How to Write binary relational essay topic

2004 National College Entrance Examination in 11 provinces and cities throughout the independent proposition, the use of the remaining provinces and cities nationwide college entrance examination papers: there are four versions. 15 sets of papers of the essay question, there are 14 essay topics, Beijing, volume test is the title essay "inclusive", to require candidates in the context of tolerance and is compatible with composition, but have actually intended to allow candidates to self-title only, and the topic of Composition there is no difference. Therefore, it can be said entrance essay topic composition of the proposition is still dominating the world. The 14 topics There are 10 essay questions with "so and so and so and so" as the topic is a topic of binary relational composition. Hubei volume's topic is "buy mirror", in fact implicit in "Mirror Mirror and the stunning" relationship, but also can be regarded as binary relational essay topic. In this way, binary-relational essay topic topics accounted for 80% of the composition. Therefore, the written composition of binary relational topic is clearly the top priority entrance essay review pro forma.

     Why are binary relational topic since last year, "the feelings of closeness and understanding of things," appeared in the entrance volume has become widely accepted that such topics do so? Is it - kinds of coincidence? I do not think so, there must be one in truth. Probably at least three reasons:

     First, the rich topic of binary relational speculative, thinking-intensive.
As entrance essay examination questions, there should be a certain degree of difficulty, and this difficulty can not be a tricky question, strange title, only in moderation to add one or two weights. Topic composition of binary relational require candidates to dialectically, three-dimensional analysis of the relationship between the two to identify the organic links between the two to enhance the entrance of thinking essay test content, just right for pre-trial title to add the two weights, adapted to the Writing examination questions the need for greater differentiation.

     2 is a binary relational essay topic topics enhanced restrictive.
Essay examination room to play its selection function, must be limited, otherwise those who would open the door to residential structure plagiarism, unfair, one dollar topic is a point, too many can make a point of a straight line to restrict the relatively few places structure plagiarist, an inattentive will be able to succeed; and binary relational topic is 2 points, had two points, can only make a straight line, is relatively more limited, places are often self-defeating structure copying.

3 is a binary relational topics to enhance the topic of composition of the escape.
To be fair, a dollar is relatively easy to guess the topic of topics, the binary relational topics not easily guessed. Title charge in a variety of reward superb skill after another, guess which questions the case of the winds increase and enhance the escape of examination questions, let those who take advantage remand question, guess which questions will charge from the source title, check the wind, is essential .

     In view of the above reasons, I believe that the development of essay topics, from the form, the binary relational essay topic is the direction of its development.However, the circumstances around the Marking a considerable number of candidates on the topic of binary relational composition of the writing is unknown, the problem a lot of low scores. How to Write binary relational essay topics do? I believe that should pay attention to five points:

     One to deal with the topic of the relationship between the good things expected

The first is the use of materials can not be separated, then topic.
If a material implication is often multifaceted, and only choose certain topics within the moral of digging before we meet the meaning of the questions. For example, the use of Shandong and other provinces nationwide essay volume title, initially for four sections of the quotation as if material, and then given topic, "faith in themselves and to listen to the views of others," which drew Quotations done with the candidates - some writing related to However, some allegorical outside the scope of the topic, if the copy is very easy to stray. Such as Dante's words, "go its own way, let others tell the" can be understood as a firm conviction, commitment, dedication - read, undaunted by repeated setbacks, but these ideas with the topic of "listening to the views of others," has nothing to do, only be understood as convinced that their own choices, free from the interference of gossip, not just parroting every step This a reference to "the views of others" attitude, not to digress; Another example is the Polish proverb "I often ask the way 'people do not get lost direction", it is understandableFor mutual trust, Diligence and ask questions, but as a conception, but also beyond topics, only be understood as non-opinionated, non-opinionated, at the same time believe that they also heard the views of others before hit the topic. Another example is Leonardo da Vinci's words, "should be patient to listen and seriously consider whether the person accusing you right", of course, can be understood as tolerant, understanding, long live, turn hostility into friendship, but if this conception, but also missed with the topic, as a not the correct attitude towards the views of others.

