Chemistry Teaching and teaching environmental awareness

"Chemistry Teaching and teaching environmental awareness of water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution, is the world's three major pollution. Prevention of pollution problems is an important part of environmental protection. The world today are faced with this environmental problem. Pollution of the environment, governance and protection have been included in China's basic national policies. it relates to our human existence is related to people's livelihood. environmental issues, in our situation is very grim. As our late start on the environment, governance, rule of law is not perfect on the the people's environmental awareness and environmental consciousness is also very short book. Bengbu have recently seen the reality of the public to buy the water to eat, which has a mind that we have sounded an alarm, and environmental protection should really be attached great importance to the society as a whole.
Therefore, to enhance their environmental awareness education and environmental protection legal system, education, has become particularly important.
In order to educate students, and strengthen environmental awareness, in chemistry teaching, I was following some work done.
First of all, to enable students to deeply understand the relationship between chemistry and the environment to understand the causes of environmental pollution may result in what kind of consequences, and how to protect the environment, improve the environment in the first arguments in layman's language to clarify the importance of environmental protection.
Order to carry out environmental education work as a chemistry teacher in peacetime should be to collect, accumulate environmental information and advanced scientific and technological achievements, the material collected natural infiltration into the teaching, so that chemistry teaching for a lively and close touch with reality.
Secondly, in order to improve the experimental teaching, in the Preparation of a number of toxic substances (gas, liquid), the experimental device to continuously improve as much as possible to avoid leakage of gas or liquid outside the Plaza chaotic drip. Of harmful exhaust gas to increase the absorption or conversion device, can not be arbitrarily discharged into the atmosphere. Such as the Preparation of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine and other toxic gases when its tail gas treatment, can be used alkaline solution (such as sodium hydroxide solution) to absorb.
Furthermore, in the experimental teaching, often used to introduce students to the nature of the chemical reagents, storage and use of knowledge, as well as measures to prevent environmental pollution. Such as nitric acid storage, the use brown bottles kept in the dark, so as not to see the light easily decomposed nitrate rent volatile, polluting the air. Another example is when the water storage of liquid bromine and liquid sealed bottle sealed with wax, with bromine is used and to prevent the bromine vapor oven air pollution of the environment.
In the experimental operation, but also education students must be strict compliance with operating procedures to operate, preventing students from Yi Mei hands fiddle with the pursuit of fun and chaos. Require students to take toxic gases in the system, try using a small amount of reactants to the system to take small amounts of toxic substances, the pollution reduction to a minimum. Such as copper and thermal reaction of concentrated sulfuric acid, copper and nitric acid reaction. Try to control the amount of reactants, as long as the right to get a clear result, students can observe their material existence, to understand and grasp its nature on it.
Would also like to request that students, after each experiment the liquid waste to the designated Office must according to the dumping or recycling. Then a unified treatment, uncontrolled dumping of non-random. As with the ferrous sulfide and hydrochloric acid reaction of hydrogen sulfide to take after the gas does not emit smoke on the use lye.
In order to combine environmental education is more practical production can go to the scene to teaching can lead students to a number of factories to visit, (such as fertilizer plants, pesticide plants, paper mills, tanneries, etc.). Go take a look to understand in dealing with industrial plants 'waste' has done what specific work, what kind of equipment to transform the 'waste', which can also be pointed out that there are shortcomings to enable students to use their brains, it is envisaged on the exhaust gas the handling of ideas and the conversion of waste to use, how to change waste into treasure. Through on-site environmental education, to enhance the environmental awareness of students to master some practical environmental knowledge is beneficial.

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