Ask questions in class design and Thinking Ability

Thinking is to tackle the problem began. If the student's brain compared Yihong calm water, then the teachers targeted the rich and stimulating classroom questions like stones into water in a can spray inspired thinking of the students, and enlighten the hearts of students, to develop the students thinking, so that they are in the best state of mind. Work in teaching, teachers should be based on teaching needs from different angles, levels and requirements of the questions to guide students to think, a better understanding of learning content. In this way, you can enable students to acquire knowledge of the simultaneous development of thinking skills, improve thinking, initiative, flexibility, and creativity. A design scenario-based problems, induced by thinking of the students enthusiasm.
As we all know, the chemical class most closely linked content before and after the so-called '温故而知新 ', then before the new knowledge in teaching, there must be a conscious review related to the old knowledge. Design some interrelated and thought-provoking issues, and indicate a new topic, so as to stimulate students curiosity, so that they look forward to a very cut 'explore what was going on', consciously or unconsciously, to start their own thinking, and then layers of progressive step by step description of relevant knowledge, enabling the students to make full use of their own thinking to discover, to understand new knowledge. So again will enable students to consolidate, expand the old broad knowledge, discovery, master new knowledge and thinking at the same time so that students have interest in the issue, and then develop the students thinking. Second, divergence-ended questions designed to develop students thinking flexibility.
We have often heard some of the students said: 'class can understand a question on the timid to do. 'The reason is the lack of flexibility of thinking. Through the honors and poor problem-solving process of students observed that the theme of Excellence from the same sources of information have different scenarios, and then for each rational thinking hypothetical reasoning, once a kind of hypothetical disruption of thinking immediately convert way of thinking; and poor health problems from the same sources of information generated is not only a single hypothetical and slow, and often 'an Road, went to black'. We often say that to make these students 'minds resuscitation' is to train these students the flexibility of thinking. To this end, in the classroom teaching there for the same problem in the design basis of divergence-ended questions, such as in a given problem, and changing exercises discussion, divergent thinking, and knowledge to enhance cross-cutting, increasing the breadth of thinking and flexibility. III-ended questions designed to explore and improve the creative thinking of the students.
A variety of qualities in contemporary talent, there is decisive is that timely access to information, process information, and the innovative capability of a high degree of strain, while the strain ability to innovate is the core of creative thinking, which is the highest level of thinking activity. For students, creative thinking ability is the use of already learned knowledge and experience to think creatively and problem-solving capabilities, such as unique insights, innovative solution, the formula original certificates or applications. Students in creative thinking activities and the scientists found that the same law with a strong motivation to explore, but also ask questions through the establishment of hypothesis, experimental verification, draw conclusions and so on several stages. This requires the process of teaching materials designed according to a series of inquiry-based questions and experiments to guide students in thinking and practice, develop their creativity. The design of classroom questions, directly or indirectly determines the development of thinking ability of students, teachers, teaching is designed not only to pre-class problem, Shi Hai teaching exercise to give students the opportunity to think independently, to encourage students to think, inspire students ingenuity. The teachers themselves would like to give the students insight analysis, fully affirmed the right opinion, right the wrong to be good at inducing, so that their way of thinking under the guidance of teachers, have been deepened by the exercise.

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