Market research firm's role in the marketing

[Abstract] With the continuous development of social economy enterprises increasing competition, market research companies in the marketing role is more important. In marketing practice, companies conduct market research in order to better understand the market, in order to develop the right marketing strategy, and constantly develop new products, open new markets, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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A market research

As enterprises increased competition and diversification of consumer demand, the importance of market research is more prominent, market research, marketing companies can provide a reliable basis for the development of marketing decisions.

Market research refers to the systematic and objective collection, collation and analysis of a variety of marketing activities information or data to help marketing managers to develop effective marketing decisions. Market research is the enterprise market to understand and grasp the important means customers is an important tool to help corporate decision-making. For the modern managers, master and apply market research theory, methods and skills are necessary. Market research as a standalone application has a huge and complex scientific content system thesis download.

Market research mainly deals with macroeconomic factors affect the marketing strategy and micro factors such as demand, product, price, promotion, distribution, competition, and the external environment. Depending on the purpose of research, research content will have a very different focus. Overall, the general content of market research include the following aspects:
(A) market demand research. Market demand is the center of corporate marketing and starting point, companies in the fierce competition to gain advantage, we must learn more and to meet the needs of target customers. Therefore, the market demand for research is one of the main market research. Market research needs include: market demand research; market demand for product variety research; seasonal changes in market demand research; existing customer demand for research (number of species).

(2) product research. With the improvement of environmental requirements, different market demand for the product is not the same, the demand for products in the region also appeared between differentiation. Therefore, the product has become a market research survey can not ignore the problem. Product research include: product quality needs of research; product variety needs research; product quality research and so on.

(3) Price research. Prices will have a direct impact on product sales and corporate earnings, the price for the marketing research firm to develop a reasonable pricing strategy has a crucial role. Price research include: market demand, trends research; international product market trends research; market prices bear psychological research; major competitors price survey; national tax policy research impact on prices.

(4) promotion research. Promotional research focuses primarily on consumer promotion response easiest to accept and understand consumer favorite form of promotion. The specific contents include: whether the form of research highlights a variety of promotional product features; whether played to attract customers, win the role of potential customers.

(5) distribution channel research. Choose a reasonable distribution channels, product storage and transportation arrangement is appropriate for improving sales efficiency, shorten cycle and reduce transport costs transport plays an important role. Therefore, the distribution channels of product market research survey is also an important element. Distribution channels research should include: to wholesalers, retail chains operating conditions, the ability to sell research; distribution center planning research; logistics optimization research organizations; research how to reduce transport costs and so on.

(6) marketing environment research. Marketing environment research include: political and legal environment; environment for economic development; international product market environment; product technology environment; alternative development; competitive environment.

In marketing practice in any market research is to better understand the market, find out the cause of failure or reduce the strategic decision-making uncertainty. For these purposes is known as market research conducted by the application of market research. Need to collect market research market size, competitors, consumers and other aspects of the relevant data, and based on the relevant data to support marketing decisions made recommendations.

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2 market research on the role of marketing management

Market research on the important role of marketing management, mainly in the following four areas:

(A) market research to help managers understand the product market conditions, find and exploit opportunities. Increasingly rich in the case of goods, as the supply side is facing producers have a product, capital and talent competition, is also facing skills and technical equipment competition; demand side as consumers in an increasingly large variety of commodity group is bound to have a choice in front. Who will win the attention of consumers, who is successful; otherwise, is facing the fate of being squeezed out of markets. Therefore, the crisis of survival is the enterprise must always pay attention to the problem, but opportunities also exist, which depends on how companies seize the opportunity.

(2) Market research helps managers develop the right marketing strategy. In modern product marketing, the business managers on the impact if the target market and the marketing mix factors have a full understanding, then management will be active rather than passive. Proactive management means by adjusting the marketing mix to adapt to the new economic, social and competitive environment, and the passive management of the enterprise is to wait until the changes have a significant impact occurs, before deciding to take action. Market research in the active management plays an important role, with the initiative of managers not only to research in the ever-changing products to seek new opportunities, but also through strategic plan development efforts to provide enterprises with long-term marketing strategy, based on existing and future internal capacity and the anticipated changes in the external environment, strategic planning can be used to guide the long-term use of corporate resources. A good strategic plan is an excellent market research made on the basis that it is conducive to long-term corporate profits and market share objectives; lack of poor market research strategic plan will threaten the survival of enterprises.

(3) Market research helps companies to develop new products, open new markets. Any company's products are not sold in the product market forever, businesses need in order to survive and develop constantly develop new products, market research in new product development plays an important role, through market research to understand and master the consumer trends, new requirements, changes in consumer preferences and expectations of the product, and then design products to meet these requirements, the emergence of new business sales climax.

(4) Market research helps enterprises occupy a favorable position in the competition. In the product market, producing widespread instances immediately after consumption, but production can also force requirement that the consumer of the product with sufficient knowledge and understanding of, the approved product and make a purchase, this mandatory requirement, if successful, corporate product sales can be the first to enter the field, resulting in this position of absolute dominance. However, the success of force needs to be built to meet the needs on the basis of a consumer, while behind the success, market research plays an important role.

Business competition and diversification of consumer demand, also makes it an increasing demand for information, which requires market research activities in science on the basis of sex as a prerequisite to be more creative and innovative marketing should be run through the entire process. Through creative market research, to meet the diverse information needs, to enable enterprises to accurately and timely grasp the information and develop appropriate marketing strategies. Market needs to create, in the enterprise marketing activities need creative market research.

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