On the theme of literary works quickly grasp the skills approach

Entrance language papers, literature has always been a must reading exam, and constantly improve the score has reached 25 points! For such an important reading questions, students read and answer process itself is a complex thought process: the material should be carefully screened, processing and integration, while the need to have thought, sentiment, expression, and many other capabilities. Then, Students in the process of how to achieve the answer clear thinking, confidence, methodically do? How can I do accurate positioning, direction is clear, targeted it? How can pen moves of the precise answer, be harvested it?

One, grab topic - I stand

We often say, "the eyes of the article entitled," It is obvious, "seedling is half the valley, a good half of the title text", which live in the top, in fact, the first article, a high level of generality. Article on the topic often first summarizes the main content of the article, or explicitly or implicitly implied thrust of the article and the author's intention of writing, so seize the obvious title, read the questions often can analyze text to quickly grasp the overall content of the article, and on this basis a clear article on the subject, through this pair of "eyes", into the depths of the soul articles, improve reading speed and scoring rate.

For example, in 2007 the volume of Anhui wind >> << countryside. Judging from the title, candidates can clear the first time of writing this article objects - the wind, and on this basis, the first step, roughly grasp the whole article from the center : Wind is a "village" in the wind, not the city's style. way, "wind" it with the "country" closely linked together. Candidates can immediately think "wind" and "rural" relationship, then Contact the actual production of rural life, can easily take into account the most likely subject of this paper is to show the "wind" of the "village" of importance to grasp the author's intention of writing, to seize the works of the soul, that rural people, things, things are inseparable from the wind, and the wind are closely related: the wind to bring rural life and vitality, bringing poetry to everyday things, let me feel the warmth countryside, expressing love and author of wind nostalgia With this understanding, again to answer the following questions have a backbone, will be able to seize the core of things, so Fang Xiangming, answer prospective.

With topics: the first question, "the authors say the wind is why the rural soul", the third question, "write the first paragraph ④ crooked neck sumac what purpose", the fifth question, "invisible wind is depicted in the text can be seen sense from a rhetorical point of trial, cited a paragraph from ② to Appreciation. "
Another example: in 2007, Liaoning Volume << >> fire. Entitled, "fire", to dispel the winter cold, symbolizes warmth, vitality, enthusiasm, vibrant, hope, etc. seized these, to seize the article soul and then answer the following question 5, it is simple, fast, and efficient than that.

With topics: the thrust of this article is not "nostalgia"? Why? (Answer: No, there is nostalgia for the article, but not full thrust of the article subject is art reveals the "fire" to bring people's warmth and vitality, hope and courage, the author shows that love life, positive attitude to life.

Second, focus on key sentence - I stand

In addition to title of the article, the body has many of the key sentences, to seize these key sentence, contribute articles simply and quickly grasp the gist of these key sentence from the expression, see more argumentative lyrical sentences and sentences from the article the location, see more paragraphs or text is beginning, the end and the middle of the sentence, because the works of master lunwen.1KEJIAN.com to write argumentative essay question and often lyrical when they clearly demonstrated, at the beginning of regular consul-general in its entirety end often concludes the paper, in the middle often collusion context. seize these, seize articles for the soul, to grasp the overall content is significant, effect extraordinary. Together, these key sentence in terms relative to other sentences are quite obvious, is conducive to visual Quick capture.

For example cited earlier, wind >> << countryside article, the article is a very attractive one eye opening sentence: "The wind is the soul of the village." At the beginning of the sentence in the article, and both argumentative and lyricism. This sentence is particularly important, it can be said, to seize the sentence, to seize the full text of the soul. "soul" important, well known. no life without soul, no spirit, no emotion, no life, no life-Smart without the happiness of life, while the "wind" is the "village" of the soul, not the words of its important and why the countryside? for debate. on such an important thing, but unfortunately not love the idea of ​​thinking of the what is? is lyrical. "wind country soul", the sentence really is the soul of the article. seize this prominent sentences, it captures the soul of the article, which greatly improves the overall efficiency of the core content to grasp the full text.

Another example: in 2009 the master director of Anhui lake volume << >>. Article alone at the end of words into a sentence - "He is very happy." This sentence is a summary sentence. Both a description of the hero, but the hero is Evaluation sentence grasp, because, according to writing logic, the above description is bound to specific content through "He was very happy" reasons. seize this significant sentence, it is easy to grasp the soul of the article, which capture the overall article content to live the role of each local - will have a common core, which expresses "the master director", "happy" reasons. sentence a catch, collusion everywhere, so, how can unknown direction, muddled thinking, efficiency is not high?
With title: "text at the end say, 'He was very happy.' Examples to illustrate the master director happy reason."

Third, grasping "reproduction" message - I am a sigh sing three

"Reproduction" message that is repeated information, or word, or sentence, or as a means.
Certain information repeated, and even throughout the text, of course, is obvious, is bound to be of pains to stress is large or small in scope the content of the core. Grasp them, to grasp the overall work for local content or full text of the soul great role.

