The reform and innovation of the base wine quality monitoring method

Abstract: The importance of the base wine quality monitoring system using the computer for the quality control of wine and the base wine quality classification and statistics of the test results completed through computer programming. Confidentiality of this system compared with the traditional quality control methods, operating simple, strict quality control process.

Keywords: base wine, quality control systems, computer

Product quality is the life, is the key to win the market competition, good quality is the basis for the enterprise implementation of business strategy [1]. Worldwide since the 1990s, the research, development and implementation of computer-aided quality the system the OAS (Computer AidedOuaiity System and Integrated Quality System IOS the (Integrated OuaiitySystem the boom and specialized organizations "CIMS Computer Integrated Quality System" International Conference on IOS, OAS modeling, architecture, CAD / CAM and CAO integration of knowledge engineering and expert systems in the IOS conducted in-depth discussion on China in quality and design, quality and manufacturing, "Quality and assembly", "quality management" and "quality time" an extensive and in-depth research, and made a lot of achievements. [2]

Liquor companies belonging to the food processing industry requires a lot of processes, from raw materials into the plant to the finished wine factory in order to meet the market requirements for liquor quality, strict quality control of each process must In view of the particularity of liquor, into the tank prior to storage in the base wine, its comprehensive evaluation based on the characteristics of white wine production and quality management, quality supervision departments base wine quality control process, the idea of ​​the computer system of quality control The system includes a base wine sensory, physical, chemical and health indicators in the inspection process, the wine quality grading process, as well as wine information statistics.

Summary and Analysis of 1. Traditional methods of quality control

Retrieve sampling wine samples, the first part of the two-pass encoding base wine samples sent to the testing room, Second, the detection chamber physical and chemical health and sensory analysis of wine samples, based on the sensory characteristics of the base wine quality grading, and finally , hand the test results fill in a report card by the full-time staff sent to the relevant units as a quality control unit to control the quality of the base wine is mainly to do the work of two aspects: First, the classification of the samples the different wine numbered determine inspection of the base wine division of the quality level. fractile wine rating system to divide that among Number wine, Score level, through the two stages of the initial evaluation and re-evaluation to determine the final quality of the order this points system to be confidential ( The secret operations sample number.

Summarized by the above analysis, there are inadequacies in traditional methods can be seen:

1.1 confidentiality is not strong

Once the whole process of coding and secondary coding human operation, resulting in the detection process is not rigorous enough test results exist the greater the risk of human error, in particular, the company has increased the amount of awards for quality wine, this situation need eliminate human inspection error to increase the results of scientific and impartiality.

The 1.2 the physicochemical health indicators grading are not linked

Inherent physical and chemical quality is not the way to get high-quality wine all in compliance with the quality standards of the company's internal control, increased workload for the late high-quality production of the finished wine, the intrinsic quality of the means that traditional methods of quality wine is not necessarily the overall quality like The car, the engine is one of the world's top, but the quality of the doors and windows of the car can not be called a top-level vehicles.

1.3 less efficient

The more tasting, physicochemical member, Statistics slow increasingly prominent problem manually statements to be sent to the relevant production unit time generally takes about half an hour, a serious impact on the work progress of the brother unit, but also to the tasting laboratory workers working pressure. monthly, quarterly, annual appraisal based ledger labor statistics, slower.

Reform and innovation of new quality control methods

In the new century, China's economic development policies with advanced science and technology to transform traditional industries at home and abroad Practice has proved that the application of the computer is one of the main ways that this transformation [3].

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2.1 new quality control methods process

The new quality control method process.

2.2 new quality control method has the advantage

2.2.1 privacy enhancements

(A system with the account number and password, the login interface displays the information content is also different according to the user permissions differences

(2 retrieve the base wine samples, the wine sample information into the system, automatically by computer random secondary coding new wine sample number, instead of human secondary coding computer random secondary coding, to eliminate the source of the base wine basic confidentiality of information leakage, and enhance the original information to ensure a rigorous quality control process, to improve the accuracy and fairness of the quality control results,

(3 in the entire testing process before the test results reported in the inspector can not know a number representative of the wine kind of information, they are only responsible for the number corresponds to the the wine sample results into the system and only the master password for advanced users to query inspection process,

(4 systems directly to the alcohol content, total acid, three physical and chemical indicators of total ester sensory join the base wine classification, grading is automatically calculated by the system setup program formula, rule out human error.

2.2.2 sensory testing process innovation

The liquor sensory evaluation by the entire industry attaches great importance to the sommelier in product quality monitoring, blending the role of technological progress, the brewing process improvement and increase more and more significant. Effective identification and control of white wine sensory quality is stable. and an important means to improve liquor quality over the years, many of the technical staff of the industry has been in this making unremitting efforts [4].

Sensory score Innovation: a total of six, each from the traditional "color, smell, taste, Georgia," the four evolved to now "color, full-bodied degree, net Shuang degree, style, personalized wine and aroma quality" 1-7 small items of 18 items. according to the different segments of the degree of each small items have scores range Tasting members are only responsible for the small scoring system automatically aggregated total score and grade.

The sensory examination process innovation: sensory testing of the new method, Tasting members find according to the number of systems randomly assigned the corresponding wine samples to conduct an independent evaluation, to be all the wine critic Members completed the initial evaluation the system automatically after the initial evaluation of a wine with substandard wine to generate new programs assigned to each wine critic Members participate in the initial evaluation of the re-evaluation, adopted unanimously by the re-evaluation results will replace the initial evaluation results to produce a new quality of results.

2.2.3 The quality of the results of the innovation

System automatically join the alcohol content, total acid, the total ester physicochemical results with sensory results grading of the base wine, to be down a standard for physical and chemical grade wine.

2.2.4 Results conveying innovation

Quality approved by leading audit report, At the same time, all with the system account and password per capita can see the quality of the results.

2.3 the benefits of the new system

Through the the base wine quality monitoring system of R & D, the company more standardized quality control work on the base wine, statements significantly reduce transmission time reduced to 2.64 minutes from the previous half-hour, to improve the efficiency of production units. Simultaneously Internet to understand the quality status of the base wine wine-wide management of the Company at any time, as the base wine storage, production and process control provides a great convenience.

Wine quality control computer control, reduce human error, and provided the basis for the base wine storage, brewing a quality wine to find the direction to timely grasp of the production process, provide a convenient tool for the technical department varieties developed for the company's brand in the market seize the initiative, with incalculable economic value. establishment of the new system, greatly mobilized employees working spirit of collaboration to help enhance job skills and work efficiency.

Improve and increase quality monitoring system

Wine quality monitoring should be a science, complete, state-of-the-art systems engineering and should keep pace with the times, and continue to add new content to wine quality control methods should be improved at:

3.1 increase the statistical analysis of the quality control system of the base wine. Intuitive graphical analysis on the basis of the daily, monthly increase.

3.2-based wine quality monitoring system just solved Group Company based wine wine quality control problems, the conditions are ripe, we prepare the entire group finished, semi-finished products, wine and foreign wine quality monitoring system for computer comprehensive quality control samples are used.


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