     Second, the topic is also inseparable from the opening words of material.
Although the topic of composition is generally not require candidates to have to repeat the words of material, but his interpretation of material on the topic, restriction, suggesting the role can not be ignored. For example, the provinces of Qinghai, the use of the national volume essay, the topic was "to see themselves and see other materials that clearly, a rich, get rich, many people do not like him for advice to the philosopher, philosopher, let him through the glass, and he saw the crowd, let him look in the mirror, he saw only himself. philosopher once said: "It's behind the glass of that little bit of silver, so that you can not see other people, only to see himself. "This shows that the interpretation of the key topics in the" silver "in the money and material benefits. Problem asks to write in this regard how to properly handle the relationship between themselves and others, how to handle money and conscience, feelings, sense of responsibility relations. If you leave something and materials, the face of topics, the candidates will be caught in a cloud of Wuli.

     Of course, if material can not be separated topic, the topic can not be separated, then expected, not only the topic of binary relational composition requirements, one dollar essay topic that it requires only binary-type essay topics to be considered more factors, it is easy trade-off, so moderation when a high degree of vigilance to avoid getting "old rut."

     Second, find the intersection of binary relations

     Between things are interrelated and organic whole thing does not exist in isolation, but such a link is conditional.
Therefore, we analyze the relationship between binary, that is, to find its associated conditions of existence, find the intersection point of two lines. The relationship between a variety of binary, some causal relationship, such as "feelings of closeness and understanding of things," "setbacks and exaggerated pain"; plenty of side by side relationship, such as "faith in themselves and to listen to the views of others," "self-awareness with others, expect "; plenty of choice between, such as" material and non-timber ";" Mirror mirror with the faint, "regardless of the relations between intersection point of an implicit (or focus). Accurately identify the intersection point of this implied, and articles on the profound, such as the above mentioned topic of "faith in themselves and to listen to the views of others", the intersection point is "good ears." Grasp this point, "trade-off other people's opinions", then "walk and ask for directions" and other problems are solved. Another example is the topic of Hubei volume "buy mirror", it would compound that is the mirror with the sale of a mirror, mirror those taken into account most of the world like the faint mirror, do not like the mirror, because the mirror to face the small flaws are present out, ill at ease, so nine of 10 Miantong Jing mirror surface is a faint, but the topic is to buy a mirror, buy a mirror and with the emphasis mirror, which is emphasized by critics of the critics of the attitude, so that objective, factual attitude has become the focus of the article. Advocated buying Der Spiegel, was undoubtedly welcome the criticism, the more sharp criticism of the better good medicine tastes bitter conducive to disease. Faint idea to buy a mirror, it is "big firms like regardless of small, small gift without any hesitation so that" the rules do not have to do a small-ru cautious. Another example is the topic of Liaoning volume "ordinary and pride", it would compound that is a mother, have become famous for both his son and proud of it, but also to dig potatoes are proud of the son, the topic of conversation in the ordinary and the proud of the intersection points should be "what kind of talent that we should view" on the manpower needs of society is a multi-level, and ordinary and fulfilling life just as meaningful. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Third, dialectical understanding of the relationship between binary

     Binary relational topics in the binary relationship between the often dialectical.
Therefore, when we are writing on their analysis of the relationship can not remain in the plane, but not both a simple addition, but to three-dimensional analysis, grasp of organic links, such as "faith in themselves and listen to the views of others," This Road subject composition, allowing for These two aspects of writing paragraphs and finally said that we should not only believe but also to listen to the views of others, it is too skin-deep. There is a candidate to write the dialectical link between the two. His start in life leads to the large background of topics, "life journey is long, but any one trade-offs are at stake, or for taking the appropriate benefit for life, or for care of the rash and have a gnawing regret for life. How do I choose in order to demonstrate intelligence?" By this leads to, "then to listen to the views of others" and "listen" question came. Here is a comparison of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, an due to recruit more capable and successful, one failed because they did not listen to advice, but also with the Chinese saying goes, "- were not as good as two-chi", the Polish proverb "frequently asked by people do not lost "to confirm, with thinking of" lamp black "and" spectators "to analysis, pointed out that" there is no trickle complementary, how can the vast sea? Duilei no rolling stone dust, never mind the spectacular Taishan? do not listen to the views of others, we must be withered flower of wisdom. "Then the candidates Qibi steep turn:" But other people's opinions are not always right, and others also have that guiding the wrong time "and cited to Qin Hui Song Emperor's guiding, victimizes Zhongliang, leaving scorn, Shang King Zhou of Shang to Daji guiding, Jiuchiroulin, lost the world to prove that the Shang; again put forward the views of how to choose someone else problem. This is logical leads to trust themselves, to resolve a "good hearing" problem. The article finally says, "Life is like a piano, and only believe that they can pop-up sonorous rhythm; life is like chess, only believe that they can grasp the turn defeat into victory in chess game; life, picturesque, and only good to listen to the views of others in order to do all things essence; Life is like a book, only good to listen to the views of others before and 100 long. good trade-off other people's opinions, life's success will be in the branches and flowers in bloom to your smile. "Reading these essays, candidates thought The boy, speculative, so Marking teacher lovely planning. Another example is the use of Guangxi and other provinces nationwide volume's topic is "happy happy with our way of thinking", which first of all through the website chat, tells an old lady for the fine rain to worry about the story, she was advised a change in thinking, the old lady a try, and indeed every day happy.Then chat with someone in person questioned, and even some people call a cry: "AhQ. " Note problem asks, "worry everyone has fun, but in a read between the" people's attitudes, ways of thinking have their initiative, and optimism can change the person's mental state; but on the other hand, setbacks, too, has its objective reality of , we should face reality, to change the status quo. Only through a serious grasp of this relationship, the article in order to have speculative nature of discussions in order to overcome the one-sidedness, absoluteness, in order to stand firm and unassailable.

