From the present situation of university research project management project management system design

[Abstract] With the national socio-economic development, university research management faces five key issues: research management out of touch with the financial management, project after project implementation process lack of supervision, project funding accounted for complicated procedures, budgeting does not match with the actual use of funds, statistical decision without data to support. To solve these problems, this article from contract management, financial management, budget management, statistical reports, proposes that the university system data design project management system design. The implementation of the program at Tsinghua University and achieved certain results.

[Keywords:] universities; research; project management; system

With the national economic reform and the deepening of scientific research management, government, society, business and technology investment increased year by year, university research to flourish, the absolute number of rapidly increasing research funding, university research showing a growing number of project types, increasing the contract amount, execution cycles are getting longer, the phenomenon of increasing financial requirements. University as a project support unit, be sure to take up the guidance, supervision and management responsibilities, to establish a scientific and effective management of projects and funding mechanisms, manage projects with good funds, which protect the university more talent more results, vigorously promote technological innovation has great significance papers to write.

A university research project management problems

1.1 out of line Research Management and Financial Management

University research funding is used to take charge of the project examination and approval, research centers and Finance jointly responsible for management and supervision mechanisms. At present, because university research centers and Treasury management system is not smooth, the division of labor is not clear, between the two departments and the lack of effective means of communication necessary shared platform, lack of effective organization of data, scattered in research management department or the finance department, it is difficult to effective management and utilization, resulting in research project management and financial management of funds out of touch. Research centers responsible for organizing the project reporting, tracking project progress, organize concluding acceptance, the work focused on the fight for the number of projects and level of funding, ignoring the reasonableness of the use of funds and effectiveness. Treasury is responsible for the financial management of research funding and accounting, work focused on the accounting of revenue and expenditure of funds, neglect research fund raising, transferred, cost and other processes. How to properly handle the Reform and Development Research and financial relations, management and financial management to ensure research projects combine to promote the orderly and efficient conduct of scientific research work, is worth pondering major problems.

1.2 Project after project implementation process lack of supervision

Research project management is the management of university research center link, which includes project pre-project management, interim management and post the results in research management. Many colleges and universities only pay attention to the initial project, research and administration focus on general contract review and reporting on the project and other aspects, the lack of mid-term examination, especially for the completion of the project and the effect is not late tracking, project after project implementation process lacks effective supervision. If funding for the project implementation and the lack of regulatory measures to use, you can not use the real-time discovery projects funded under the contract deviations not been able to help the project manager to be adjusted; project will likely drag the phenomenon can not be completed on schedule; would occur in a Some teachers get research funding irresponsible payable after trouble, causing loss of interest on the partners, the impact of school social image of the phenomenon.

1.3 Project funding accounted for complicated procedures

Research funding management is an important part of the management of research projects, but also the university an important aspect of financial management, which runs through the research projects of the early, middle and late. Diverse sources of research funding, research cooperation yuan, different types of funds management approach, which gives university research funds management has brought great difficulty. Some research funding through the Treasury Direct account, funded in part through research hospital for allocation, process complex procedures range, not only caused the teacher research departments and financial departments at running back and forth between and sealed in research funding allocated from the school to the actual account teachers in the project account to the interval length and other issues, but also because the scientific data with the Treasury data can not be shared and exchanged, the relevant departments in the project accepted auditing cause more trouble.

1.4 Budgeting does not match with the actual use of funds

There are many project leaders do not realize the seriousness of the budget, did not recognize strict financial management, the importance of the rational use of funds. They tend to project budgeting as a necessary means to obtain research funding, many budget racking our brains are formed in the process, can not fully achieve the expected results truly reflect the necessary project direct costs and indirect costs, which resulted in grant applications to, but because of some necessary prior normal expenditure of unbudgeted reimbursement can not be accounted for in the project status. Budgeting and actual use of funds seriously out of line is not conducive to the conduct of topics. University research management and financial department of the budget mostly in project audit or knot when all of its funding and the corresponding budget accounting, this lag is caused by the management of budget and actual use of funds direct cause inconsistent .

