The development of student ability to use chemistry experiments

Experiments in chemistry teaching plays an important role. Chemistry Teaching does not just teach to the students some initial chemical concepts and laws, but through a series of effective education and teaching methods, comprehensively improving the intelligence of students, enabling them to master and apply some chemical principles and experimental techniques, learn research The basic approach and learn the dialectical and objective understanding of the world, so in the future can be independent, creative way for further in-depth study and engage in socialist modernization drive. The use of chemical experiment, through a series of effective ways and means to better develop students of intelligence. First, change validation experiments to explore the nature of experiments, using 'heuristics' organization of teaching materials and teaching
Under normal circumstances, students are scheduled to finish experiments conducted after the new lesson, but most teachers in the classroom for students to repeat the experiments had demonstrated. Such experiments are just playing the consolidation of book knowledge and training of operational skills of the role, are confirmatory experiment. It has the following disadvantages: (a) is not conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the students, and even dampened the enthusiasm of the students to explore. (B) The testing required to validate all the phenomena and conclusions, students are known. Strict operational procedures and ways to students in the wisdom, hands tied too tightly, and not conducive to the development of intelligence, capacity-building. (C) is not conducive to students seeking truth from facts, serious scientific attitude. 'Anyway, the book's conclusion is correct, do not do one thing. Experimental facts and the book''If there are conflicts, according to books written in to fill wrong. 'These ideas reflect the students of the inertia and helplessness. In contrast with the validation experiments, exploratory experiment has obvious advantages. (A) before the experiment the students did not know the phenomenon of the experiment and results, which asked them to serious and correct operation, carefully observe the quick, honest and faithful record. Who does not seriously whoever does not obtain the correct conclusion, which is conducive to developing their fundamental character of scientific experiments. (B) is conducive to the development of intelligence, capacity-building. Chemical experiment is always multi-faceted phenomenon, and these complex phenomena is people's understanding of the material change in the wizard. Exploratory experiments not only requires a certain degree of operational capability, observation, experiment also required to observe the process and combines the process of abstract thinking, requiring 'Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, getting from here to outside to the inside' of the analysis, through macro-phenomenon, recognizing that the nature of changes in the microscopic world to a high degree of perceptual knowledge to the rational. 'Explore the law' in the teaching process, not a simple and direct students to grasp the predecessors of the scientific conclusions, but to guide the students 'as before, the scientists' way, through experiments to explore the law of discovery of truth. For example, I talk about carbon dioxide in the laboratory system of law, prepared the following groups of experiments: (a) sodium carbonate and dilute hydrochloric acid; (b) pure calcium carbonate powder and dilute hydrochloric acid; (c) limestone with dilute hydrochloric acid reaction; (d) limestone with concentrated hydrochloric acid; (5) limestone and sulfuric acid reaction. To five students to the front in turn five experiments were to do this and then let the students to discuss: In take of carbon dioxide produced under laboratory conditions of choosing the most appropriate set of experiments? Why? After discussion and debate, the students reach a common conclusion: Laboratory application of limestone (or marble) with dilute hydrochloric acid reaction of carbon dioxide to take the most appropriate. Thus not only the students a firm grasp of the laboratory method for making carbon dioxide, but also to enable students to learn the comparative experiments and optimization of experimental methods. Second, flexible and a variety of experiments, to enhance the teaching experiment
Chemistry experiment is the most intuitive teaching methods, which simulate the process of human understanding of things in practice, in line with the objective of human understanding of the natural order of things, and thus maximize the use of experimental teaching is the chemistry teaching of the most successful teaching methods. On the other hand, let the students make their own experiments is to develop student's ability is the most effective way. In order to more effectively strengthen the teaching experiment, I have to do the teaching experiment provided the following improvements and modifications. (A) The demonstration experiment was originally done by teachers in the classroom and guide students to observe experiments, in the beginner, this demonstration experiments must be done by hand by teachers, its students for the future experiment with an exemplary role. To a certain stage, the students have done a number of experimental groups, you can maximize the transformation of the demonstration experiment for students under the guidance of the teacher demonstration experiments. Third-year students, curious and full of spirit of participation, would be happy to make their own experiments, but also the success of each experiment have given them a tremendous joy. Some students in the previous experiments, the following classmates as if they are doing experiments, all attention is focused together, makes the whole class teaching and learning integration. Hands-on experiments for students because it is in front of their classmates to do the whole experiment, with special attention focused, effective particularly well. This is not only to create and develop their observation, thinking ability and practical ability, but also train them bold, but cautious, bold performance of good quality. (B) The demonstration experiment will be replaced by Bian Jiangbian experiment. Some demonstration experiments are not apparent, the school despite the visibility of the operation is relatively simple, but if done by teachers in front of the students in the following observation, the effect will be very bad. And turning it into Bian Jiangbian experiments, the effect is very remarkable, from the not very popular with students welcome to students. (C) will be grouped into single experimental test. So that each student will be able to do hands-on operational and independent. It is conducive to develop good study habits and to enable students to understand: to do anything else, purposeful, planned, but also a determination to persist in the end. The most important is conducive to cultivating the ability to work independently, which is education itself as a much-needed capacity to develop.

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