On developing the rural market strategic positioning

Abstract: developing the rural market is expanding domestic demand in China focus on developing the rural market, the strategic positioning accuracy to win. Should increase farmers' income as the central strategic positioning, speed up the construction of small towns as a key, as an important means of strengthening market network construction rural marketable industrial development as the main entry point for the improvement of infrastructure in rural areas as an important condition.

Keywords: rural market strategic positioning marketable

Expanding domestic demand is the focus of China's economic development, China is a large, rural residents account for more than 65% of the country's population, such a huge rural consumer market is not yet large-scale development in rural areas presents tremendous business opportunities and broad prospects. Therefore actively developing the rural market. inevitable is the focus of our efforts to expand domestic demand in recent years, many beneficial exploration and practice at all levels of government and enterprises in developing the rural market, but the rural market continued steady Qudan the the trend, the rural market potential is far not released the existence of this situation, I believe that there is no calibration strategic positioning is an important reason for developing the rural market. developing the rural market should be strategically targeted at increasing farmers' income, to speed up the construction of small towns, and strengthen the commercial network construction, development of rural marketable industrial products and improving rural infrastructure.

First, it is necessary to increase the farmers' income as a center for developing the rural market

Developing the rural market, increase farmers' income is the key to the only increase in the income of farmers, in order to improve the purchasing power of farmers, farmers will be the incremental revenues into incremental consumer demand in order to make the rural market potential to be fully exploited.

A good grasp of the agricultural enterprise management, increasing farmers' income and agricultural enterprises, is the development of the agricultural producers, agricultural products processing enterprises and agricultural marketing enterprises, culminating in the production, processing and marketing agricultural enterprise group unity. Promote agricultural enterprises management: First, we must adhere to the household contract operating under the premise of the land system, land transfer, the establishment and improvement of China's rural land management system to optimize the allocation of agricultural resources through the formation of the land AG, the land of farmers to contract right to land contractual investment stereotyped writing, Angufenhong. farmers either in the company of labor, but also based on voluntary is not will the Secretary of Labor. implement the worker's labor distribution according to work to capitalize on the trend, innovative agricultural business entities, vigorously develop The system of agricultural enterprises, especially marketing development is set to guide the production, deep processing industry as one of the "leading" enterprises, improve services and other functions. attracted to agriculture modern production factors such as capital, technology, knowledge management, information , the use of modern production methods to optimize the allocation of resources. should be placed on the introduction of advanced agricultural company, destination investment, to attract domestic and foreign companies, large enterprises involved in agricultural development, advocating with local companies or large agricultural operations joint venture or joint-stock reform, the establishment of the modern agricultural enterprises to meet the competition requirements. give special support to solve agricultural entrepreneurial entrepreneurial management funds, personnel, services, and many other difficulties faced.

2. Grasp the orders of Agriculture to promote farmers' income. Farmers living dispersed, the limitations of the closed nature of the mode of production, the loose nature of the degree of organization, social interaction and contact, conservative ideas, make them difficult to form a tightly interest groups. farmers in the go-to-market process, showing frustration and confusion, accustomed to passive recipients to act as a result of the social distribution of benefits. grasping orders agriculture, contribute to the solution of these problems it is necessary to give full play to all kinds agricultural companies, big business and the role of intermediary organizations: First go first to the market, and then, grasping the idea of ​​production, focus on accelerating the nurture and support the market intermediary organizations, making it find orders signed single main body in order to establish a supply and demand between stable contractual relationship, to reduce the risk and cost of production of the farmers, and improve economic efficiency. loose farmers through agricultural companies, the main production resources from local special conditions, the development of the economy with local characteristics, "one village, one product" or " one county, one product "specialty products bigger and stronger. around the need to nurture their own brand, to strengthen the awareness of trademarks, to intensify propaganda advantage product launch to increase market share, and promote the growth of the income of the farmers and the rural economy development.

3. Promote agricultural production to guarantee farmers 'income in accordance with the requirements of the market economy, deepening the reform of the grain and cotton distribution system, according to local conditions to adjust and optimize the agricultural varieties and quality structure, which is an important measure to increase farmers' income the same time, to focus on promoting the dominant industrial management of agriculture industry, and strive to cultivate a group of agriculture, industry and trade, production, supply and integration of large base, "leading" brand in the process of agricultural industrialization, it should be noted that stimulate and guide the farmers, instead instead of farmers. leading enterprises should not be large-scale leasing of farmers land directly engaged in agricultural production and rural land circulation among farmers, the township shall be recovered by administrative intervention and forcibly contracted land of farmers to protect farmers' land contract and management rights rural credit cooperatives to increase micro-credit loans to farmers, to provide financial support for the production, management and circulation of the farmers, where conditions permit, you can also pilot consumer loans.

