To build Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone cities rational use of evaluation system

Feed City rational use of connotation propose a rational evaluation index system build C2R model based on DEA domestic economic zone city for the overall evaluation samples to evaluate the overall efficiency of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in the city, for the realization of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone The city regulation to provide theoretical guidance.

Keywords: C2R model; rational use of evaluation; Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone

Fund Source: the Guangxi General Program of the Department of Education (200802MS138) "Based on DEA city of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone rational utilization evaluation studies" initial results

Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is located in China's coastal southwestern tip of the study area is mainly composed by the two channels cities of Nanning, Beihai, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang City, Yulin, Chongzuo administrative region of Guangxi Beibu Gulf in March .2006 fully opening up and development of the economic zone was officially launched, entered a new historical stage of the opening up and development of coastal areas of Guangxi .2008 January 16 countries have officially approved the implementation of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Development Planning >> marks Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic opening up and development of the area formally incorporated into national development strategies .2010 China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in the city as a bridgehead of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, will usher in a new opportunity for development, service and broader economic hinterland .

However, the experiences of urban development from some domestic economic zone, with the sustained and rapid economic growth and increasing population, the problem of insufficient increase in the phenomenon of irrational urban development, energy, water, land, minerals and other resources become increasingly acute economic construction in the presence and accumulation of the increasing number of deep-seated problems, the establishment of the implementation of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, the original urban use pattern and the use of effective change, and in a timely manner using scientific methods such as DEA quantitative estimation of the rational utilization of Guangxi Beibu Gulf cities and evaluation, affecting cities rational use of effective indicators to determine the pros and cons of the rational use of effective, to understand cities rational use of current situation and development potential, and provide a reference for the rational allocation of resources; relationship between the use and economic development for government coordination city as well as policies to provide important reference.

City rational use of connotation

City rational use of the stage to achieve the sustainable development of the city through the intensive use of urban elements and optimal allocation of objectives, the rational use of evaluation is an important regulatory means of urban management. Guangxi Beibu Bay City rational, utilization is necessary to emphasize the urban density compact layout, mixed use of the land and building, the construction of the public transport system combined plan, the goal is to make the lives of the residents more convenient, saving people time and other resources; offers a variety of convenient and effective public transport options; Third, Development District to make full use of existing communities and existing facilities; protect the natural landscape and environmentally sensitive areas; Fifth, the public and stakeholders involved in the development of decision-making, in order to avoid making wrong judgments and conclusions.

Second, based on the idea of ​​Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in the city of DEA rational use of evaluation research

(A) research ideas

1, DEA model. Because the DEA efficiency measured relative efficiency evaluation unit relative to the "leading" the efficiency of the unit, and therefore to carry out the evaluation of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone DEA mature CZT city domestic reform experimental zone regional urban agglomeration of the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration the appropriate urban elements relative evaluation efficiency value.

2, DEA model requires a decision-making unit number should be close to or more than twice the input and output variables. Relative to for evaluation units vertical ratio DEA effect for horizontal between the different units of the DEA evaluation more reasonable, to 2008 in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone 6 City Changzhutan urban reform experimental zone, regional urban agglomeration of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta city group 12 City as a decision-making unit. posted in the free papers Download Center
3, from evaluation index system, according to the Delphi method to determine the number of input, output principal component index m, as a new interpretation of the variable.

4, using DEA evaluation model to evaluate the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone cities rational use of non-DEA effective city regulation program.
(B) the design and characteristics of the City rational use of evaluation index system. Cities rational use of five subsystems, including resources, environmental, economic, demographic and social coordination, in fact, is to achieve sustainable urban development milestones according to a comprehensive, scientific selecting principle, independence, operability, applicability of indicators, taking into account the availability of the system of coordination and indicators, select the indicators in Table 1 to build cities in the rational use of evaluation system input, output indicators (Table 1 )

, DEA evaluation model

The DEA method will be a by a series of decisions, enter a certain number of factors of production and economic system (or person) called the decision-making unit (DMU) output of a certain number of products available on the the known n decision-making unit, DEA method to determine the reasonableness of the individual unit inputs / outputs, effectiveness, particularly suitable for the rational development of the evaluation with the time limit requirements. judgment DEA evaluation of the relative efficiency of the decision-making unit more, this paper to evaluate the overall efficiency of the DMU non Achilles Mead infinitesimal C2R model, the model can be evaluated DMU's technical efficiency, economies of scale and efficiency., see the following form:
min [0 - (eTs-0 + eTs +0)] st.jxj + s +0 = 0x0jyj-s +0 = y0j> = 0, s-0> = 0, s +0> = 0

DEA Evaluation of the study area

(A) Evaluation of the unit status quo. As space is limited according to the Delphi method to select the evaluation index column process, the status of the input and output of the evaluation unit are shown in Table 2 (Table 2).

(B) the results of the evaluation. DEAP software C2R model, as much as possible to increase the angle from inputs unchanged output, multi-stage unit estimation method (MULTI-STAGE) calculation the comprehensive efficiency calculation results shown in Figure 1. (Figure 1)
(C) the results of analysis. Preliminary analysis from Figure 1, the cities of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in Nanning, Qinzhou, Yulin, Chongzuo four cities for DEA, four cities in major economic zone cities throughout sample systems for the reference collection is relatively effective, these four cities, based on the case of investment in the status quo in 2008, the city rational output reached maximize the rational use of relatively better development of the city has been fully aware of the coordination of the entire system, and has managed to improve the efficiency of input and output, but also should be noted that in addition to Nanning, four relatively effective urban, invested total Changsha, Zhuzhou and Changsha, Yangtze River Delta, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo the Pearl River Delta city of Foshan relatively effective, there is still a big gap, the next goal, with the development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, how to maintain its relatively effective and rational use of the target in the case of increased investments; remaining two The city of Beihai and Fangchenggang evaluation results DEA invalid, indicating there is room for improvement in the City rational utilization of capacity, the system overall coordination.

Delphi method-based survey, the results of the evaluation is basically consistent with the actual situation more objectively reflect the rational utilization of capacity in the cities of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone.

V. Conclusion
Although there are still a lot of restrictions, data envelopment analysis method is still a very effective efficient evaluation method, from the perspective of the overall effectiveness, Beihai City Economic Zone cities between the input and output efficiency vary greatly, non- DEA effective Beihai and Fangchenggang City must improve to strengthen the construction and development of the city's economic, social and resource environment from the perspective of rational use of reasonable regulation of the investment of resources and configuration, the city invested on output positive effect of increasing further research from economies of scale, technical benefits as well as the description of the individual indicators and projector, estimates and analysis, and proposed a more targeted development potential and reasonable utilization of urban development proposals.

(Author: Guangxi Economic and Trade Vocational Institute of Technology)


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