To study the formation of the Teacher Education based the Kindergarten curriculum development context

With the continuous development of the basic education curriculum reform, "Park this course" increasingly important for people, more and more important. Kindergarten teachers in the kindergarten curriculum reform is no preschool teachers also proposed a more high requirements, requiring them to continuously improve their overall quality, and the formation of appropriate educational philosophy for the effective exploitation and development of the park this course comply with the spirit of the times in the context of the Kindergarten curriculum development study of preschool teachers should be held, with the The educational philosophy of the times are as follows:

"Kindergarten curriculum" is refers to state laws and regulations and relevant policy guidance based on the kindergarten own environment and conditions, the starting point of a children's practical needs and learning interest, the development of the main kindergarten teachers, kindergarten, community and parents and other parties jointly participate in the construction of the kindergarten curriculum.

Strengthen teacher training, to improve the overall quality of teachers

Correct educational philosophy guiding the development of the park this course will have a reliable basis for teaching activities can achieve the best desired effect, to promote early childhood development in today's society, pre-school education important for the community is less than compulsory education work, the preschool teachers skilled personnel, compared to the overall education level and educational institutions at all levels of compulsory education a lot of difference, lower academic reduce the teachers with the ability to improve the self-learning, kindergarten and other departments should strengthen the training of literacy training and skills of preschool teachers theory teachings kindergarten flexible approach to training and methods to choose according to their actual situation, the combination of theory and practice to improve the overall quality of the child care teachers titles papers.

The second is the lifelong learning of teachers, everyone is constantly changing and developing, especially special vocational teachers, many knowledge of the times, given different meanings by different era, which requires teachers to teach to the child knowledge the times. kindergarten regularly organize teachers exchange of learning, or organizational backbone teachers to participate in the study to the development of pre-school work good kindergarten teachers' thinking and understanding and improve the level, so that they hold the correct educational philosophy in line with the spirit of the times, can really hold up the pre-primary cause of this days.

Second, optimize the teachers' work environment and teachers to participate in the kindergarten curriculum management mechanism

Teachers in kindergarten teaching activity plays no role, At the same time, they have to withstand the pressure impose social and kindergartens on to the burden of teachers is also important, mental and physical exhaustion of teachers so that there is no effort to innovation, there is no time to learn, to think about a more valuable educational philosophy, and thus have no incentive to explore more suitable for young children and research activities and activities.

Kindergarten to implement scientific, orderly management, under the guidance of the the correct office park thought, and strive to alleviate the pressure of preschool teachers, for their creation of liberal rigorous and realistic work environment has innovative space and enough space for teachers and autonomy of teachers in order to give full play to their ability to create and dedicate themselves to the cause of early childhood education.

Third, the support of the relevant departments and to establish and improve pre-school management system

Kindergarten, parents and the community to give preschool teachers work vigorously support, education, children are not just an important participant in the responsibility for early childhood teachers, preschool teachers, child care, parents and the community are the child's growth and development process. Parents of kindergarten function kindergarten and preschool teachers should be understanding limited to literacy, conservation, and focus only on the short-term interests, ignoring the child's long-term development, so that will give the teachers a lot of pressure is applied, the formation of a negative impact on the educational philosophy of the preschool teachers. and communicate with parents, community strength, to allow them to keep abreast of the new developments of parenting, and child development and jointly promote children fully harmonious and sustainable development.

Government and educational administrative departments should establish and improve pre-school education management system, solve the worries for preschool workers, so that they can concentrate on to go into work, in order to have time and energy to learn and accept new educational philosophy and purposes it.

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four, and constantly learn new educational ideas to update the educational philosophy

Formation of Teacher Education can not simply rely on external factors such as the support of parents and the community, teachers' own efforts equally indispensable addition to actively accept garden training and exchanges with other kindergarten teachers should give full play to their own initiative around all the resources available to study hard and learn a new concept of education, raise the level of thinking and understanding, lack of updated educational philosophy can be found in the practice.

In addition, teachers should believe in their own ability, bold design and implementation of teaching activities. Preschool teachers can not make their own ideological confinement should actively exchange ideas with other teachers, weaknesses, continue to make themselves more perfect.

, Enhanced self-reflective awareness, and to optimize educational philosophy in teaching action

Self-reflection teachers reflect on the review is not generally a self-dialogue, but to reflect on, ponder, explore and solve the problems of all aspects of the process of education and teaching. Kindergarten in teachers education process, to strengthen the training of teachers the process of self-reflective consciousness [1], the formation of Teacher Education is not a simple linear process, but one will never be the end point of the cycle of spiraling formation of outstanding teaching activities is a constant practice, reflection, improved teachers need to optimize the educational philosophy in teaching action.

Teacher education philosophy is subjected to time and the test of practice. With the launching of teaching, teachers use to guide their teaching activities, and activities to further test their educational philosophy, in practice, to reflect on their own educational philosophy, further improvements in the process, the kindergarten teachers should constantly enhance the self-reflective consciousness, constantly reflect on their own teaching philosophy and behavior, and thus be adjusted and corrected to the theoretical level rise from the practice, theory into practice and continue to upgrade themselves update their own philosophy of education in order to promote the improvement of their own teaching ability, and promote the development of preschool education.

In short, the trend of the development of the Park this course for the children of the region, preschool teachers as curriculum development body, compliance with appropriate educational philosophy of the era can greatly promote the development and progress of the curriculum reform process with pre-school career.


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