1.5 Statistical Decision no data to support

Research and development and enrichment activities to university statistics put forward new requirements, many colleges and universities for research and statistical understanding of the work is still at the stage of manual tabulation of the paper, statistical research work is often by the school administration through various faculties two management manual finishing is completed. This traditional handmade statistics inefficient and prone to error, statisticians statistical understanding of different objects, different quantitative criteria, statistical results will affect the objectivity, authenticity and accuracy. This lagging statistics timeliness poor, lack of prospective statistical content, it is difficult to provide valuable feedback information and data, can not be effective at all levels of decision-making and school leadership development of scientific research to provide the necessary support ahead of the layout. In addition, paper-oriented research and statistical material will not only increase the intensity and difficulty of file management is not conducive to units and individuals of access and applications.

2 Project Management System Design and Development

With the country's social and economic development, research funding at universities in the proportion of total funds growing, previous research university management model has not adapt to the new situation research management development needs, along with information a general increase in the level of technology and the use of networks and information technology tools to establish university scientific research management information system to improve management efficiency and service levels become an inevitable trend.

Tsinghua University, Project Management System is my school scientific research management information system as part of the goal of building the system is to establish realistic, simple and efficient, full-service research management system and working mechanism, improve the management level of scientific research, and promote research management scientific decision-making, implementation research and management innovation. Project management system with contract management, financial management, budget management, statistical reporting, system management five basic functions, system functional model shown in Figure 1.

2.1 Contract Management module

Contract management is the project application, approval, concluding a series of process management. Contract teachers to fill in the information system, after two faculties and research centers research numbers automatically generated audit, research approval process shown in Figure 2. The project research number is a unique identity in the system will be used as a unique identifier associated with the financial system, through follow-up funding process. Before the commencement of the project marked '0', the entry into force in accordance with the 'Do knot problem' into 'in the research project' and 'knot project.'

2.2 Fund Management Module

Funds management refers to the recognition of project funds, approval, accounting, distribution and other process management. In order to accelerate the speed of research funding allocated to simplify funding procedures, complete management of research funding is closed. System to achieve all the online research funding allocation and management functions, providing three kinds of information systems based on research funding and allocation accounted for, namely: ① Teachers Online unclaimed, research centers Treasury audit stated; ② research centers and online unclaimed after review Treasury account; ③ teachers filled out online research funding into the bill, the Treasury Department audit stated. These three processes to enable teachers to recognize not only the money credited, but also easy to manage departments to oversee the implementation of research projects. Research funding and funding processes unclaimed shown in Figure 3.

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2.3 Budget Management Module
Budget management is the project budget submission, approval, synchronized to the management of financial systems and other processes. Teachers to fill budget information system, through the faculties and research centers into effect two audit budget, the budget approval process shown in Figure 4. Systems provide different categories according to the project budget template, you can add a number of sub-master budget and the budget, and provide the appropriate calibration functions. This budget will be used as shared data is synchronized to the financial system as a basis for the expenditure of the project, the teacher can always see the project budget and the residual amount of overhead situation, the Treasury also present their budget data to rational and efficient use of the instructor project funding.

2.4 Statistical Reporting Module

System provides an online form to download and print functions, teachers and administrators will be able to build without hand-filled application form and print projects, project approval form and liability guarantee, contract registration form, into the bill, and other forms. System can also provide real-time and exporting various working documents, statistical reports, assessment data, etc., for example: the system in accordance with the Ministry of Education requires the generation of all the relevant annual statistical reports, the list of items included in the study, the research project summary, in the research project funding summary table, the new list of projects, the new project summary, the new project funding summary table, tables and other project personnel classification.