     Fourth, try to figure out the significance of study of binary relations

     Binary relational topic composition, if the candidates is expected to help open a line of thought, then cited to help the candidates to broaden their vision, subject to the delineation of the scope of the candidates, if Frame drafting requests made to the candidates. These are expressed in the exam candidates, the only - can not express the intention of the candidates is the proposition, it is to study the significance of binary relations. This requires candidates to seriously try to figure out its own. However, the majority of candidates do not try to figure out the examination room proposition intent is not pondering the meaning of binary relations, busy looking after reading Topic examples of proof of binary relations (written argumentation), or interpretation of binary relations (written narrative), the fundamental not to think about why to study this relationship.
This article can only be repeated shallow phenomena can not reveal the binary nature of the relationship. Therefore, judging from the Marking: Most binary relations composition miss superficial topics. How can we do to make the article a profound conception? To rely on a question mark on the open - Why study the binary relations? For example, essay topics, "faith in themselves and to listen to the views of others" from the material with the topic if we can see the letter which is intertwined with self-confidence and people's contradictions, suspected since the conflict with the suspect, the letter from the conflict with the suspect from the letter of man and the suspect contradictions ... ... Why do people want to resolve these contradictions, straighten out faith in themselves and to listen to the views of others relationship? is that some people do not understand personal progress, and success is inseparable from the joint action of internal and external causes; do not know from others The indirect experience should be used to verify their own practice, thus making it possible to add and correct; do not know how they should and onlookers of empathy and mutually different opinions filters. If candidates thought up to this level, their articles will naturally penetrating the. Another example is writing topic "encounter frustration and pain amplification", if only to give some setbacks were due to larger examples of suffering misfortunes never come singly, often pick up the lack of depth and can only follow suit gives the feeling; If you get to the bottom step, Why study "setbacks and scale-up pain" of the relationship? you will notice that the contradictions are everywhere, ever-present there, difficulties and setbacks are inevitable, it should face up to conflicts, face setbacks, and pro-active way to resolve contradictions, to reverse the situation and create conditions for the beneficial aspects of conflict transformation; If one pain, brought to its knees, only make the negative direction of the transformation of conflicts. Such an in-depth analysis, the article will be able to cut the point of the embroidered banner.

     5, cut into small angle should not large,

     Binary relational topic composition is a multi-angle, highly open.
If the exhaustive, multi-center, but led to no center, what problems do not know. Zhejiang, for example volume's topic is "Human Accomplishment and Development", item first by defining the human caring is a basic human quality of self-cultivation, is dealing with man and nature, man and society, the relationship between people's values, and pointed out that in this area lack of socio-economic development; problem asks just like Tao thesis title, if thought through the materials listed in the outline, you can write a book, while the 800-word article can only be a small angle on the dig, be able to say that the deep penetration . Another example is of Jiangsu volumes topic is "Water Smart, steady Mountain", a highly poetic subject is clearly derived from "benevolent Leshan, Wise delight in water" ancient, emphasizing the unity of principle and flexibility, but the question in Chinese , said: "Smart, however, has perennial water to keep the same color blue, calm of the mountains are a different color seasons changing." reminds candidates of principle should also be advancing with the times, flexibility, should also conform to the law, and so appears to problem asks how much to say about呀. If the exhaustive, can do that thoroughly? Candidates only to choose their own most familiar with, possession of a certain point of view the most abundant materials, writing, in order to "Lion pump Rabbit", victory. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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