On the project management and construction management of the construction progress of quality management

Abstract The main factors affect the progress of the project and construction quality management is analyzed in detail, for reference.
Paper Keywords: project management, construction schedule management, construction quality control for factors that affect the progress of the project, usually including human factors, technical factors, material and equipment factors, mechanical factors, foundation factors, financial factors, climatic factors, environmental factors, etc. common main factors are the following:
Building construction impacts 1.1 engineering resources availability in order to complete a construction project need to configure the associated bulk construction materials, devices and equipment, and human resources. First, the allocation of human capital if insufficient or unbalanced, will certainly affect the progress of the construction work issues. Again, if the supply of raw materials can not meet the demand for wood-based construction-related projects, such that raw materials can not be successful turnaround, resulting in the construction process had been forced to simultaneously segmented construction, waste of time, affecting the progress of the project Finally, if the configuration excessive construction tools, not only a waste of resources, but also to the construction site blocked, seriously affecting the work.
1.2 Technical factors for each project technical requirements are not identical, so before beginning a construction project, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project's technical aspects, in order to appear to be made in advance of the technical problems measures to ensure the normal construction schedule. However, in a specific project, the general construction companies will not spend human and financial resources for technical assessment of the difficulty, because they thought it was unnecessary expense. However, when the real construction, the construction side often because of technical problems which led to the construction of some items can not be normal, the loss of personnel costs resulting downtime sometimes far greater than the required pre-construction costs to assess the technical difficulty.
2 specific measures to strengthen the management of project construction progress management of pre-construction 2.1 Construction Schedule Management (1) set up the project management team and improve the management level of progress before the start of construction, since the formation to have a higher management level and technical level project management team. Team project manager for the core of leadership, step by step the progress targets duties, their duties, so that each part of the project, progress management of each stage are specifically responsible. And through strict scientific assessment mechanism and incentive mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the project management team members work to ensure the smooth implementation schedule, the project objectives are achieved. Construction Engineering Paper (2) strict examination blueprint to strengthen contract management First, rigorous examination of design drawings, design drawings to ensure the rationality, feasibility, accuracy and clarity. On this basis, to organize construction workers familiar with the design drawings, so that the characteristics of engineering, design intent, technical requirements, and other processes generally pretty good idea to ensure that the specific construction meet the design requirements, reducing rework due to design changes or misunderstanding caused by drawing . Second, to ensure the authority, fairness, clarity, rationality and feasibility of the contract. Avoid disputes after the start, resulting in the temporary suspension, delay the construction period.
3 Project Management Construction Quality Management Project Management Construction Quality Control should be a comprehensive control process of the whole process, factors affecting project management construction quality there are many, can be artificial, machinery, materials, methods, and the environment various aspects of construction quality control. The project department should take effective measures for effective control of these projects, to ensure construction quality. Construction managers and operations personnel, the Ministry of construction projects should be ideological and professional qualities, physical fitness and other aspects into account, overall construction quality control in order to achieve their goals. During the construction process should also be appropriate choice of machinery and equipment, the establishment of various machinery and equipment management system. Construction Project Department should do the inspection and acceptance of the control to ensure correct and reasonable use of these items. Project Department should adopt guidance, supervision, inspection, to establish a good technical environment, management of the environment and the working environment for the realization of quality objectives provide good conditions for strengthening the construction quality management to contribute.
4 Conclusion In summary, project management is the management of a complex of factors, the impact of the lot. Therefore, we need to actively deal with the construction process, emerging issues, and strictly control the construction progress, improve construction quality, reduce construction costs and ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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