2.5 System Data Design

Data Design System is a key project management systems development, university research projects as complex types, impact factor range of types of project management methodology and focus and different, complex application environments designed to bring the data to the system very difficult. After a needs analysis, we propose the following data model:
(1) Contract Information Form (project name, centralized management, affiliation, project resources, project categories, project number, contract type, contract signing time, the project start date, end date of the project, organization code, the total funding of payment , Project Leader information, group members, cooperative unit of information, the client information, statistics, attachment security classification, property ownership, notes, etc.).

(2) funding information table (unit number, arrival date, the amount credited into account, financial account, the cumulative to the section, then to the section, remittance number, bank remittance, remittance date, place of export, export company, to the amount of money, payment date to, use of proceeds, currency, to the Department of funds, outbound appropriations, allocations whereabouts, funding type, etc.).

(3) Budget Information Form (main budget, child budgeting, planning, funding, self-financing, equipment costs, material costs, testing of the processing fees, fuel and power costs, travel expenses, conference fees, international cooperation and exchange fees, publishing / Reference / dissemination of information / intellectual property matters, labor cost, Professional fees, infrastructure fees, management fees, performance incentives, etc.).

(4) statistical reporting information table (number, name, type of activity, total number of projects, the continuation of the project, new projects, total program planned for this year, and actually this year, next year plans, the year after plan, responsible for the project, involved in the project, the organization form, subject category name, subject classification, the total number, the number of person-years, graduate students, national industry, national industry code, forms of cooperation, etc.).

(5) System Background Information Form (role name, role code, role type, work permit number, affiliation, management, status, correspondence between the dictionary table maintenance, etc.).

These five tables both independent and interrelated, data processing and storage has great similarity and relevance. In scientific research management system database structure design, try to take into account it will be possible to use the field, and each information module possess powerful information retrieval functions, a variety of angles and to facilitate future research level statistics.

3 Conclusions

3.1 strengthen the process of supervision, to achieve full management research

System stores project information in a standardized format, to achieve the scientific authorities and the financial sector data sharing, so that the management of dynamic and recurring possible. Projects numbering system to achieve financial items numbered one correspondence, to establish a scientific system associated with the financial system, to solve the long project information and funding information does not correspond to the question. Project funding associated with real-time control project makes research centers to the section conditions, to achieve the whole process of the project management, making the Treasury for more information about the project for the use of funds and management to provide more evidence.

3.2 streamline management processes, promote research and standardize management

Project Management System Closed process design work can usually find out where missing, leaving, reduce the uncertainty caused by the division of responsibilities chaotic management, mutual buck-passing and a variety of repetitive work, to further promote the standardized management of university research .

3.3 simplify accounting procedures, improve the efficiency of project management

Project management system to accelerate the transfer of management information and feedback, streamline work processes, saving unnecessary intermediate links, to reduce the waste of manpower and resources, greatly shorten the project declared to the organization, funding accounted cycle, improve project management efficiency and level of .

3.4 strengthen supervision early warning, and promote the rational use of funds

Budget of the project management system online reporting, resolution, approval, dynamic adjustment and other functions, to achieve the research budget of the 'prior management', not only to enable teachers to keep abreast of the project's funding expenditures to promote the rational use of funds, but also reduce administration Tiaozhang workload for the subsequent management of funds to provide effective support.

3.5 Strengthening data integration, to achieve scientific statistical decision

Project management system to strengthen the integration of data, can provide dynamic, accurate and comprehensive project information, statistical decision making breakthrough in the traditional management model of time and space constraints, research management department can always get the latest data, learn about the latest trends, greatly improve the timeliness of statistical information, accuracy and sharing, shorten the decision cycle, reduce decision blindness and hysteresis.

Tsinghua project management system designed and implemented from 2008 onwards, and gradually establish and improve the function of each module, the system used to obtain a certain effect, my school has now become the important work of scientific research project management platform and data resources, for my school research management and research information services to lay a good foundation. The next step will continue to improve the system functions, to seize the school scientific research management problems to be solved, and promote the construction of other subsystems, teachers and students strive to provide more comprehensive and efficient research and information services, and promote our school to a new research management level.

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