Establishment (grassroots) Honours System of of party members - on the establishment of honorary member system issues related to investigations

Abstract: The so-called 'honor party' system, is a particular object old party members in the implementation of a special education management system arrangement. Create 'honorary member' system is to implement the scientific concept of development an important manifestation, but also push forward Party building scientific objective requirements. CPC Central Committee should be fully investigated and pilot studies on the basis of the party's National Congress amend the party constitution, the establishment of Chinese Communist Party regime honors. Through the establishment of honor party system, the main body of the party elite team, gradually reduce the number of effective control of scale, speed adjustment for age and cultural structure, effectively optimize the social distribution; improve the party's external image, to improve the intrinsic quality of party members, reducing not play or play role of small number of party members, but did not resign as expulsion or face political opposition to establish, retain their party's good feelings.

Keywords: elderly advanced education and management of party members and party members honor to write papers

About the author: Chu Guoliang (1962 ---), male, Xiangtan, Hunan, in 1989 graduated from Hunan Normal University. Xiangtan Municipal CPC Party School of Economics lecturer, mainly in the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the regional economy, 'three rural' issues.

First, the status of retired party members

Retirement system is the product of historical development of human civilization; human society care for human beings. Our retirement system has its own characteristics, except in special circumstances (a certain level leadership positions), where in enterprises, institutions, administrative units working age full of men and women ages 50-60 years comrades herein are handled retired procedures. With the development of our country gradually entered the aging society, the degree of aging of party members inevitably increased. According to the 2002 Sixteenth Party Congress convened to statistics, the number of party members to 6794.1 million, including retired members 1,133.7 million, accounting for 18.8% of the total number of party members; to 2007 Seventeenth Party Congress of time statistics, there were 73,363,000 members, including retired members of 1377.6 million, up from 243.9 million increase in statistics, accounting for 21.5% in the total number of party members. In recent years, according to the organization departments around the year-end report statistics, the number of party members and retirees are increasing year by year. As a group, retired members in the total number of members in the country plays an increasingly large proportion.

Two, retired party members Problems

Retired after vanguard and exemplary role play what? Party members are also actively fulfill their obligations? Whether it can strictly abide by the party's organization and discipline? The author, after investigation, found some problems.

First, the concept of organization gradually indifferent, is not binding. Retired ago, most party activists are working units, the backbone of business, some still leading cadres. Reign they can actively participate in the party's leadership and organizational activities, organizational life. But after some party members retired, over time, ideologically relaxed. Although retired members are built around the branch, but some do not often branch activities, without the law, useless. Even if the branch organization theory to study or carry out activities to lesson rate is not high. Some comrades late and leave early, but some long-term organizational life, randomness is relatively large. Some comrades do not consciously pay membership dues, no reminders do not pay, or reminders without pay, some even a few years or decades do not pay dues.

Second, the principle of party spirit is gradually fading, belief is not loyal. Party from the date of oath, it should be thoroughly materialist; should establish a sound scientific worldview; should firmly believe in Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought. However, some of our party members and retired after the fighting had not pursue their communist ideals and beliefs, but advocating feudal superstition, the family of Gods hi, promotion wealth entrusted all 'gods', the 1st three prayer request Bless. Some comrades who then appeared wearing a prayer beads, Buddhist mouth is read, the home is set up shrines; mouth shouting the Communist Party, was unable to control his legs often ran toward the temple. Some comrades regardless of sick and elderly retirees, every birthday or Buddha temple, Gordon 'Emei' on 'Mountain,' climbing 'Songshan' Ben 'Putuo' incense worship the Buddha, 'Buddha' very devout.

Third party image gradually fade out, gambling is more prevalent. The so-called gambling, is to inject competition for winning or losing money belongings perverse entertainment. Gambling paraphernalia around the multifarious and useful poker 'Landlords' in; has hit 'run beard', 'Pai Gow' and 'domino' in; also play mahjong, dice throwing. The author, after investigation, the result is that 85 percent of gay, basically every day in the chess room, using tools such as mahjong gambling survive. Never before gambling some party members retired, and retired after the day leisure, relaxed requirements on their own, from the look gambling, gambling learn to be gambling, love gambling. To play mahjong and other forms of gambling as the indispensable element of life, one day events down, win or lose tens of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. In the study conversation, some old comrades disagree, saying that he was just a small play, in order to pass the time. In fact, the same effect as playing a small play in society are generated negative effects.

Fourth, the blind pursuit of the party vote, affecting grassroots work. Problem occurs mainly in rural areas. No retirement system in rural areas, party membership has become a symbol of power for life. On the surface, some old comrades party concept strong, 'politics' highly positive, but actually increased with age and is more dues to pay less normal organizational life, theoretical learning to participate less and less talk about dedication Gu the overall concept of less and less. Some old comrades two dim, confusion, articulate disadvantage, the lack of non-boundary, regardless of the size of the event but then the village 'he' control everything, to exercise the right to vote at the meeting convened branch.