Such as textbooks << Shudaonan >> a text by the roads dangerous, writes the road is tough, and finally ending at the dangerous things, the core is a "difficult" words, during which exhibited the influence of Li Bai reality deeply appreciate. But the article appeared three times "Quiet, extremely difficult," the core of this can be described as a very clear emphasis on the students in learning through repeated experience, Li Bai, seize the soul of this famous article. Again Bing < <>> about life in the "I can not say that the future, did not dare to believe Afterlife" repeated, is intended to emphasize not to hope for the future or the afterlife, then how to do? course, is to grasp the life, treat life, thus demonstrating the topic.

For example in 2005 the national volume Ⅰ << >> recurring spring day, "I do not believe in the spring." Why "do not believe the" because of hard to wait, but could not come spring, the more do not believe, expect, love feelings more intense, which will seize the keynote.

With title: "I do not believe in the spring," Why did the author repeatedly say? Such wording What are the benefits? Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com
2005 National Spring Dream Volume Ⅱ << >> . "Dream" represents the ideals and hopes she is the soul sustenance, but also spiritual comfort, but also a symbol of good things. article many will "spring" and "Dream" together, hope this article highlights the spring, desire change, calling the truth of the subject.

With topics: This article is titled "Spring Dream", the text and many will "spring" and "Dream" together, please talk about why the author wrote.
Again, Hemingway's elderly >> << bridge, the old man said repeatedly worried that he has raised a few animals, it is intended to emphasize the elderly on life, love of life, and on this basis, the performance of the war to bring The calamities and suffering and opposition to the war theme.

Lesson >> << memorable one in the "I am Chinese, I love China" This sentence was repeated three times, showing a strong national spirit and a deep sense of patriotism.

These recurring information, can be described as obvious clues, clues to the relevant content in series into a whole, so that article principled, simplicity. Seize thread of the article, the article will be able to grasp the core, to seize the core, we can greatly improve understanding of articles and answers to questions of efficiency.

Fourth, grasping around the content - I brotherhood

In this way, from the perspective of the relationship between the text before and after the focus of the preceding text after text content and content, regardless of how much difference are organic whole, always have some kind of contact, while a weak kind of scenario is obvious: First, before and after the text content in a particular area or from a certain point of view is very similar to a "similar", the second is the context in content close together, but very different from the surface (front and rear varies widely, naturally tends to attract attention, belong to the "alien." reading, students can grab this apparent "same" or "different", before and after the collusion, to be polymerized. Specific methods of operation are: before and after the text content are "similar", and can be for the whole of scattered, that is, the same to be summarized, before and after the text contents belong to the "otherness" can vary for the same technology, that is different to contact on this basis, to seize the "core", "soul" is much simpler.

Such as teaching in the Tomb of Marx speech << >> a text, talk about Marx earlier contribution to mankind as a scientist, later to talk about his contribution to mankind as a revolutionary, before and after collusion, are "similar" to generalize, are talking about its contribution to mankind, which is actually more of an important part of the core.

Another example, in 2011 in Northern areas of cooperation in the Big Read Middle School entrance exam turned << >> a text, the authors wrote the four individuals, respectively (young, little girl, aged beggars, old beggar's four "turn" in screen, these four articles constitute the main body of the screen, it is easy to attract the reader's attention. four screens a lot in common is relatively clear: "I" and they are all encounters, have shown the true beauty of humanity are " turn "from the" I "of sight. aggregate sum of these four screens to be able to quickly and accurately extract the core of the article, that is OK perishable, grab front cherish so again after the third answer text four two questions, it is much more quickly and accurately.

This is the context in collusion, for the whole of the bulk.
The same is turned << >> a text, articles fourth paragraph, in front of the depths of the natural environment, describing the Qinling (in particular fine write small river, then turned back to write a little girl - before the scenery, after write, can be described very differently large, easy to attract readers attention if students are accustomed to different aspects of context-linked analysis is not difficult to find a small river and a little girl has in common, that have a naturally pure beauty, the author is to use a small river's natural pure beauty of nature leads to a little girl pure beauty. seize America, basically we could seize the soul of this level, the text after the second question the answer to the first question is naturally formed.

This is the context in collusion, of the differences for the same.

Fifth, grasping "common sense common sense" - I-fits-all

This article is based on the main writing object or subject matter, contact the reading experience, bold inference Post subject in a way.
Objects or works of writing themes are obvious, while some writing object or subject matter, often relatively specific theme which is a "common sense common sense." Its "normal", it is "obvious." Seize these " common sense common sense "and sometimes can quickly grasp the overall content, seize subject of the article.

As cited Hemingway's elderly >> << bridge belongs to the subject of war, and such theme works often show opposition to the war and expose bring disaster to the people of war theme, contact the author Ernest Hemingway antiwar ideology background knowledge, the work The theme is not difficult to quickly seize.

Another example is the 2006 National Volume Ⅱ << rain, soil .. Only problem, an "homeland" of the wind will be blowing this way you can guess, the article is likely with the "hometown" relevant. Then further guess the expression of the love of home and love of the core themes will come out ahead.

Of course, the aforementioned methods are actually interrelated and mutually supporting, and use when taken together, can be understood as a further verification, thereby enhancing the accuracy of answers. Links to free download http://www. hi138.com

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