How to write the incident waves

Writing students are accustomed to telling a tale, often see the end of the first to know, see Shi Zhi end.
This composition leads people to think that flat boring. "Lee Kok Chuan reviews came from," said: "Man may see the mountains, do not like flat." "Flat," is often mediocre, ordinary people also to attract any interest in reading people's thinking Ji Buqi spray, no people's recognition and appreciation. Lin Shu in the "Spring papers feel Vegetarian," also said: "I do not know the text of the pen with the convolution, then the text of potential is not music." Narrative essay, we should try to write the twists and turns, that is, waves to rise in order to achieve spectacular results . So, how can the emergence of waves of the article do?


    A, Qiao-set suspense France
Set suspense, the reader can quickly grasp and let him find odd in the Probe into the psychological domination, the intense pleasure to trek in the reading journey. Qiao-based suspense, readers will be able to make the process, the story concerns the development and fate of the characters feelings stirred the hearts of the waves, resulting in curious and eager to read on the psychological momentum. For example: the French writer Guy de Maupassant's novel "My Uncle Jules" (junior high school language Renjiao She Volume V), is a very prominent example of suspense set.


    At the beginning of the novel repeatedly played the "I" of the constraints of family life, "but every Sunday, we have to Dress for neat places to walk up the beach pier. At that time, as long as one saw from afar, the big ships back to open imports, my father would always said he did not change the words of the phrase: 'Oh! if actually the only ship in the le, it would seem pleasantly surprised how呀!' "" father "of this sentence, it becomes a suspense, gives us a lot of questions This is what kind of people at the Le, he will give the family what? It's like a magnet to attract us, so that we produce a strong desire to rush to read on. Of course, like so many articles, such as Sun Li's novel "Lotus Lake" (high school language Renjiao She Volume II) Hawthorn distress period, as well.


    2, For the first suppression method Yang

Lay out a composition of contrasting common tactic.
By starting with a negative start, reverse into the pen, and greatly exaggerated the negative image of the object portrayed, and then ink sudden turn, into a positive portrayal, in the narrative twists and turns, the receipt of unexpected artistic effect. PEP junior high school language selected Mr. Yang Shuo third book of essays, "litchi honey" is such a classic article.


    By starting with a child that they have been stung by a bee on the bee's feelings are always Gegedada the start to show themselves and the emotional conflict between the description of the object. Then, by the sweet honey of litchi transition into the spirit of praise to the bees. The article together with a V, let people multi-angle, multi-dimensional understanding of the spirit and quality of the bees, then praised the spirit of hard-working with the bees working people.


    For Young, the first of this method of suppression, well mobilized the reader's interest in reading so that people in the emotional ups and downs of change has completed the course of reading.


    Third, the plot suddenly turn France
In accordance with a logical sequence of events placid, forward development, and the reader's mind, peacefully and naturally.
Suddenly took a dramatic turn, a ground-breaking story, under the circumstances of sudden emergency turn, reverse development, and received unexpected results.


    See Senior Chinese 4th book (Renjiao She Experiment revised) opt-in Maupassant's novel "The Necklace.
" To first write the novel on real-life hero Mathilde dissatisfaction with life, yearning for luxury, followed by an unexpected opportunity to participate in dance, so she has the upper class show their opportunities, and to showcase themselves, she come from an old friend of the Buddha Si's Day Mrs. Branch borrowed beautiful necklace, ball, she stole the show, happy to the extreme. However, cautionary, balls later, when she was still intoxicated with the atmosphere at the ball when they are surprised to find that a thankful "expensive necklace" are missing the. Not see anywhere to be found but to compensation, hard life of ten years to repay the debt at last. Good-bye in the park when she come to think of the Buddha's Day his wife, proud to say their own experiences of this decade, when informed that the necklace was thankful the value of 500 francs. Ten difficult, only the value of 500 francs, how ironic呀! At the end of the novel plot sudden turn, and thought-provoking, that vanity of the hazards, at a glance, the reader is, in this sudden turn into both surprised, but also think it is the bounds of reason, leaving a deep impression. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download



    Well-known American short story master O. Henry is great masters use this technique, the election into the beginning of high school textbooks of the "Gift of the Magi" (Ren Jiaoshe junior high school language fifth book), "the police and the hymn" (the former high school language section 3), have used this approach.


    4, coincidence method


    The story is often say "no coincidence", a coincidence that France is to make the article as a good way to generate waves. Reasonable use of a coincidence method, can enhance the dramatic events, so that the various contradictions together, both can promote the development of the story, more conducive to reveal the contradictory nature of the events shown.


    Senior Chinese 4th book (Renjiao She experiments revised), "CHEN Huan-sheng on the city", multiple use of a coincidence method, the "funnel households" of the night's adventure written great accuracy: CHEN Huan-sheng on the city to sell the oil to justice, make some money to buy hat, and can make some money and get that late at night, who coincidentally is also forgot to bring money, and had bareheaded exposure to cold, the result would freeze out the disease. Coincidentally, lying inside the waiting room, but met with the county party secretary Wu Chu, so, he was taken to the high-level hotels, the achievements of his own adventures and improve their own identity.

CHEN Huan-sheng of the night adventure, all in a "clever" word, "clever" promoting the plot development, "Qiao" reveals the theme that "cleverly" also aroused interest in reading.


    Coincidence method particularly suitable for theatrical productions, because they are easy to make contradictions and to facilitate the numerous conflicts in the characters displayed in the image of Cao Yu's "Thunderstorm", it's very typical.


    5, misunderstanding France


    Caused by misunderstanding, to seize the reader's psychology, so that the reader insight in the center of writing experience, understand the mystery of which enhance the article, dramatic, this method is similar to the shake the burden of comic dialogue.


    And see "," kaiqiao "" (2004 14 "mini-Selected Novels"): On the Secretary for the three months to learn to go out back, has never resuscitation of the Secretary of the Kang-yew, he built a 2000 yuan in cash in an envelope to talk about the misconception that Kang-Secretary have awakened, send gift to win promotion. At this time, his loyal subordinates Deputy Director Liu also came to the proposal, promoted to deputy chief Wang Kang, the Secretary will be agreed. Who would have thought that 2000 yuan in cash, but the Secretary was talking about year-end subsidies, learned the truth about the Secretary angry the next day the meeting, rejected a motion Kang-promotion, but he should know that, at this time Kang - Jackie Chan will soon become his quick-law. Story of a "wrong" and then "wrong", twists and turns, bumpy, chat is being exposed all the ills of bureaucracy, but also so that the reader unconsciously read the full text.


    Of course, in order to write the article, waves, that's what these methods, and that these methods, there are many cross-cutting, does not have strict boundaries. As long as we usually reading the article, good find, do sum up, we will be able to grasp the emergence of waves of the article the method of narrative techniques, so that the article give birth to an infinite glory.

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