PRD industrial transfer undertake the park attract investment ability Studies

Abstract: Since the Guangdong Province to promote the transfer of industries, and achieved significant results, helping the North East region of the Pearl River Delta region pattern has been established, but also there are some problems in the process of the transfer of the PRD enterprises eastward Northwest, paper Departure transfer from PRD enterprises will and motivation, and the existence of barriers to the PRD enterprises in the transfer process, the attractive elements of the parser industrial transfer park, based on the attractive and increase its ability to countermeasures.

Keywords: Pearl River Delta, the transfer of industries, attract investment capacity, research.

Abstract: The promotion of industrial transfer inGuangdong Province has achieved remarkable results.

The helping and supporting model by the Pearl RiverDelta region has been established in North of of East WestRegion However, there are some problems during thetransfer of the PRD enterprises towards northwest region period This article will firstly QQ Search Widget nciku Mobile nciku Mini E-zine Games Store Store the motivation of thetransfer of the PRD enterprises. Secondly, obstacles dur-ing transfer process will be studied. Thirdly, attrac-tive elements of the industrial transfer park will beanalyzed. Last but not least, strategies to promote at-tractiveness and service capability will be recommend-ed.

Keywords: Pearl River Delta, Industrial transfer, A-bility to attract investment, Study.

Ask questions why.

Currently, for the concept of "transfer industry" is no uniform definition of the author more recognized saying is: "The transfer of industries under market economy conditions, due to changes in resource supply or production requirements, certain industries from one country or region transferred to another country or region of economic behavior and spontaneous process. "

① Pearl River Delta region in Guangdong province said the transfer of industries, specifically refers to Regional Industry Moving Regional Industry Moving thrust, inter-district transfer of industry pull and inter-district transfer of industry resistance mutual transfer to the east and west wings and mountainous areas of the industry. role in the results of the theory, only the transfer of the push and pull of a joint force is greater than the resistance, the companies will voluntarily transfer, there are many problems that undertake the attractiveness of the park in rally PRD enterprises to the east and west wings mountainous transfer of scale have not revealed the Guangdong Provincial Association for Promoting Democracy in the industrial park construction problems and suggestions >> collective proposal submitted to the provincial CPPCC << 23 provincial industry transfer "Industrial Transfer Park lack macro-planning: on the one hand, the location layout is unreasonable, did not fully consider the optimal allocation of land resources, investment resources in space, almost in the same area at the same time approved a number of provincial Industrial Transfer Park, both caused by the shortage of land resources and size of the park is restricted, and the local government can not give more financial support, and intensified competition to attract foreign investment, on the other hand, the industry is not clear positioning, confounding most park industry, both can not form a cluster, and the lack of leading industries. " In such cases, companies prefer to go to other provinces and even Vietnam to transfer from the analysis of industry attractive elements start of the industrial park is proposed to enhance undertake park attraction countermeasures to provide a reference for the east and west wings and mountainous enhanced undertake the park attract investment capacity .

Second, the transfer of industry attractive factor analysis of the industrial park.

Only those who have lost the advantage for developed regions (1) elements of the industrial base. Industry provides a good cooperation in conditions less developed regions, the most likely to undertake industry developed areas. Underdeveloped areas supporting industries is not enough to transfer the cost of supporting improve, it will limit the transfer of part of the industry, the Guangdong the northwest city already has a certain industrial base, with certain conditions to undertake the transfer.

② Regional Elements (also the transport cost elements. Domestic high oil prices, transportation costs become a the enterprise key consideration elements. Ports, railways, airports and other infrastructure of the city is often more attractive to businesses to invest and build factories. 6 Airport in Guangdong Province, which, Shantou, Zhanjiang, Meixian each an airport transfer is a favorable condition for the promotion of the east and west wings and mountainous industry. Guangdong Provincial Expressway has been very well-developed rail, intercity rail transportation is also no coverage to the east and west wings and mountain Therefore, the convenient transportation conditions to undertake the park can attract companies come to invest in a very important factor.

③ electricity, water supply, land supply elements. Become increasingly tense as the Pearl River Delta industrial land, east and west wings, and mountainous areas to undertake the park contiguous to the development of a large area of ​​land for the enterprises of the Pearl River Delta is a powerful attraction. Secondly, water , electricity, land cost considerations average industrial electricity prices in the Pearl River Delta region is 68.98 cents / kWh and west wings average industrial tariff is 61.04 cents / kWh, the northern part of the average electricity price is 55.94 cents / kWh under the National The implementation of the sale price of 600 yuan / square meter, the lowest standards of industrial land >> (2007, Guangzhou Yuexiu District, Yangshan County, Qingyuan City area to perform a standard of 120 yuan / square meter, the equivalent of Yuexiu District / 5.

④ policy elements (administrative cost elements on the one hand, the enterprise is still dependent on policy support, the other hand, apart from the introduction of preferential policies, but also did not find a more effective investment means, in fact, improve administrative efficiency and reduce administrative costs. example, some enterprises in the park complained that the high efficiency of local government departments, enterprises and government departments to "deal" too time-consuming. enterprises complain further spread, the negative effects brought about by the administrative level of the problem broader scope of influence will thus will be difficult to play the role of providers of business and attracting foreign capital mode.

