Should strengthen the backbone of efforts to support market

Summary of the circulation system of agricultural products in heavy manufacturing, light distribution, early warning mechanism is weak, long-term mechanism of agricultural products market is weak, we should strengthen the central wholesale markets and wholesale supply of major agricultural producing areas and the backbone of the market's attention.

Agricultural products circulation problem exists there are three aspects of background, one is the development of agricultural prices have become increasingly concerned about the problem this year, the state focused on supporting two, three industries. Thus, in rural areas there have been many professional farmers Cooperatives, however contradictory and out, these cooperatives planting without labor, the city workers who are in the busy time to go back a few days, and many companies because of labor shortage, all of the busy season workers who did not come home made double wages due to low breeding industry, many young people chose to stay in town to work, rather than the home farm, but from the other side, farmers still have to go home, the farmers of the land plot, plot crops is can not let go. If you can arrange according to system operating crops, then the economic benefits of growing crops is very impressive addition, there is now a phenomenon: that some people come into the city, some people choose to return to the countryside. migrant workers in the city, after working in 2056, with some savings, they begin to plan their own business, and if we can according to the local agricultural industry development plan, train up a service necessary for the development of agricultural industrialization chain, industrial chain , so as to allow these entrepreneurs a lot of money to be used in agricultural production, rather than open the hotel or build a house.

The second is the development of modern agriculture has caused the central concern. Modern agriculture is very different with the traditional agriculture, traditional agriculture mainly done from the production environment, modern agriculture has been out of the primary industry, secondary and tertiary industries interaction, industrial chain, industrial circulation system concept is very important, planned economy heavy manufacturing, heavy flow of the market economy in the development of modern agriculture, you can not deny the role of the market, but a certain period, a certain context, circulation leading and driving the effect may be more important. Facts on the circulation of the security has affected the safety of agricultural products In 2003, when food prices are rising, many people think that there is a problem of market regulation, but 2003 sales areas close to starvation in many places, on the other hand the main producing areas of grain shipped out, so the circulation is the most important.

Third, from the farmers point of view, in recent years the rising prices of agricultural products, but the farmers' income has not increased significantly, and many believe that the circulation of a problem, of course, imperfect circulation system is a very important reason however, I think, the most important reason is that with the development of modern agriculture, agricultural value chain drive is not the main production processes, but by the production processes, circulation and processing sectors to shift from the entire agricultural supply chain, production processes basically a mess and processing sectors slightly higher degree of the scale, while in circulation in a higher degree of monopoly. circulation in the leading role of the whole industry chain is growing, therefore, on the one hand circulation got a lot of benefits, but it is in circulation in the whole role is also the largest, so not blindly emphasized circulation occupy a major interest, while ignoring its role.

From another side, the current low level of industrialization of agriculture, should be adopted to improve the professional development of cooperatives, allowing supply and marketing cooperatives to guide farmers to improve the degree of organization, improve circulation and market bargaining power because the supply and marketing cooperatives have been rooted in rural areas, so the supply and marketing cooperatives to organize farmers to reduce the organization's operating costs, are better able to put the city's modern forms of organization and rural organization butt up nicely.

Currently, the circulation system of agricultural products is also some problems, mainly in the following aspects:

First, heavy manufacturing, light circulation problems still exist to some extent, on the capacity building of agricultural products circulation system, also need to be strengthened. Agricultural price volatility, it is natural to think of production. Fact, excessive production processes used to solve the problems, actually exacerbated the agricultural price volatility. careen agricultural relatively small number of the total market, producing more concentrated, easy to form a monopoly, so in this case, the price volatility will be relatively large, but these minor fluctuations in the prices of agricultural products with the people's livelihood The relationship is not very close, such as green beans, corn, etc. If it is rice, related to human food safety issues, the state can be adjusted. Others can be done through market regulation.

Second, the early warning mechanism is relatively weak now, a lot of people on agricultural price volatility is not clear enough understanding of the law, early warning mechanism is relatively backward, such as pork prices, when, how to support the production, how to prevent excessive breeding caused by short-term decline. posted on free download
Third, the long-term mechanism of agricultural products market is relatively weak. now a common problem of economic development in the wholesale market presence, small scale, low level function is not complete, with qualitative phenomenon seriously, we attach importance to the wholesale market in construction, on the wholesale market network construction, service system should pay attention to. present a lot of the development of cooperatives also exist such problems, how to guide them to change the status quo, development and growth is a issues of concern present for the existence of solutions to some of these problems deviation emphasis on the construction of the wholesale market area, rather than focus on infrastructure construction, but the image of engineering, and did not really play a role in the wholesale market.

Fourth, the agricultural supply chain coordination and integration insufficient attention. Importance of modern agriculture industry chain system concept, the whole industry chain is not only depend on the efficiency of distribution, market segments efficiency, but also on agricultural supply chain enterprises. Currently, the agricultural supply chain companies are very less, for the wholesale market, retailers, national efforts to support small and now national wholesale market for support through the project to support the project or if you want to put these funds really works, we should let the provinces themselves Which should get wholesale reporting project, based on the role of circulation of agricultural products to be, and how much money each year, the money how to use and so on. central departments can implement "mantis stalks the cicada, oriole in the post," the supplement way, the only way to truly support a strong wholesale market to play its role in the others.

Fifth, we should explore a wide range of market players. Now, nonprofit organization, market-oriented organization, or more, I think support for agriculture super-docking is right, but not too much for an industry organization support from long-term trends point of view, from the origin of agricultural products is becoming more direct docking, but in our country, the role of short-term wholesale market circulation is difficult to be replaced, although the proportion of direct sales has increased, but only high-end consumers with direct link, most Consumers have to look through the wholesale market.

Currently, the agricultural product wholesale markets for agricultural commodities trading has an irreplaceable role, so pay attention to the construction of agricultural products wholesale market. Moreover, as industry associations, cooperatives and other nonprofit organizations in the circulation system of agricultural products on the role played by can not be ignored, so to support a wide range of market players, especially for trade associations and other nonprofit organizations, circulation organizational support should also be strengthened.

This year, the central government to increase the degree of emphasis on the wholesale market, some of the major agricultural products wholesale market, the backbone of the market to be more supportive of the backbone of the market to assess, the backbone of the market not only consider their own performance, but also consider its leading role on the surrounding Only in this way , the entire supply chain, supply network basis points to set up, play a role.

Sixth, through the national reserves to regulate the prices of vegetables. National reserves have certain advantages, such as cabbage prices low, part of commercial reserves, part of the national reserve, the two are not contradictory. Sustained if the national reserve to proceed, then the dealer no guts to keep, he wanted to consider whether there are sufficient funds to keep. Therefore, the state reserves for the coming year the price of vegetables can play a stabilizing role. Links to free download

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