Proposition from the chemical entrance into the teaching of Middle School

1, Chemical entrance area and the main basis for Proposition
Chemistry college entrance examination is based on the scope of the proposition in 1990, the State Education Commission issued a 'full-time secondary school curricula (as amended)' and in 1994 the State Education Commission issued a 'full-time secondary school curricula (as amended)' the adjustment of observations determined. Proposition based primarily on secondary school chemistry curriculum and the State Board of Education Examination Center issued a 'Chemistry exam description'. Syllabus in order to outline the form of the provisions of the chemistry subject knowledge and skills to the scope, depth, systems and structures, the examination shows that provides for entrance examination of the nature of the subject, content, form and so on, the two complement each other. At present, the new curriculum of the old parts of the outline deletions and adjustments were made, the new test instructions issued soon. However, examination of 1995 shows the contents of the subject of the request to see, there are eight points deleted, there are eight points to adjust, there are two requirements to reduce the content. Therefore, the organizational review high school students, first of all should study syllabus, understand the content of textbooks, at the same time to grasp the instructions given by the examination of information, accurately grasp the scope and basis of propositions in order to effectively guide the teaching practice.
2, the chemical principles and the guiding ideology of entrance Proposition
In recent years, Chemistry entrance proposition is characterized by: in live questions, test-based storage capacity test. Questions have good reliability and validity, and appropriate degree of difficulty and distinction. This norm-referenced test, its main function is to select outstanding students, and guide the school chemistry teaching. Thus in principle, reflect the proposition not only help selecting the best students for the college, and it helps to play on the middle school a good guide. In this way, the objectives and starting point the proposition can be summarized as 'stable', 'change', 'new', 'live', focus on capacity-examine the 1995 Chemical College Entrance Examination manifestation of this characteristic. Therefore, the research and analysis in recent years, the college entrance examination papers, and even the future of teaching in this year's college entrance examination review guide the direction and plays an important role.
3, 95 'Chemical Analysis and entrance Proposition 96' proposition Trends
Overall, the 1995 Chemistry Entrance Examination unbiased strange phenomenon of great importance to examine the basis, with practice, not Chao-gang. Questions from the terms of the changes, highlighting the ability of the examined. This is the future trend of the proposition. Be summed up in the following characteristics:
1, steady change in
(1) attaching importance to examine the capacity of double-base
College entrance examination in 1995, paying due attention to double-base chemistry thesis examined more prominent on the basis of capacity tests. Question 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,15,16,19,20,22,27,28,30,35 title are drawn from the teaching materials, attention from teaching knowledge and such knowledge migration and expanded.
(2) The examination questions are still attached great importance to the classic
For those who are closely related with the University to study the knowledge and ability, although a hot issue or classic entrance examination questions, is still attention. The difficulty of the questions to moderate, and there is a good root differentiation. ---- For example, oxidation reduction, chemical equilibrium, chemical reaction rate and so on.
2, change in the new live
Questions (Ⅱ ) a larger volume change, innovation, focusing on the ability to examine and change the subject in previous years, ease of design of a structured pattern. The difficulty of the small problems are highly inter-phase fluctuations, to better examine the student's psychological examination quality and ability to give full play to the selection function.
4, secondary school teaching in the future direction of a solid grasp 'double-base' of teaching
Put (Ⅰ ) Volume (Ⅱ ) volume 'to send distributed hand' of the title first, firmly grasping wishes on the basis of change, novelty and flexibility. Since 1995, high-grade papers analysis shows that the basis of knowledge in the Proposition in up to 70%, a comprehensive knowledge of the strong major college entrance examination is still hot and we will continue to test, but the kinds of questions and questions There will be new changes in the situation.
2, to enhance the teaching experiment
Chemistry is an experiment based on subjects. For the basic operation and principles of the experiment, different options for an integrated experiment selection, evaluation and analysis, qualitative and quantitative experiment and should be given adequate attention, conditional schools should do more for students to experiment and demonstration experiment may also be combined electro-chemical means visual instruction. Experimental Exercise as a special type of experiment examined the ability of students experiments have limitations, but still has some reference to sex.
3, skilled application of mathematical tools
Note that the application of mass conservation in the calculation of the atom conservation, electronic conservation, charge conservation etc. Ingenious Solution repartee. The use of concepts, analytical examination questions, not that is able to make scientific judgments, and can skillfully make use of mathematical tools to solve chemical problems, is still a hot topic for future review.
4, improve the quality of teachers to develop student ability
To improve the quality of teachers, broaden the idea of looking down from above in teaching, guidance from doing a good job teaching the key factor. Note students ability to comprehensively improve the quality, not only to enhance the understanding of academic knowledge, migration and flexible thinking and the use of chemical terminology should also be accurately and continuously improve students of chemical science and abstract thinking abilities.
In short, the college entrance examination at the gradual reform of the proposition, and teaching should be gradual reforms. 'Test description' although some guidance role, but both theory and practical aspects, should not be to 'test description' as a high school teaching in all the capacity requirements, thus further enhance the entrance examination of the reliability, validity, and further improve the ability examine the kinds of questions, so that the selection has the potential to bring into full play the functions of students to using them to promote and improve the efficiency of secondary education.

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