Control of Thermal Power Plant Construction Project Management

Abstract: Based on actual projects, access to a lot in the basis of relevant literature on project management, basic principles and methods of use of project management, combined heat and power plant southeast of Changchun specific case of construction projects, the owners parties in construction project management patterns described and analyzed to study the project management theory in Changchun southeast of power plant construction projects, worked out a suitable construction project management control program.
Paper Keywords: thermal power plants, power engineering construction, project management, business management 1. Projects based on the overall urban planning in Changchun, heating planning, cogeneration planning, Changchun City, the southeast with the city's economic development, especially the government's south, so that the heat, the rapid increase in electrical load development needs. To solve this problem, Southeast Cogeneration Plant built in Changchun (hereinafter referred to as 'the Project'), Jilin Province Energy Transport Corporation intends to invest in the city power plant, the site is located in the southeast of Changchun City, the main city of the southeast region and Changchun net monthly Shuangyang area offers heating load and a small amount of industrial loads. According to the arrangement of Jilin Energy and Transport Corporation, the project is scheduled to start in April 2011, by the end of March 2013 2 units put into operation. The project consists of the construction of Jilin Energy Transport Corporation invested, according to 20% of the total investment capital injection, the rest of the bank loans.

The project planning capacity of 4 * 350MW supercritical heating units, the current construction scale of 2 * 350MW heating unit, the main heating source to provide the southeast of Changchun City. Liu jiatun site to be selected. The static investment of 2.87815 billion yuan, the unit cost of 4112 yuan / kW, engineering dynamic investment of 3.01566 billion yuan, the unit cost of 4308 yuan / kW. And 'power engineering design reference limit cost index (2009 level)' In contrast, the level of investment is reasonable. Covers an area of 23.9094 hm2, Plant Capacity Table: 278 people.
2. Plant engineering project management model problem in the existing organization and management model, project management functions of the organization is not very clear, the relevant functional staff bear only part of the work within the scope of this project, and for project transactions between departments , the person in charge of each department to communicate and deal with; the members of the Project belonging to the respective departments, mainly for their respective departments to work; therefore, the project leader from the infrastructure sector of the project team members are not directly the right to jurisdiction; resulting project leader of the project can not make effective decisions, leading to project coordination difficulties and delay the progress of work; project leader can often lead other departments to communicate project information, and to request his support for the project team members work; if the team internal contradictions and conflicts occur, the company can only rely on the leadership to solve, it will cause a delay in the project schedule.
Using a functional organizational structure, each functional department only care about their performance of the sector, rather than the overall interest of the whole project; less communication between departments, coordinating a lot of problems to solve is not efficient, the progress of the project will result in a delay; in project implementation process, the lack of teamwork between departments, each project member is responsible only for its own department and not be responsible for the project.
3. Improved project management principles as a project management organization to ensure that the management model power plant project to the successful implementation of the project plays a decisive role. Project management is to a certain budget, asked and space within the certain amount of manpower, material and financial resources are organized according to fixed procedures and rules to achieve the project objectives; and leave the efficient organization and management structure is impossible implementation, organization and management structure which choose to go to local conditions selected according to the actual situation of enterprises and projects: First, from the perspective of the enterprise itself, for high-quality large-scale enterprises, management personnel, good management foundation, bear Work projects complex situation, consider the matrix or project-type organization and management structure of the main; and for small businesses, management infrastructure is relatively weak, the poor quality of personnel of the enterprise, the task relatively simple case, consideration should be given to the functions or linear type organization and management structure of the main; Secondly, from the point of view of the project, large and complex projects that require multi-sectoral, multi-field, multi-trades with the project, you should consider selecting project type, or hybrid-based matrix; and simple project, Small projects, small projects collaboration should be functional or linear formula based.
The project management model is designed to combine the actual power plant southeast of Changchun new construction projects, taking into account the company in recent years to carry out the management through continuous training and project manager training, training a group of high quality project management personnel, the company's actual continuously upgrade the level of management, based on the matrix organizational structure based on the design of a new composite matrix organizational management model - Owners Committee + Project Manager Organization and Management: A company infrastructure unit power plant projects as centralized management , owners of the Committee by the infrastructure sector and the relevant departments responsible persons of the construction side: the owners' committee responsible for the specific construction of a new power plant project organization and leadership, deputy general manager responsible for the company in charge of infrastructure, progress, according to the Project without the owners' committee work regularly organized meetings to address project implementation process, involving many departments, complicated and difficult to solve the problem; the infrastructure under the project director and the appointment of personnel situation from this sector power plant engineering project manager, the relevant departments the functions assigned staff to participate in the projects, the project manager of infrastructure and related departments of the Ministry of project management group; project management team responsible for the daily power plant project under the leadership of the owners' committee to manage a coordination; personnel assigned by the department Power Plant project management team members to obey the project manager leadership and command, staff of the relevant business departments according to actual conditions can participate in one or more of the project team responsible for one or more of the project manager.
In such a complex matrix organization and management model, organizational leadership owners' committee responsible for a specific plant new construction project, the project management group responsible for the daily management of the power plant project coordination committee under the leadership of the owners; project each member of the management team of their duties, subject to the project manager's leadership and command, project manager responsible for the results of the project, and the project team members from the relevant part of the business is responsible for providing the resources required for the project; this organizational structure can well to provide resources for the project: Since the addition of the owners' committee, the ability to improve the coordination and control of project management to improve the coordination of many departments to solve complex and difficult problems involved in project efficiency and execution. Project manager in the company's authorization to carry out project management team led by BU project management; a project manager can manage several projects, one project team members can also work in several projects the group, this can make full use of resources, each project the management costs.
This project organization and management model, the project team members have two reporting lines: one report to the project manager, the other party, but also on the administration to report to department heads, a member may at the same time in several projects work, often due to the sequence of work arising from contradictions and conflicts. So when using this power plant engineering project management organizational structure, to advance the development of work systems and management processes, responsibilities and rights of clear project managers and members, to guarantee the right balance between project managers and department heads; and ensures that the work priorities When the allocation of resources, technical solutions and other conflicts can proceed from the overall interests of the company to get solved. To do this, we need to clear the project management team reports to whom, and what tasks need to report; while the project managers and department heads carry out their duties, the project manager to do the cost of the project, planning, quality management and control work, the owners' committee timely reporting of project progress and problems encountered; the business department heads as members of the Project Owners Committee, is responsible for ensuring the provision of technical support and appropriate resources for the project, to ensure the successful completion of the project.
5. Conclusion The practice shows that the project management structure combines the advantages of a functional organizational structure and project organization structure than the matrix type project organizational structure more smoothly communicate information on the project, particularly in terms of the vertical communication of project information, higher efficiency than the matrix type project organizational structure of the project. Power plant project in the form of organizational structure selection composite matrix organizational management structure is reasonable and feasible. This will not only efficient use of limited human resources to complete more projects, but also to ensure smooth project in the horizontal direction (the direction of the project) and vertical (functional direction) of two communication channels to ensure that the project was found to respond to problems in a timely manner ; in this management model, each business unit's employees have the opportunity to participate in the project management, which is very beneficial to the accumulation of employee training and management experience.

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