Second, we should accelerate the construction of small towns as developing the rural market focus

Developing the rural market, in addition to adjust the structure of the rural economy, and improve the level of agricultural industrialization. Important to accelerate the urbanization process to speed up the construction of small towns to stimulate rural market consumption through small towns, one pulling steel, wood, cement the consumption of building materials products. improve the level of urbanization in rural areas, prompting farmers consumer attitudes and spending habits change, consumer demand further. further improve rural production and living environment, and to provide the basic conditions for the expansion of consumption. currently small towns the requirements of the construction and rural economic and social development are also unsuited to further improve the quality and level of the construction of small towns, the establishment of small urban system. prominent features, with clearly defined functions, complementary functions, rational layout, network equilibrium pattern of small towns, mainly agricultural industrialization traction type, modern industrial birth type, city spoke, market driven type, tourism development type, culture and promote conductivity type, etc. according to the actual situation, to play a local specialty and location advantages, mature a development one, on the policy-making should take full account of the needs of the small towns. First of all, in order to expedite the development of the administrative system of the small towns, and mobilize their enthusiasm, make full use of the various means the construction and planning of small towns, to promote the development of small towns. Secondly, based on the actual appropriate government decentralization to small towns, to enable them to take a more flexible policy, all-round, multi-channel investment through the social incremental capital injection and revitalize the stock assets of the small towns, consumption growth in investment promotion. Finally, but also to reform the current system of household registration, land, education, health care, social security and other constraining the development of small towns, shall, jointly with relevant departments, research measures, stepping up to solve, so that rural individual industrial and commercial households, wealthy farmers, agricultural surplus labor and small and medium-sized enterprises to small cities or towns, population and consumption scale. laid the material foundation for the development of small towns.

Third, it is necessary to strengthen the market network construction as an important means of developing the rural market

Under the new situation of the overall industrial and agricultural products into the buyer's market, the degree of perfection of the market system has become the key to invigorate the rural market circulation. Should improve and perfect marketing network in rural areas as an important means of developing the rural market, the formation of the state-owned commercial backbone distribution center for the county and small towns, rural business outlets based, multi-component, multi-channel, smooth and efficient county, township, and village levels, the "two-way flow of network. adhere to the state-owned, collective, individual, private together on. invigorating the rural distribution through multiple channels. combine traditional practices and fair trade to comply with China's level of economic development and national conditions, caravans, Peddlers chains, supermarkets, agents with legacy and other modern means of circulation, to establish a multi-level, multi- channel, bi-efficient commercial system in rural areas, the development of large circulation, a large market and lay a good foundation.
Owned supply and marketing cooperatives to take advantage of its rural markets mature, the many advantages of grass-roots network to realize the cooperation with the manufacturers, merchants or distribution center, market-oriented, strengthen internal management and joint-stock reform. Continue to play its circulation in the rural market the main channel.

Conditional state-owned wholesale enterprises can Mei system to become a modern logistics center, through the form of a chain, leasing agents, commercial outlets in rural dispersed disorderly in large and medium-sized commercial enterprises direct sales and agent system. Actively and production contact or joint enterprise, to chain business scale advantage, as much as possible to reduce the cost of purchase, to ensure product quality and low price. meet farmers' consumption.

3, the strength of the production enterprises can be sold through co-operation with professional delivery or self-built distribution center in the region. Now integrated production and marketing chain in the development of the township, agents Club stores and distribution stations, establish connectivity urban and rural areas, radiation surrounding rural overall sales network, in order to reduce the cost of circulation, the formation of scale.

Currently, the national implementation of the "Ten Thousand Villages Market Engineering has completed acceptance township, village farm shop speed of 100,000 or more, in the future should continue to accelerate the implementation.

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four, it is necessary to the production of marketable industrial products in rural areas as the main entry point for developing the rural market

Due to the differences in income, education, habits of urban and rural residents, both items of consumption requirements are different for the same items, rural residents often the pursuit of durable, practical, low-cost live appearance, functionality and articles diversity is not too high, ie, rural and urban areas are two different markets, goods supply in rural areas should be adapted to the requirements of the rural market a long time, however, the vast majority of China's industrial enterprises only focus on the production and marketing of the city, in developing the rural market, some of the urban consumer products moved to the countryside, or get the backlog of goods to the countryside to deal with farmers no studies consumer psychology, consumer characteristics, to produce the products needed for the rural market, the design of the product of the industrial enterprises is a departure from the requirements of urban residents seldom consider the rural residents' request. resulting in a small rural marketable products. especially modern appliances and durable consumer goods, the type, grade, function, operation, are not completely meet the actual needs of the farmers. functions too, farmers do not have access to complex operations, farmers will not use, instructions are letters of the alphabet, the farmers do not understand, multifunction , high-grade and raise the price, farmers can not afford on color TV in terms of farmers actually need only a few basic channels enough, do not need dozens or even hundreds of channels if the multi-channel The versatile TV is reduced to a few channels, the single function of the TV, you can not only meet the requirements of the rural residents, the surface and can greatly reduce the price of color TV, the expansion of TV consumption in rural industrial enterprises in the rural market demand increase attention and take appropriate action.

