To improve the quality of student's experiment a few practice lessons

Teaching in secondary school chemistry experiment, students are experimental courses exist in the most significant issues are often not good classroom discipline is a direct impact on teaching effectiveness, the analysis of discipline and bad reasons, often due to teachers who have yet to enable students to fully understand the significance of experimental courses, ignore the student's experiment lesson to guide the preparation and organization of work caused by such factors. For example, teachers ignored the guidance and strict demands on students to seriously test prep materials, and many students experimental purposes, content, steps unclear. Some students just holding 'fun' attitude to experiment. To the actual operation, the blind and confused. And if teachers are not ready before class experimental instruments and medicines, to the beginning of the experiment, the students found no particular equipment or drugs, or equipment has been damaged, they surrounded the teachers have it, causing chaos. Again, no basis for experimental purposes required of teachers and students practical, prepare the guidance of well-planned class, often a loss, trapped in a passive, fuss. Students often have difficulties in a timely manner due to lack of pointing and shouting teachers; experimental skills, good student, and also because the experiment ahead of schedule but have not been very good arrangement, nothing to do for each other to talk about, or even walk back and forth, affecting other people operation and so forth. Therefore, students should experimental Shanghao lessons to improve the quality of experimental course students should pay attention to the following aspects: First, prepare pre-class preparation.
First, teachers are required to do pre-trial experiment. And demonstration experiments, Bian Jiangbian experimental pre-test compared with experimental courses for students of pre-test experimental requirements should be higher. In addition to master the experimental conditions and the key to the success or failure, but also students in independent experiments is estimated that the potential for difficulties to be accountable to the students out of class, attention issues and prepare lesson plans tour guide. Mentoring programs should include a focus on experiments to guide the content and operational skills, focusing on guiding students and guided tour routes. Secondly, should be fully ready for equipment, drugs and equipment, and equipment, pharmaceuticals and orderly place to keep laboratory clean and tidy. Finally according to the number of test content and difficulty level, as well as laboratory equipment in a reasonable grouping of the whole class. Try to take care of everyone has hands-on opportunity to cause some students can only serve to prevent the 'observer' or 'recorder' opportunities, but also developed a pilot thinking questions to guide students Keqianyuxi experimental teaching materials and learn about the chapter contents, requirements students in prep done in a clear intent of the experiment, and sorting out the experiment content, and understand the basic principles, steps, laboratory equipment and precautions (including operation, use and installation of equipment, drugs usage, observe the phenomenon, waste disposal, security, protection, etc. Notes on various aspects), briefly prepare notes, to be able to consciously 'purposeful, independent experiment with a sound foundation. Second, strengthening the class organization and guidance.
Experiments began to ask questions when you first check the students in a rehearsal, it is sometimes still necessary to conduct pre-class discussion and individual operating model, and then hung out pre-written a pilot project, as well as safety precautions focus on content and a small blackboard, when the students complete experiments to examine items later, and then allow students hands-on experiments, check the time not too long, to ensure that students would have sufficient time for action and reflection. In the course of the experiment the students, usually focus on in-depth and general care of a combination of tour guide, that is to guide the students in key problems are identified, immediate and universal inspection, found a problem with a commonality, then immediately in the class make the necessary advice. In general should focus on two aspects from the following tour guide. One is to guide students to strictly abide by the chemistry experiment operating procedures. In secondary schools, students violating operating conditions exist. Example: No asbestos mat net, the direct heating with kerosene lamp, beaker, do not follow requirements to take drugs, often return to the remaining drugs down the original bottle, not the entire arm with the wrist but with the activities of oscillation in vitro; holding a reagent bottle the dumping of liquid drugs, the bottle's label is not toward the palm of the hand, but towards the bottom of the face near the mouth of the bottle to the smell of gas, using a dropper with a liquid reagent after the draw, without flushing clean, went to another liquid smoke medicines. To guide students to comply with operating procedures is an important work carried out must always strive to guide students in both the explicit attention should be paid for each one based on the principles of correct operation, recognizing the harm that may occur error operation, but also to provide students with more practice opportunities, strictly require students to cultivate the habit of proper operation and skilled techniques. 'Operation For teachers, the students can not replace the demonstration after demonstration requires students to redo, to correct the error in the instructions to the students to analyze principles. Second, through the Q & A with questions to guide students to carefully observe and positive thinking. Teachers in the inspection guidance, must be good students in the experimental content and give students the right to reveal the observation points. For example, the observation of reactants and products of certain features of the nature of reactions occurring in some particular phenomena. We must be good for students to ask questions properly inspired. For example, in speaking of hydrogen reduction of copper oxide experiments to guide students to observe a black powder gradually becomes bright red, that copper production, while test-tube mouth with water droplets to prove that after reaction with water generated, summed up the phenomenon occurs, as well as chemical reaction equation, etc.; to be good at inspiring students in a timely manner to resolve the problem of failed experiments. For example, when students observe an anomaly or experimental failure, I do not know how to solve, the teacher must give prompt and timely manner, or from the theory, or from instrument devices, or from the operational to double-check, find out the reasons to make it re - experiment and be successful. In this way, not only to ensure the progress of the experiment, but also trained students to analyze and problem-solving ability, help improve the quality of experimental course. The third is to guide students to prepare experimental record. Record the main contents of the experimental subjects, the instruments, medicines, steps, the observed phenomena and experimental data, analysis and interpretation of phenomena and conclusions. The fourth is to guide students to develop good habits of scientific experiments. Teachers in the tour guide, we should keep a note of students in a concrete manifestation of the above aspects and as a summary of the basis for comment and appraisal. Third, after the end of the experiment should be a careful review.
After the end of the experiment the students, teachers should be placed on summary, ask students to carefully written test report and layout of the students washing machines and finishing experiment supplies, good clean work. Summary of key guidance when you can make up for failed ---- problems, but also to consolidate and develop a comprehensive experimental results. Summary In order to fully point out the strengths and weaknesses of the students experiment and analyzing the problem. Whether students should be able to consciously and skillfully put theory into practice as a summary of the main content. In addition, the effect of the experiment; what experiments done well, what experiments to do well; experimental operational skills, which operate a mistake, which reagent not used properly and so on. Each experiment the specific circumstances at that time shall be binding on all aspects of the above summary has been focused manner, while recognizing and criticism, to enable students to gain experience and lessons, a clear direction. These are the author of experimental teaching students some of the superficial aspects of the practice. Practice has proved that doing so will help improve the quality of students in experimental classes, but also train students to analyze and solve problems.

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