Three, retired party members Causes Problems

There are many causes of the problem, there are four points:

One is no longer dedicated. Some comrades reign, able to 'constitution' strict demands and fulfill duties of party members, the heart and soul completely into work and learning among. Because roles retired after the conversion of many comrades that mission task has been completed, 'Hero' no avail, forgotten when the party oath, for whom he had fought hard in pursuit of the ideals and beliefs are no longer dedicated . Then loosen the study of political theory and ideological transformation, unwilling to accept re-education, the lack of motivation to continue the revolution of ideas.

Second, energy distraction. Some comrades working, can wholeheartedly busy work, their careers; But after retirees, mostly busy with housework, grandchildren, pets, planting flowers and grass and simply enjoy the 'grandchildren'; also put the focus on other hobbies, such as playing cards, mahjong, fishing and other recreation activities, are no longer willing or no longer actively participate in the party's organizational activities.

Three is powerless. Some comrades retired after party concept ever, but because of age and health reasons, if any, gravely ill, bedridden; some long-term hospitalization, to participate in organized activities and organizational life mobility. In particular there are some old comrades, invited by their children's filial piety, away from home and work location, to the field or to settle abroad, Yaoge thousands of miles, even if he wanted to participate in organized activities or pay membership dues, only thought things too hard.

Four main heart is gone. Old people muddled thinking, the mind is the natural law of development retardation. Anyone irresistible, party members equally. Energetic young party members, love of learning, ideals; emphasizing the dedication, the overall situation; non-structured, motivated and vibrant. With age, the aging of old comrades, all aspects of the advantage is gradually fading. Plus the usual lack of political learning, the party's line, principles and policies lack of understanding of the situation can not keep up.

Fourth, the establishment of 'honorary member' The Necessity

First, the establishment of 'honorary member' system is to implement the scientific concept of development an important manifestation. The core scientific concept of development is people-oriented. Adhere to the scientific development concept to guide the party building, it must be run through party building a new people-oriented philosophy. One very important aspect is different from the party and the party group, the actual characteristics, and actively explore a targeted, reflecting the party members humane education management.

On older party members concerned, many of them struggle for the cause of human party of a lifetime, and now frail, powerless, and some even mobility, at this time if required as they participate in organizational activities of young party members, party to pay the same finish to tasks, clearly unrealistic. In recent years, in order to solve such problems, some party sent Shuttle, some old members help themselves depend on their children, and some are even old party members to participate in organized activities each arm. But no matter what way, how to ensure the safety of the old party members to ensure that they, as a party political rights, is always party should focus on the issue. Now, for those long-term ill in bed and can not participate in normal activities of the organization members, the majority of the work is sent home party, party staff need to involve more time and effort. From an objective point of view, the old party members to participate in organized activities have appeared to be inadequate, let alone asking them to fulfill their obligations to play a vanguard and exemplary role. According to my investigation, in a number of community organizations, party members in the elderly and sick mobility, activities of participating organizations have difficulty accounting for a larger proportion. In view of this part of the body of retired party members and energy situation, the focus of attention for their party, we should ask them to fight for the party's cause and dedication come into maintaining personal health. In this sense, the play is a secondary heat on them a happy life is the main. This is consistent with the fundamental laws of nature. Based on this, they should be given in addition to party political concerns, but also from the life they have more care, so that they can recuperate, dignity. To this end, it should be possible to reduce retirees and disability and old members to participate in activities of the Organization to fulfill obligations under the pressure of party members, so that they participate in a flexible way to compare organizational activities appropriate to do some things within its power.

Based on this, I believe that the establishment of 'honorary member' system, so that the old party members in the frail elderly, those with mobility problems to become 'honorary member' and give them to participate in the performance of duties of party members and organizational activities with greater flexibility, both enhance the combat effectiveness of the Party, the vanguard and exemplary role to play, or for the old members are themselves more good than harm, is a real departure from the attitude and approach.

Second, the establishment of 'honorary member' system is to promote the party building scientific objective requirements. Further promote the party's construction of a new great project of Party building must focus on promoting scientific and improving Party building quality and efficiency. From the scientific perspective of founding, building 'honorary member' mechanism to receive at least four benefits.

First, help to maintain based on the number of party members to enhance the quality of party members. Let older age, poor health, it is difficult to participate in activities of the Organization of the old party members in 'honor member' position, so that the prime of life on another level party members to play a greater role in this at the level of party members internally divided, can be achieved by optimizing the number of combinations in the form of constant quality improvement purposes.

