Science and art - off the wings of basic education

Abstract: In the youth enlightenment stage of education, science and art is like the wings of a bird, is dispensable difficult to fly. They never is integration, mutual penetration, promote each other, and each development has become a strong driving force. Walk "Science and combine the arts, "the natural and social sciences and the combined personnel training, basic education for all students, in order to improve the quality of the people, rather than to train professionals in basic education in science and art go hand in hand, not favoritism.

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A scientific definition and meaning

The >> << Modern Chinese Dictionary explanation is: knowledge systems reflect the objective laws of nature, society and thinking. >> << Modern Introduction to Science and Technology will be scientific definition of system knowledge to accurately reflect the inherent law of objective things.

Usually based on the object of study of science is divided into two categories: explore the science of the laws of nature known as the natural sciences, the scientific study of human social phenomena called social sciences science must conform to objective truth.

Human exploration of the objective laws of the movement of things are infinite, scientific exploration is always divided into encountered a problem (or ask questions, analyze problems, to solve the problem in three steps.

What is art?

The >> << Modern Chinese Dictionary explanation: shaping the image to reflect the social life rather than the more typical reality a social ideology, such as literature, painting, sculpture, music, dance, theater, film, folk art, architectural and so on.

Art is a very important form of popular culture, has a very complex and rich content, and the actual life of the people closely related to it as a spiritual product the unlimited development trends, and society as a whole product occupies more to the greater proportion of artistic value is a very important spiritual values, and its objective is to regulate, improve, enrich and develop the people's spiritual lives, improve people's spiritual qualities (including cognitive ability, emotional ability and the will of the level.

Wide variety of art, according to different classification criteria, the art can be divided into the following types: based on the presence of the artistic image, the art can be divided into time art, space art and space-time art and music is a temporal art. Basis artistic image aesthetic way, art can be divided into auditory arts, visual arts and audio-visual arts Music is an aural art. basis materialized in the form of art, the art can be divided into the dynamic artistic and static art music is a dynamic art based on art aesthetic principles, according to the classification of the different means of expression and the way, art can be divided into: performing arts (music, dance, visual arts (painting, photography, plastic arts (sculpture, architecture, art, audio-visual arts (movies, TV, etc. , language arts (literature, arts (theater, opera, music is a performing art. based on the performance of the artistic image, the art can also be divided into performance art and reproduction art. both performance music, there are reproduction nature.

Understanding of the relationship between science and art since the science and art separate self-contained two independent development, have a brilliant and splendid history of the development of human society, just to promote the science and art in the transformation of natural strong disadvantaged of forward development of cognitive science is an important driving force for the promotion of social progress, "" Science and technology are primary productive forces "" Art affluent societies shared supplies "fill his stomach before nobody to care about art "With further study in the education system, clearly divided the the Polyclinic school system makes the most insulated from this and art, art reduced to a small part of the person's professional art exhibitions are mostly internal within the exhibition named internal view exhibitions, art weight began to appear more important points from the general public, the art and science of science is considered to be the survival of the human, scientific and cultural knowledge of learning stage of basic education to focus only The influence of the arts and feelings are dotted phrase circulating for decades "learn physics and chemistry, all over the world are not afraid" is a portrayal of this idea even if the transition in the examination-oriented education to quality education, arts education is only the development and prosperity on the surface, the science and art or prioritize Links to free papers Download Center
4 Science and Lore of the inseparable relationship between human archaeological and artistic one found to prove that human civilization is a combination of people practical and aesthetic, is the crystallization of initial human scientific wisdom and artistic imagination, showing the great creativity of the human in charge of the science and art of God in ancient Greek mythology only A, is the muse, China 2300 years ago thinker Zhuangzi proposed in << Tianxiapian >> "Sentences beauty and analysis of the myriad things", and sentenced to the United States "and" reasoning "is seen as people understand the world two connected art is one of the two driving forces of human development, and is an increasingly important driving force in both.

Many famous scientist of all times and they have made remarkable scientific achievements, we may have thought they accomplished in the arts? The Qian Xuesen repeatedly stressed personnel training is the combination of natural and social sciences, and take the "scientific combined with art, "because innovation is the science and art of the common soul. scientific work stems from thinking in images, and finally logical thinking, visual thinking is the artist's way of thinking, logical thinking is the way of thinking of scientists for scientific creativity, and neither is dispensable one can not equally important. He also married an artist wife, Jiang Ying,? When it comes to Jiang Ying, Qianlao always consider themselves very lucky, he believes Jiang Ying he learned The vast artistic way of thinking, so that his rich understanding of the world, and think the problem is wider, more alive, more conducive to scientific exploration and research in the influence of the arts.

The famous French writer Gustave Flaubert said: "Science and Art, break up, meet at the top of the hill at the foot of the mountain."
Human development has always been a science and art go hand in hand line, basic education to take off the same can not be separated from the double powerful wings of science and art.


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