(5) labor factor First, the supply of labor and west wings and mountain undertake Park there are recruitment difficulties, the foreign population, especially small mountain, unable to retain skilled personnel, which is the key to restricting the mountain enterprise development. Secondly, the quality of the labor force , high-quality, skilled workforce easier concentrated to the Pearl River Delta region It is based on the presence of the above two cases, Guangdong Province, in the proposed industrial transfer, the transfer of labor, that is, the "double shift" mode again. labor costs in this area, and west wings and mountainous city an advantage. accordance with the provisions of the enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2008, minimum wage workers, more than 770 yuan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Yangjiang city is only 580 yuan .

In summary said, to undertake Park and other parks in the industrial atmosphere, traffic location, the level of administration, labor has a comparative advantage, able to attract more businesses into.

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Enhance countermeasures park attraction and service capabilities.

1. Adhere to the principles of market economy.

Whether the PRD enterprises transferred to transfer both to respect the wishes of the enterprise, to which the park, but also to respect the laws of the market, then what is the law of the market? Is to make a comprehensive analysis of the attractive elements of the park, they decide where to settle down. Government "matchmaker", not only will give enterprise production and management difficult, is not conducive to the park according to the rules of market economy to increase its attractiveness and service capabilities.

The park is planned to be first.

Positioning is not clear the park looks like a treasure bag, what can be installed, in fact, what can not be installed from a business point of view, it is necessary to form a complete industry park, therefore, the initial stage of construction is necessary to park leading industries a clear positioning, in accordance with the industrial chain, the construction of a number of selected projects, the introduction of a number of projects from the point of view of the competition, each park has its own industry characteristics, to avoid competing and redundant construction, and ultimately the formation of dislocation development pattern.

Development of park planning, there are two problems that require attention:

One who is planning? Generally, the local government will first consider hiring institutions to make plans to ensure scientific and rational planning, the province institutions of higher learning to write planning costs are not low, Guangdong Northwest and the financial resources of the district government to bear.

In addition, scholars preparing planning will be more or less there are out of touch with the actual disadvantages of local government departments should be used as the main unit of the preparation of planning, experts, scholars as a consultant to provide academic support, and to make reasonable suggestions strive park planning closer to local actual economic development.

Preparation of park planning should focus on industrial layout and land, environmental protection, and other factors some places in the planning and layout of the preparation of planning focused on industry, while ignoring the support of the land and environmental factors. Fact, land use indicators and environmental indicators of businesses to the park and to start the premise, not the support of the department of land and environmental protection departments, park planning becomes pale manuscript.

3. Increase execution.

Promote industrial transfer direction is correct, how to build a good industrial transfer park concept is basically clear, but why still there are insufficient funds to build industrial transfer park, not many settled in the project, planning is not in place? The author believes that the most important The reason is that execution is not enough construction of industrial transfer park must have someone grab someone to manage. increase the execution of the park must the municipal level to increase co-ordinate efforts to increase its attractiveness as a whole city, the relevant departments collaborative event. Secondly, the overall operation of the park should follow the law of the market economy, to hire a professional company in Zhongshan City, Zhongshan (Yangjiang Industrial Transfer Park run mode can be implemented.

4. Strengthen infrastructure construction zone.

Restricting the level of park infrastructure bottleneck is the shortage of funds. Provincial government set up the industrial transfer of funds to support and west wings and mountainous park infrastructure is to help solve the problem of insufficient investment. 5 billion support fund but can not solve all of the funds undertake Park to the idea of ​​trying to enlarge the use of special funds multiples, the initial investment by the government, the market operation in late development and construction undertake Park To insist on a high level, high standards, scientific planning and construction of the park road network, pipelines, sewage treatment, heating supply gas supply cooling equipment, multi-layer standard plant life supporting facilities, to guide park infrastructure and public facilities construction and sharing. priority arrangements leading to the Industrial Transfer Park grid construction and renovation projects, and improve the park external road , ports, drainage, sewerage, communications, and other supporting facilities to speed up the construction of information technology, human resources, business, logistics, and other public platform, to increase its ancillary services. especially should park environmental infrastructure construction as a top priority and ensure that it Park at the same time planning, construction and put into operation at the same time, achieve the centralized management of the park pollution, and centralized control.

5-government efforts to improve the environment.

Optimized administrative environment must first optimize the human brain, is to raise the awareness of service of the administrative departments in less developed areas of administrative departments to establish a service business philosophy is a relatively long-term process, but we can come through the development of the operating regulations the effect of government departments to improve the services, such as, the implementation of the political speed reduction, shortening the processing time of the administrative approval and so on. "zero fee" policy as soon as possible the implementation of the Industrial Transfer Park, that enterprises in the park in addition to the national unity taxes are no longer levied any local charges. industry transferred to simplify the administrative examination and approval procedures, the promotion of a "one-stop" service, improve efficiency, and resolutely prevent "Chinakayao" wrongdoing. tracking service transfer enterprises to effectively strengthen support help enterprises cope with the international financial crisis, expand the production and operation of the new into the regional roots to grow and develop.

IV Conclusion.

In short, with the further improvement of the province's transportation network, The Northwest Territories infrastructure, to further improve the industry be better to clear the transfer channel, will effectively enhance the willingness to transfer PRD enterprises around the ability to seize business transfer will greet the new wave of industrial transfer will depend on the cost of congenital conditions around the differences and local government administrative level contest. □ References:
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