Second, it helps to improve the efficiency and quality of party activities. Communists retired from their posts after they have nothing against the strict requirements of the tasks, especially those old, tired, sick of the old party members, participating in the activities of party organizations has indeed powerless. And grassroots organizations in accordance with the Constitution and the requirements of party discipline, but also to urge party members to participate strict liability organizational life, thus causing many unrealistic contradiction. Construction of 'honorary member' system would be better to resolve this contradiction, the grass-roots party organizations arrange activities more flexible and targeted, better able to improve the efficiency and quality of party activities, but also to retirees The Communists provide a more relaxed living environment options.

Third, it helps to win the support of elderly family party. Many elderly and ailing party as mobility, to participate in party activities with other family members often need to take time to make arrangements on behalf of energy, added a lot to the family burden. Let party members frail elderly, mobility comrades become 'honorary member', so that they participate in the performance of duties of party members and organizational activities with greater flexibility, not only reflects my love for the old party members, but also to its Family brings a lot of convenience, so that the party building to win more support.

Fourth, help to promote a sense of responsibility and mission of young party members. Metabolism is the natural order of the universe irresistible. Old age is inevitable stage of life, the old party members today is the younger party tomorrow. It is in this sense, the love of the old party members but also to all party members care. Therefore, building a 'honorary member' of the party system as embodied in human care, not only to make the old party members feel the warmth of the party, and can be transmitted to the younger party members who promote the young party members and the party's cause and strive sense of responsibility and sense of mission .

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Fifth, on the establishment of 'honorary member' system of initial ideas

Institution building to strengthen the Party's political work of party building is an important aspect of the new era, is to strengthen the party members advanced construction of important initiatives. The author believes that the establishment of 'honorary member' system, we must grasp the following three aspects:

(A) to raise awareness and eliminate misunderstanding, unify their thinking the height of the party and national prosperity.

'Honorary member' in the new historical period, retired party members to give a special title, and its essence is to be optimized through the integration of such a form of party members, focused efforts to enhance the overall quality of party members post to expand its combat . For the 'honorary member' should implement the 'four unchanged, a relief, a flexible', that is the same party members from the party, party the right to change, the same rights of Party members, political status unchanged on the party's basic requirements remain unchanged; slightly reduce the duties of party members; may be flexible depending on their physical condition to participate in organized activities and is not required to play a vanguard and exemplary role.

Therefore, I believe that on this issue must form a consensus.

First, the establishment of 'honorary member' system, not to weaken the Party's fighting capacity, but to improve on the basis of the number of quality construction. Let older and in poor health and unable to participate in activities of the Organization of the old party members in 'honor member' position, so that the prime of life at the same level party members to play a better role in the party ranks inside the division level, you can optimal combination to achieve the same number of forms, quality improvement purposes. For example, a plant that will do the physical work together young workers, older workers together to make technical activities, the efficiency of this combination together dry ratio and the efficiency is much higher. That is, people often speak of 'whatever, advantages of integration.' I think the establishment of 'honorary member' system, there is similar reason.

Second, the establishment of 'honorary member' system of retired party members not to leave the party ranks, but not negate the fundamental role of the old party members and historic merit. But based on this consideration: First, retired party members for the party's struggle for the cause of a lifetime, they have firm ideals and beliefs, but also plenty of time, but frail, powerless, and even some mobility, not Like the young party members to facilitate and participate in organized activities to accomplish the tasks entrusted party. Party organizations should be in addition to their political concerns, we must also take care of their daily life more, should allow them to keep living in excellent dignity; second is the reduction of retired party members as possible to participate in organized activities and implementation duties of party members stress that they can participate in organized activities more flexible so that they can do whatever the appropriate thing; three is to facilitate the activities of grassroots organizations to be organized more flexibility and focus on the party's requirements can be treated equally, better Party activities to improve the efficiency and quality.

Third, the establishment of 'honorary member' system, not a subjective exclude retired members of the vanguard and exemplary role, but in a more realistic attitude on the actual situation of retired party members to make an objective analysis of the conclusions reached. As part of the body of retired party members and effort have been as young as they do not allow the youthful and exuberant. Therefore, they should be the focus of struggle for the party's cause and dedication into maintaining physical and mental health on individuals. In this sense, the play is a secondary heat on them a happy life is the main. This is consistent with a fundamental contradiction between the development of things and the objective laws of motion, that under certain conditions, primary and secondary contradictions are transformed into each other.

(Two) establish a system to grasp the principle, the target set at the advanced nature forever.

