About transfer of fixed assets owned lag Reflections

Abstract: Based on the transfer of fixed assets owned lag analysis of the reasons put forward a number of recommendations.

Transfer of fixed assets owned by the enterprise infrastructure completion transferred to fixed asset accounting and management with an important aspect related to the investment in fixed assets after depreciation using the extraction, business daily costing and operational efficiency to determine, but in practice work, often due to many reasons, the transfer of fixed assets owned enterprises are often lagging behind.

One, fixed assets turn owned lag analysis

(A leading term investments do not pay attention to work-related personnel involved in inadequate

1, currently used as the project responsible mainly focus on project quality, safety, progress, investment control of fixed assets to capital is only considered to be cost and financial personnel matter when plant construction is completed, according to design requirements feeding test output of qualified products, namely, that the duties have been completed, and even the project construction period related personnel transferred from the original post.

(Two project completion settlement lag

According << >> Basic Construction Financial Management (Finance Building [2002] No. 394, completion of the project construction unit shall be completed within three months after the completion of the preparation of financial accounts, while in practice often not completed on time, mainly due to as follows:

1, the company ignored in engineering construction of the data collection, resulting in the preparation of financial accounts of completion can not be due to incomplete data preparation completed financial statement or manual content imperfect.

2, the construction unit project settled slowly. External liquidity and strong construction unit, construction site data integration and settlement are fewer, but several roles, frequent changes can not be settled by delivery of data integration and, if the project is subcontracting or completed project is expected to progress payments, net settlement income, preparation section, retention money back after a little while, the situation is more serious.

3, project completion and acceptance longer. General project completion and acceptance of the signing of the "Project Works certificate" requires at least 12 months, and was completed after the completion of financial accounts generally be completed within three months, coupled with the financial audit of the accounts inspection, approval, approval time, resulting from the completion of the project submitted for approval to the financial accounts at least a year or even several years.

(Three lack of fixed asset investments under the relevant rules and regulations

After the reform of the accounting system in 1993, many companies producing construction unit accounting and corporate accounting consolidation uniform implementation >> << enterprise accounting system, no separate accounting system implementation of the capital, which weakened to some extent on the construction project construction accounting and management, especially information transfer project construction work is more weak.

(Four means of information and inadequate support

Current business accounting has been largely achieved computerization of project management is also actively exploring information management tools, but many of the project management software takes only a project, budget control, project management, and the image of progress simulation , contract management, progress payment confirmation module functions, and procurement of equipment for engineering fees, construction costs, installation costs and the corresponding matching physical asset management is no good planning, project completion delivered turn-owned assets formed schedule still fill out by hand, low efficiency, accuracy is not high.

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Second, the timely transfer of fixed assets owned norms related recommendations

(A leadership attention, and the persons involved in the whole process to turn owned fixed assets

First, leadership attention and support is the norm timely transfer of fixed assets owned an important safeguard, to completion of the project accounts, fixed assets to capital as a continuation of construction and incorporate the relevant departments and staff performance appraisal content, and secondly to ensure that institutions and infrastructure the basic stability of staff, to set up a special working group turn owned by the original charge of the construction of civil engineering projects engineers, plant engineers, electrical instrumentation engineer, cost engineers, financial officers to take part, responsible for preparation of final accounts working capital and fixed asset transfer .

(Two to accelerate project completion settlement

1, good completion and acceptance of work, which is the premise of the preparation of the final account, project completion and acceptance of work from the project start, through to project completion and acceptance of the end of the whole process of final acceptance for the good work, asked to participate in building construction and design , procurement, foreign affairs, construction, general contracting, supervision, production and other units attached great importance to completion and acceptance of preparatory work to do preparatory work and final acceptance of construction projects simultaneously.

2, to strengthen the balance sheet with the construction unit management, fixed asset for its intended use, the acceptance of qualified, to promptly deal with the transfer information. Intended use of an asset for its intended use of the entity's functional goals. Exists when one of the following conditions may be considered the purchased assets ready for use: First, the physical assets of construction work has been completed or substantially completed. second has passed for trial run, and the results show that assets can be run or can stably produce Qualified products, or test run results show that the normal operation or business. three occurred in the amount spent on asset little or no longer occur. Fourth, the purchased assets have reached the design or contract requirements, or with design or contract requirements basically consistent, even if there are very few places with design or contract requirements do not match, not enough to affect the normal use.

(Three to establish and improve rules and regulations fixed asset investments under

One must have a clear project management, cost department, purchasing department, asset management department, finance department duties, as well as in the project feasibility study, design (preliminary design, technical design, construction design, bidding, procurement, construction, completion and acceptance focus of the work at all stages of work business processes.

2, construction projects completed asset to be subdivided, according to the asset class equipment, buildings (structures, asset classes, transmission lines, heating pipe network, process pipe, fire lines, non-standard equipment such as the nature and characteristics of the assets requirements of the relevant posts in the different phases of the project to complete the construction of quasi-assets (not pre-owned or transfer information transfer basic information and value of information, including the device name, related accessories, quantity, value, specifications, equipment serial number, date of manufacture, manufacturer, the use of units, equipment digit number, installation location, etc..

3, to establish the principles listed assets and asset construction, installation costs, other fees confirmation and allocation criteria. While strengthening the management of physical assets, asset-building routine checking system will be delivered using the asset list (single project turn-owned detail Tables and checked one by one all the physical assets.

(Four exploration information management tools to optimize turn-owned processes

Development of information systems for project management, the project had (budget, contract management, billing management, purchasing and inventory management, engineering, construction and installation project management integrated together through information integration, build authoritative data center, the fixed assets to working capital standards and processes into the information system, the system should prompt specific positions in the time required to do things such as: equipment base construction costs, equipment installation fees and equipment matching corrosion insulation fees, the cost of multiple objects income distribution, equipment asset class device names, specifications, acquisition costs, the manufacturer and other information automatically obtain and so on.


[1] << certain provisions of financial management infrastructure >> Cai Jian [2002] No. 394.

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