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Argumentative central argument is that a discussion paper the most important part is one of a discussion paper of the commander in chief.
A discussion paper, if the central argument of written correctly, and written wonderful, then it will allow the article to shine; on the contrary, if the central argument of a partial write, or was wrong, then the whole article would be greatly impact. In this paper, How to Write Argumentative central argument put forward some good way.

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Many students to write argumentative, they all pay little attention to how the central argument of write better, but not give a start point after the discussion, they never thought of this central point in the entire article which is very important. In fact, the central argument is that a discussion paper the most important part is the core of the text of this discussion is the whole article commander, not to overlook the. A good central argument is that a good argumentative one of the conditions indispensable to the contrary, if a discussion of the central argument of the text, or was wrong to write a partial, then the whole article would be greatly affected, even leading to zero end. Therefore, we write argumentative, we should pay special attention to the center to write the correct number of arguments, written some wonderful, so that the center point of this discussion as a text one of the highlights. So, we are the center of argumentative writing argument, paying particular attention to what the problem?

The first argument should be absolutely correct.
There are two mentioned here are the correct requirements, it is necessary in line with Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought principles, in line with national legal system advocated by the content, in line with national conditions and public opinion, in line with social ethics and national traditions, etc.; The second is to fastens on the requirements of the proposition. For example, in writing "to talk about tolerance," the text of this discussion, there were a central argument of the students reads: "The patient was a cowardly act is a kind of inferiority and acted under the means ... ...." The central argument a bit not quite correct, because it runs counter to our nation advocated patience, tolerance and acted principle. If the intention is replaced by the right, should such a change: "patience, sometimes seems to be a cowardly act is a kind of inferiority and acted under way, but many times, it is that we deal with the complex interpersonal relationships of a a good way. " Such a change, the central argument is more convincing and accepted, after all, a good point of view.

Second, the argument should be clear-cut attitude.
The attitude of the so-called clear-cut, is to ask the author what is surely among the arguments in the article, negative anything, either at the author's view on certain matters how the samples should be expressed very clearly, plainly can not be vague in their statements can not be like hidden like now. For example, one student wrote, "Discipline is our guarantee of progress," the text of this discussion, his central argument is this: "There is good discipline in order to have a good class, however, may not be disciplined is good, Some people discipline may have not seen much progress ... .... " The center of his argument on the "discipline and learning progress," the attitude of the relationship is not very clear, in favor of what is against what is still not clear, it can be changed to read as: "a good class there is no good discipline is a does not work, only in a good class, we learn in order to more easily progress. " Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Third, the argument should have the sense of the dialectic.
Means that we on the knowledge and understanding of something someone should be correct and science, give the reader a more comprehensive, profound, extensive knowledge and understanding, rather than have a certain emotion or personal bias of the random talk, should be to the reader to more clearly understand the scientific understanding of things, giving the reader a more accurate and scientific-oriented awareness. For example, in 2005, the national college entrance examination language volume (b) Composition of the full marks, "Location and value" argument is that such a "position of the in value, is also a double-edged sword, high position allows us to 'you would be utterly Ling, List Shoyama small ', but it also makes us' mad', 'clouds cover look eye'; the one hand, a high enable people to themselves, and talent to develop their full; the other hand, it also makes feel complacent, lazy . "This point of view, the" location and value "of the relations as a more scientific analysis, from both positive and negative aspects to analyze arguments, their views are correct, science, presented to the reader is a relatively mature, scientific, rational, sensible and comprehensive understanding and insight, it does not unconservative the dialectical sense of shock to the people made a good guide, is a rare good point.

Fourth, the argument should be unique novel.
The original novel has two aspects, first, this novel is relative, meaning that if an article, if many people to write from this point of view, but you are to write from another point of view, then the relative to others, you point of view, the more there is novelty. For example, in writing "On Friendship" This discussion paper, many people are viewed in a positive discussion, if you talk from the negative side, then your point of view of the relatively novel. Another aspect of this novel refers to a person something unique understanding and insight more profound, fresh, unique and comprehensive. For example, in writing "to talk about civilization" when the text of this discussion, one student argued that such a "brutal for some criminals and those who, if he stubbornly speaking civilization, it is to lose out, when necessary, in order to counter violence with violence, Never mind what the uncivilized and civilized. " This view is more profound than the average person, unique, and therefore should be a good central point. To do this, is the central argument in writing, we should start to consider many aspects, to analyze, listing a number of central argument, and then select that third, fourth point of view, so the argument would have more novelty of the.

Fifth, the argument should be targeted.
That we are the center point to "the sake of discussion," the article should be aimed at the center, it is necessary to grasp the intentions of the quasi-propositions can not be made by the East and West was not it also written, it said. Essay writing materials, the materials to analyze the core content, and then select one of the best angle to write, do not take into account; in writing essay topics and thesis writing, the central argument of best to withhold this topic or this essay topic keywords, so that the center of the argument are more targeted the. For example, write "hard" as the topic of this discussion paper, a central argument of the students is this "We want some more strong and more persistent of some, our vision was easy ... ..." The central argument of the not so relevance, should read: "In order to achieve our beautiful ideals, we must learn to fight, learn to strong ... ..." The central argument of the above that more than targeted because the center point has been the subject points to the key words: "hard . "

In short, the center point is a key part of the discussion paper is a discussion paper of the commander in chief, we need to write it as much as possible right, written, writing wonderful, Otherwise, our argumentation became commander of the soldiers, no, no King of the country, no matter how good write-down, do not have much meaning.

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