Discussion on Electric Power Engineering Management Schedule Management Issues

Abstract: With the rapid development of China's economy, power engineering construction for a higher demand. As an important guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of the national economy, the power of its construction quality is good or bad will have a profound impact. Since the power engineering construction, may be influenced by a number of objective factors, in order to ensure the completion of power engineering acceptance within the prescribed period, to strengthen the power engineering management schedule management is very necessary. This paper mainly on the progress of power engineering management Problems management discussion and analysis, combined with the practical requirements of construction, the existing problems, a reasonable improvement measures, in order to better promote the construction of electric power for the national economy sustained and healthy lay the foundation for development.
Paper Keywords: Electrical Engineering, schedule management, the impact of a factor, power engineering management schedule management outlined in electrical engineering in the management, schedule management mainly for projects in various stages of implementation and coordination of the work, and time for implementation of the projects part of the development of a scientific program to ensure the effective implementation of practical work schedule management plan [1]. In power engineering management, you need to strictly follow the schedule, it is the most important prerequisite for the smooth development of the project to protect, and if violations occur schedule management plan should be timely analysis of the reasons causing the problem, to solve the problem, in order to reduce the maximum extent affect the progress of the management plan to create for the subsequent engineering activities smoothly foundation. From this, the main goal of the project implementation schedule power management is to ensure that the project can be completed within the prescribed period, to ensure project quality.
Second, schedule management factors (a) power engineering equipment management factors in power engineering construction projects, often by a number of objective factors impede progress of the project, and the device is one factor. Factors equipment including electrical equipment is lost or damaged due to power large-scale construction machinery and equipment required secondary operations, coupled with electrical engineering itself has a large and complex features, so if the equipment is subjected to mechanical factors in the construction, it will seriously hamper construction schedule. In addition, power engineering precision instrument vulnerable own performance, we need to strictly follow the standard installation instructions to ensure that the device can meet the requirements of power engineering construction.
(B) the human factor power project management, in order to be able to design the expected progress into practice, the need to strengthen the power of the Project related to the operator if the construction workers in engineering management failed to strictly follow the standards, with the presence of design drawings deviation, it will directly affect the quality of electric power engineering construction, construction safety and construction schedule. Therefore, the human factor is also a major factor affecting electric power project management schedule management.
(Iii) design factors in the power engineering project management, engineering design changes, will directly affect the progress of the project management, severe cases may even lead to work stoppage, increased construction costs. On construction projects, there are many construction companies due to the reference to unreasonable construction design, easy stoppage problems in the construction, seriously affect the construction progress and quality of construction, resulting in follow-up project activities are difficult in the quality and quantity within a predetermined time completed. In addition, several factors in addition to the above, there are other more or less objective factors will affect the progress of management. Nursing Thesis power engineering itself is difficult, large-scale features, which involves a wider scope, so the schedule management will be affected by other factors is more common [2].
Third, schedule management response to (a) strengthen administrative intervention efforts in power engineering management to carry out the process, should strengthen administrative intervention efforts, superiors cadres or other oversight of the construction unit can be managed for the construction schedule, the necessary assessment and coordination with each aspect of the work to control the progress management is very necessary, you can use to monitor and manage the progress of incentives to achieve the objectives. Overall, in terms of other schedule management method compared, with all aspects of administrative intervention can better coordination between projects, to achieve cross-operation, improve project management to enhance performance.
(Ii) strengthen the construction site management to ensure that electrical work can strictly follow the progress of the management plan for the construction, the construction units and supervision shall conduct periodic on-site management, site coordination of all aspects of the project between the guide and prevent the problem from a fundamental engineering occur. At the same time, not only through on-site management to ensure that electric power project can be completed within the prescribed time limit acceptance, and help to strengthen the links between the parties, the construction progress of the maximum level of protection project [3].
(Iii) improving and perfecting the system of regular meetings in electric power engineering construction projects, regular meetings should be held regularly, the main assembly of construction units, design units and Supervisor, etc., in regular meetings for analysis on project development situation, the existing problems timely complete solution, coordination between the parties, schedule management continue to strengthen efforts to ensure the follow-up project construction activities in an orderly manner, without compromising the quality of the project, to complete the project within the acceptance deadline.
in conclusion:
In summary, power engineering construction relating to people's livelihood, construction quality is good or bad will directly affect the healthy and sustainable development of the national economy, so to strengthen the management of power engineering is very necessary. Schedule Management as a management an integral part of the project is to complete acceptance of security within the prescribed period, it should strengthen the power of enterprise leading cadres and staff emphasis on schedule management, strictly abide by the schedule management plan, responsibility system, the only way to ensure maximum electrical work carried out smoothly, create greater economic and social benefits.

[1] Ding Oriole power engineering construction schedule management problems and countermeasures [J] electrical and mechanical information, 2011,11 (36): 178-179.

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