The author believes that the establishment of 'honorary member' system, the basic goal should always maintain the advanced nature scheduled on such a system have advanced and operability in order to win broad consensus. The establishment of 'honorary member' system itself should also have a corresponding system of principles, standards and procedures for the protection, so as to allow the system itself to play its due role, which is in the investigation of the forum consensus grassroots party workers .

1, in the system of protection. I envisioned: First, establish choreography notification system. Annual 'July' on the eve of the organization named outstanding member of the occasion, grass-roots party branch party members on an once arranged by age, for at least 70 years of age or has not yet attained the age of 70 years old, but physically unable participate in the activities of party branch organizations respectively Bulletin, send them a unified application form prepared by the I voluntarily apply to become 'honorary member'; Second, establish branches Assembly for approval through the party system and the next higher level. For compliance 'honorary party together' honorary member 'condition retired party members, after approval by the organization should be given a' honorary member 'certificate; Third, establish contacts and the feedback system. Division branch members are to contact the' honorary member ' and to understand and reflect their thoughts and lives. simultaneously held 1-2 times a year to local conditions 'honorary member' on behalf of the forum, to inform them about current political, regional work, etc., to listen to their opinions and suggestions; Fourth establish learning materials distribution systems. responsible party should arrange for someone to send them to send information about the party members to study other; Fifth, the establishment of home collection of dues system. party should arrange for members of the organization on time home collection 'honorary member' of the membership dues and registration ; six is ​​the establishment of home care system. branch should send occasional as 'honorary member' home to provide relevant services to ensure that they are informed in a timely manner and timely service; seven grass-roots party organizations in the establishment of 'honorary member' file. grassroots party Organizations should establish a 'honorary member' roster, along with the party organization department roster submitted on time.

2, in the aspect of the principle of certainty. Given 'honorary member' title, should follow the principle of voluntary party, that individual party members submit a written application; Party retained the same basic rights of the party and its principles, namely 'honorary member' of the other party members enjoy equal political status and rights (including the right to vote and stand for election); party members to become 'honorary member' should be approved by the principles of party organization; given 'honorary member' appellation conditions, should be based on age and physical condition based on the principle of combining, ie generally 70 years of age conferred 'honorary party 'appellation is appropriate, while for those who are relatively poor physical condition especially party members with mobility problems, the same can be given' honorary member 'of the title; implementation of' honorary member 'where the grass-roots party unified management by the principle that the list in the book, be treated differently individual requirements, regular visits.

3, the operational aspects of the program. The implementation of 'honorary member' system process must be appropriate due process procedures to fully reflect the seriousness and the feasibility of the operation. Shall be in accordance with the individual application, the organization approval certificate issuing ceremony, Li registration file, clear the rights and obligations of party members claim, a clear division of labor system and the issuance of contacts and visits contact cards. Ensure that party members into the 'honorary member' of the various links by chapter operations, both serious and passionate, ensuring old party psychological balance.

(Three) to develop measures to protect the place, the old party members to ensure a foothold on the political status and social prestige is not affected, the young party members to further promote the sense of responsibility and sense of mission.

Establishment of 'honorary member' system must be built around the old party members to ensure that the political status and social prestige unaffected this premise, to develop appropriate safeguards, the implementation of 'honorary member' system for normal operation.

First, strengthen education and expand publicity, public opinion first. To carry out widespread nature of the party, vanguard and exemplary role of party members, party members and the dialectical relationship between quantity and quality of content such as publicity and education, to carry out the establishment of 'honorary member' of the combat system and improve the relationship between the party a big discussion in the party and the ruling party to stimulate exploration construction of the law, innovative building a strong party system air; in the whole society to create a 'honorary member' system is the law of development of things in the party ranks in the application of advanced construction, 'honorary member' is still such a good glorious party atmosphere. While allowing us to 'honor member' also deeply appreciate, as 'honorary member' still have to maintain the advanced nature of ideology, the lead law-abiding, for a disciplinary offense of 'honorary member' also be subject to party discipline is handled, 'honorary member' not to enter the safe.

Second, actively carry out pilot activities consensus fully open. The author suggested that the party's leading bodies should pay full attention to the establishment of 'honorary member' system of work, the organization of pilot activities planned pilot activities organized, on this basis, organizational theory and practice seminars, listen to all sorts of views and reached consensus on lessons gradually open.

Third, strengthen leadership, formed a special team to actively demonstrate, to develop specific implementation plans. Establishment of 'honorary member' system is a new topic, a new project, in practice, will encounter many problems can not imagine, but always capable of continuous improvement. Carry out this work, the leadership should pay attention, understanding must unify, party members to support, implementation feasible solution must be possible to achieve the desired results. I firmly believe that, with the constant exploration and understanding of the unity of 'honorary member' system will be able to deeply rooted this new thing, bear splendid fruit.

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