in social interaction among.

4, requiring part of a complete, structured, clear, display Traditional and Simplified properly, time allocation science, so that classroom activities lesson plans can really play a guiding role.

So, whether it is sports theory and practice class lessons, so long as more than a few links, write out the lesson plan should be a good lesson plans.


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