Exercises Teaching students to enhance analytical skills of thinking

Chemistry Problem teaching, mainly refers to the chemistry teaching and learning process conducted by Example explanations, Problem management and operation problems, such as examination questions rating teaching speaking, it is an important part of chemistry education, a concept, nature, the continuation of the formula and principles of teaching and deepening, is to achieve the purpose of instruction so that students master the 'three-base', cultivate and improve their ability to exercise. How to give full play to the efficacy of chemical Exercises, pioneering ideas, capacity-building, this is a question worth exploring in depth. I talk about the teaching experience the following points: first, select Exercise, lectures and demonstrations, give full play to the role of Example
Example of teaching not only helps students to straighten out the problem-solving ideas, review the consolidation of knowledge and a clear problem-solving norms, more importantly, the students can develop a wide range of ability, but because of limited classroom space, different types of chemical Exercise can not be exhaustive. To this end, teachers must be screened for Example, select a typical, universal guiding significance for Fan Problem title, from a methodological step of view, problem-solving ideas from the start, pay attention to questions intended to guide the students to carefully analyze and clarify the requirements and conditions, Example to find the knowledge involved in points, and asked to answer questions and the relationship between the known conditions, seize the key problem-solving, forming a correct problem-solving ideas and programs and to solve problems listed in the appropriate format, elements and considerations, so that students from problem-solving ideas, methods, levels and regulatory requirements, etc. have been inspired. Typical Example of the analysis by not only receive the title and type replicability of the results, more importantly, can achieve a clear concept, master method, inspired ideas, capacity-building purposes. 2, select the right Exercise, organization, training, develop thinking skills
Exercise Exercise not only helps students understand the vertical and horizontal relationships between knowledge, knowledge of the systematic, but also help students master the kinds of questions, explore new ideas, familiar with the method, students apply knowledge to problem-solving skills, while timely feedback students in knowledge and capacity deficiencies in the diagnosis of an important means for students with learning difficulties. Exercise training so that teachers must be strengthened, but not to introduce the students 'questions the sea tactics', which requires students to practice to be 'Less is more', teachers must be selected on the Problem, select instructive and typical, regularity, and specific exercises, using 'ever-changing, multi-analysis, multi-question, multiple solution' to the organization-oriented law students to practice, to encourage students to a given problem, multi-angle, multi-level analysis of issues and thus to achieve the purpose of students thinking skills. Third, strengthen the solution after the assessment, focusing on ideas inspired, improve the efficiency of problem-solving
Problem solution after the assessment, the students can not only clear up problem-solving ideas, and guide students to reflect on problem-solving process. At the same time thinking of training to improve analysis of issues, problem-solving abilities, there is a special effect. After the assessment of solution can be persuaded to adopt a title an assessment of 'strategy that will let a student to report the outcome or the podium to answer, and ask them to make appropriate explanations, and then teachers and students shared analysis, discussion, encourage students to put forward different views, add a different solution, but never able to become the Problem of Analysis 'on the title subject', but should guide the students to deepen Problem, digging Problem connotations, and further broaden the knowledge and achieve mastery. Method can be used 'a given problem', 'Change title to discuss', 'wrong cases' and so on. Through the assessment of the intrinsic link between the communication of knowledge, the knowledge and speak live to achieve the cultivation of thinking flexibility, creativity, and develop student problem-solving ideas, improved problem-solving efficiency.
Fourth, strengthen problem-solving summary, pay attention to Learning Methods
A good learning method is an important means to acquire knowledge. Assessment in practice and pay attention to multi-angle analysis of issues, to develop students comparison, analysis, synthesis, inductive capacity, to guide students to sum up the knowledge involved in Exercise points, and make it systematic, while the subject types, problem-solving steps summarized summary sum up common problem-solving methods, problem-solving general rule, should pay attention to matters such as prone to problems, and grasp the general ideas and methods on the basis inspire new ideas and explore clever solution, fast solution, a given problem new ways, new methods, and make a small conclusion to enable students to express or memory, problem solving so that students can experience little makes a mickle, broaden their horizons and avoid detours, improve problem solving speed. V. Some Considerations in Teaching Exercise
1. Problem to be 'Less is more''Less is more' Exercise Exercise is the key to the success of teaching. Chemistry Problem there were different types of students in the hands of different varieties of Exercise data also, if all things to take into account, it is bound to introduce the students 'questions the sea tactics', this, teachers must cover a wide selection of knowledge, the typical practice exercises and Analysis of the organization, from which to guide students to master the ways to achieve comprehend by analogy of the effect. 2. To inspire a positive assessment of the discussion exercises inspired by the discussion, which is a guarantee of success exercises teaching. The role of teachers in teaching is to inspire and guide students to learn to observe, analyze and summarize, teachers, students to practice according to the information fed back to, and actively organize student discussion, inspired by Enlightenment from a timely manner to help students achieve the transformation of knowledge. 3. Equal emphasis on teaching methods and to build capacity for capacity-building, teaching method is the objective of teaching Exercises. Exercises Teaching can not just focus on the solution of Problem with a few, but to focus on training students to analyze problems, problem-solving skills, teaching students problem-solving rules sum up, master problem-solving ideas and methods. To this end, teachers should devise more ways to mobilize the initiative of students, through the Problem of the speaking, training, assessment, discussion, enlightenment ideas, teaching methods, to build capacity. In short, a correct understanding of Exercise of teaching, organizing teaching the use of scientific methods, not only to consolidate the knowledge, develop problem-solving skills, improve thinking ability, but also to enhance students interested in studying chemistry, chemical capacity of students, popular students.

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