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[Abstract] This article Talking about composition teaching methods.

[Keywords] composition teaching

The the composition teaching evaluation mechanism mainly refers to the composition teaching activities and results to make a series of value judgments behavior, it runs through always teaching activities is an important means to improve students' writing interest. Currently teaching writing teachers have worked hard to the students essay to criticize the right to change, write a large section of the review, the student or seriously have read, or only concerned with results, after getting thrown behind the hard work of teachers are gone. evaluation of student writing, more or less become language teachers had to do this, the students benefit from a little of a chore. teachers now focus on whether the child's essay fluent in marking the essay, writing whether the flowers and the language of the student increasingly gorgeous, content is increasingly hollow, more and more false emotion, such articles are often able to get the teacher's praise.

All this caused me to think about: our teachers need a new understanding of the requirements of the essay can not deviate from the child's physical and mental development of the law to deviate from the level of the child's cognitive and emotional experience for the evaluation of the essay, in the evaluation of children's writing Do not hit the enthusiasm of the children's writing, found that eyes have a pair of good, found a bright spot in the children writing to improve children's writing skills, encourage, and promote the improvement of children's writing ability. presentation evaluation essay for kids, grade evaluation can also be reviews, students can also self-assessment, peer assessment, the parents evaluation and teacher evaluation phase combined no matter what kind of essay evaluation methods, we should focus on the humane care of children.

First, develop the personality of the student health

Students write the essay today, the majority, or in order to cater to the tastes of the teacher almost no the students emotional expression, writing becomes its false things, travel writing is to express the motherland, home builders love, admiration, love to write around, not late at night carrying sick parents, "I" on the hospital, is the parents of the rain "I" dinner comes the reckoning, write friendship, not I borrow your eraser that you help me up, write good deeds, not to give up a seat is to help the elderly cross the road, not a difficult one P Plus support, that is, thanks to the careful guidance of teachers and parents, write, learn to write training, not for collective win honor for the motherland, is working hard and never give up ... so monotonous, empty talk, lies in power, cliches piles of writing, we come to talk about what the real emotion? come to talk about cognitive development? pointed out that the new curriculum: "emphasis on the emotions and attitudes of the writing to emphasis on the expression of true feelings. "This requires the child's essay must be true, emotions must be true, which requires teachers to correct guidance to strengthen the student's emotional values ​​in the normal process of teaching children in writing the text Be sure to ask when really realistic.

One time, I let the students write a letter to Mom and Dad a classmate to talk about in the essay "harsh" education of the father and mother, and even laments life "difficult" reason, because the parents of the students did succeed in life eager, many teachers also reflect the authoritarian discipline of their parents, the students in the family inevitably produce negative emotions, I feel life is "difficult", he took such a true feeling is naturally included in the composition. because he said truth, express the truth, but is written quite real, real how to evaluate this? my opinion, the student can write the true feelings, path pair, positive style of writing. speak observation and evaluation, I greatly affirmed this kinds of writing attitude, of course, also pointed out that the problem should be noted that the same time, many students have suffered the same fate suffered paper phenomenon actually started a lively discussion, accumulated another coursework material.

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Second, the students confidence Writing

The students reason why afraid of writing essays in addition to the normal accumulation less, but also because of the excessive regulation of the essay, requires more, writing the easier it is to stray a blow, then not Write the children and then, how to let students dare of writing it? This requires teachers for students to create a democracy, equality, harmonious dialogue platform for students to reshape confident American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Self-confidence is the first secret of success." to enable students to full confident that our essay marking can not always go to "pick on", and should learn to make good use of encouragement for students to experience the joy of success in the essay from the use of the words to a fragment of the description from the article material, content, expression of conception to the students' writing skills, from neat writing to the reduction of the typos, we should timely affirmed, encouragement and recognition of inadequacies in the text, we should put forward constructive views, avoid the use of bad, "" should not "bad" harm students' self-esteem language, absolutely prohibit the use of insult and with discriminatory language we want to guide students to self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and cheer for their lives.

I used to teach such a boy, a very good move, and basketball is his favorite sport. Therefore, in the conversations, writing frequently mentioned his basketball, but the essay about playing basketball I see this narrative: A students get the ball to B students, B students passed to C students, C students I passed the small students, students Ding I passed ...... Finally, a classmate shot the ball into! The essay also finished this essay in accordance with the written information given to the evaluation obviously will dampen his enthusiasm.

I chose and to watch a basketball game, he gave me this "outsider" to explain the game, when I took a group of children sitting in front of the TV, watching his enraptured, listening to his gushing explain, I believe He has been a great deal of satisfaction. afterwards I told him: "You're great, if you could have just said, are they not written down, it is certainly an outstanding essay!" positive evaluation lit the enthusiasm of the students' writing, always see in a future article many wonderful statement and vivid description.

As the former Soviet educator Su Huomu forest base << >> one hundred recommendations to the teacher, said: "For each of our students choose such a life on the road, and such a professional, it is not only supply him a enough bread to eat, and be able to give the joy of his life, giving him a self-esteem. "

Third, cultivate the students' innovative ability

Mr. Tao Xingzhi said: "The success of teachers is to create a people worthy of their worship." Is to cultivate the spirit of innovation and to the people and I think that the the essay evaluation should be led to show personality and creativity ". Essay fun come from? stretch of self-expression and individuality comes from life. "sun like had a cold like becomes weakly," leaves swinging in the wind like a dancing group dance "," her lips red as if just drink a large glass of strawberry juice "... What a wonderful statement, how unique imagination, these teachers should be given timely encouragement and praise, to stimulate students' interest in writing. cultivate children essay innovative capacity we need in essay evaluation of new concepts, to encourage students from unique personalized perspective, to show the "uniqueness" of its ideological thinking encouraged students to be "different", write your own essay.

In short, we have only to the development of people-oriented "concept really into writing assessment, in order to promote the writing reform gorgeous.

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