1. Adjust the business philosophy of industrial enterprises for rural market horde. The industrial providers must first adjust the business philosophy fully aware of the importance of the rural market potential to promote the development of industrial production in rural areas as an important market mining development, established the "Rural positioning" and "City positioning" equal emphasis on business ideas, to establish the business strategy of the urban-rural divide markets, the occupation of the rural market as a real business and an important part of the development strategy.

2. Adjust the structure of industrial products to adapt to the needs of the rural market industrial enterprises for the rural market positioning, product design should enhance product durability, safety, simple, light and other characteristics, strengthen the main function of the product. Go to swap some unnecessary and farmers are not used or do not have access to the function, cut some additional features, in order to reduce costs and prices, the Haier Group has been successful attempt in this regard. Haier Group in the development of rural household electric refrigerator, one existing functionality slashed, thereby reducing the price, the second is the transformation of the compressor to re-adapt to the low and medium voltage with fluctuations, results sell well in rural markets, its share of the rural market increased significantly.

3 new products developed with rural features, and take the initiative to seize the rural market. Provided to rural industrial products in addition to reduced unnecessary functions in order to adapt them to the actual consumption in rural areas on the basis of the original city-should be adopt a positive strategy, developed with rural characteristics of rural products, and the development of different types of products according to the differences in the habits of farmers in different areas. Haier Group developed a successful rural-type washing machine is typical. operators learned of the Haier Group in rural areas, farmers often need cleaning sweet potatoes with soil, so improving the washing machine outfall design and produce a row sediment ability and can be used for laundry and a special type of sweet potato, potato washing machine, greatly welcomed by farmers. sales were brisk Chang not only to open up the rural market, to meet the needs of farmers, but also bring benefits to the enterprise, enterprises and farmers to "win-win" results. Another example is the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Yichun City, the whole world production of household water factory "farmers household tap water supply equipment, high water pressure, especially for pig farms with water and rinse the venue has been put in the rural market, has achieved considerable economic and social benefits. Again, the Konka Group Company for rural voltage stability characteristics, improved product design, to produce a strong regulator performance can work in a wide range of voltage normal color TV. welcomed by the rural consumers, a substantial increase in sales. proves once again that these examples: no absolute weakness in the market, the only non-marketable products. improved product performance and design, production and the rural market marketable products of industrial enterprises in China has just opened a start, but also much to do Practice has proved that as long as the products on the Road, in line with the actual income and consumption of the farmers, the farmers are willing to spend money on the purchase and consumption of the past, farmers are not spending, are not necessarily reluctant to spend, but to buy less than the desired goods in national agricultural policy and agricultural products rose price "wheeled" driven rural promising consumer "supermarket" has been issued by the start signal.

, It is necessary to strengthen the rural infrastructure as an important condition for developing the rural market

Rural infrastructure is seriously lagging behind, is an important factor constraining rural market development most typical example in this regard is the home appliance and consumer constraints such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers and other consumer goods, must be equipped with an electric external conditions to complete consumption if no electricity infrastructure, even if the income is high, the purchase and ownership of these goods can not achieve on their consumption of TV consumption also need a TV signal, consumption of washing machines also need to tap the system. If you do not have the infrastructure, can not achieve consumption. Currently, our country is still a considerable part of the rural is not energized, even if access to electricity in rural areas, there are also the grid old voltage is not steady, high electricity prices unreasonable phenomenon. rural areas TV signal is weak, and some even can not receive television programs, TV become decorative, nearly half of the farmers had no running water. lack of public infrastructure, greatly restricts consumption of rural residents on the color TV, refrigerator and washing machine. farmers in some places buy a washing table machine no running water system forced the washing machine when Sheng meters of container. therefore, must speed up construction of rural roads, fight by Every Village "development to every household, the implementation of the transformation of rural electricity, urban and rural areas with electricity with the price system, the perfect TV signal network in rural areas, to fight for every household on cable TV signal, and promote" water works "fight for every village water tower. formulate preferential policies to encourage companies to join the development of the rural market, to engage in infrastructure, financial investment, bank loans, foreign investment, joint-stock, transfer of land use rights and other forms to revitalize rural infrastructure investment entities, if necessary You can also issue rural bonds and lottery to raise funds for social loafing. supporting rural infrastructure only improve the consumption environment in rural areas, in order to expand the scale of the rural consumer, to promote the sales of TVs and other appliances commodities in rural.

January 5, 2011, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to implement a new round of upgrading rural power grid works. Thus further reduce the burden of rural electricity. Comply with this major initiative to develop accurate strategic positioning of the rural market, is bound to have a significant and positive impact on developing the rural market.

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